Driving through Canada’s lonely expanses to a job can take a long time. That is why the plasterer, Dale Welch, and his team truly value having a reliable and comfortable vehicle with plenty of space. No problem at all with the Sprinter – regardless of how long the journey. read more »

100 percent passion

The new Vito celebrated its public premiere at the Commercial Vehicles IAA 2014. Setting the highest standards in quality, economy, versatility and safety, it is already far ahead of the competition in its segment. read more »


Tradition and tradecraft instead of plastic and mass production. The 28-year-old Sebastian Strobl from Tyrol makes skis from stone pine. Successfully: his “ZiarmRocker” are coveted one-of-a-kind skis. read more »

MYVAN Schafscherer THUMB

Sheep farming in Ireland. Behind this romantic scene is set against backdrop of hard work. That is why at the Corrigans’ it is traditional for every family member to help out from an early age. read more »

Family ties

In northern Germany a Sprinter inspires young and old for science. It is fitted with interactive experiment and information booths. read more »


3000 tonnes of material, four years of construction, hard work and passion: Dr. André Jakubetz has built his own castle and revived the Middle Ages. read more »


The specialists from PROGECO repair containers at the Port of Rotterdam around the clock. Four new Mercedes-Benz Citan vans provide the perfect support. read more »

still_6_724x408 (2)

When the pipes in the Canadian town of Brighton get blocked or new water and heating pipes need to be laid then the plumber and fitter, Bob Macklin, gets on the job as quickly as possible with his Sprinter. read more »

In the pipeline!

Great Britain’s countryside is characterized by rolling green hills, woolly sheep – and miles of natural stone walls. The young Sion Alun Rogers builds and restores these walls. read more »

Guenter-Schuessler-u -Team-bei-der-Arbeit(2)_724x408 (2)

The sewage expert, Günter Schüßler, has only just picked up his striking hero mobile from Hartmann-Tuning and the first jobs are already waiting for the tuned pipe cleaner Sprinter. read more »

Schüßler Van

Günter Schüßler is a sewage pro and needed a new company vehicle. He wanted it to be red and racy, but also perfect for the job. Hartmann Tuning took on this exceptional and, at times, anything-but-simple challenge. read more »

IAA-GSP-011014_DE_03_724x408 (2)

At the IAA Mercedes-Benz presents the rescue sticker for the Vito, Sprinter and other vehicles. The Crosswind Assist retrofitting option for many Sprinter models is also on display. read more »

On-board lifesaver
031034_724x408 (2)

Off on new adventures in the Sprinter 

The ground is dry, the sky cloudless and in the background you can hear a pride of lions roaring. The heavy tread of the elephants can be heard in the distance. A new day begins at the Jenman Safari Lodge in Cape Town. Loudly read more »


The Wrights of Marino have been dedicated to good taste for almost 100 years. “If it swims, we have it!” is the motto of the family-owned company. Its own smoked salmon is just one specialty. read more »


The heroes from HSS Hire need neither a mask nor a cloak. Instead, their job demands a lot of dexterity, commitment and a Mercedes-Benz Vito. read more »


EverGreen Escapes organizes an escape from the stress of day-to-day life and brings companies and private individuals back to nature! The getaway vehicle: A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter! read more »


At the IAA the new Vito is presented with a unique stage show and its own song, “Raise The Game”. Download the song here. read more »

The Vito show

Whether for services, passenger transport or trades – Customized body solutions make the Sprinter, Citan or Vito the ideal partner for every job. Mercedes-Benz presents the “VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz” program at the IAA 2014. read more »

No such thing as no can do

The new Vito celebrates its audience premiere at the IAA in Hanover. An absolute highlight among the mid-size vans. Three drive variants and three different bodies set standards in the segment. read more »

One for all

It is “THE” expo for commercial vehicles and accessories: The IAA 2014 – whether heavy-duty, vans, light trucks or pickups – the focus here is on the vehicles that have long been the backbone of the trades, commerce and transport. read more »

The cleaners, the clever, the networkers

Whether Future Truck, new Vito or Zetros: At the IAA 2014, Mercedes-Benz presents all of its commercial vehicle highlights and innovations. read more »

The stars of the IAA

A total of 2,064 exhibitors and 300 world premieres compete for the attention of the international visitors. As our first tour shows, the exhibitors have been working hard during the last two years and display a true firework of automotive highlights and innovations.

read more »

The games are open!

Durable, confident and functional – one thing is clear at first glance: The new Vito is a true Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle. read more »

One van for every job
Thumbnail_Transporter Training

Every year Mercedes-Benz provides approximately 5,000 customers at 20 locations with professional and free driving safety training. Tires also squeal at the Nürburgring: The participants learn how the Citan, Sprinter and Vito behave in critical situations and which assistance systems support them during extreme driving maneuvers. read more »

Vans at the limit

With its Sprinter, the Superfiets team discovers old racing bikes in the most remote locations. Back in Hamburg they breathe new life into these classics. read more »


Journeys with no limits! All of the caravan and RV highlights gather in Düsseldorf. Among them: a caravan for festivals, an off-road RV and a floating Sprinter! read more »

Caravan Salon 2014

Two weeks before the beginning of the Commercial Vehicles IAA 2014, the expo’s stars with the star are ready for their big event. Nothing must go wrong when loading and transporting the Sprinter & co. read more »

GIGIs_ProRes_noGFX_CLEAN-25fps new 01_thumb

Roughly 100 “GiGi’s Cupcakes” shops in 23 states in the USA were not enough for their founder, Gigi Butler. She put selling her tasty and colorful cupcakes on the road: in pink Sprinter vans. read more »

Freshly baked!

Microdronespictures films complex stunts for film productions from the air using state-of-the-art camera technology. Remotely controlled from a Sprinter which serves as a mobile command center. read more »


When roofs have to be renewed or repaired then the team from TRIO Roofing Systems Inc. is right there. Always with their white and blue TRIO Sprinter vans, easily recognizable even at a distance. read more »

The perfect roof!

FC Eintracht Bamberg 2010′s under-19 and under-15 teams won important victories at their last away games. Always along: two Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. read more »


Legend says that those who are skilled with the Irish bagpipes have power over people. Almost no other instrument expresses such a range of emotions. Ray Sloan builds these emotionally seductive instruments. read more »


Money, data or objects – ZIEMANN secures them with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The newest: The Citan 109 CDI. The personnel and technological standards are demanding. read more »

Vito Weltpremiere

In keeping with the motto „Raise Your Game“, Mercedes-Benz goes on the offensive in the mid-size van market with the Vito. The new van has a lot to offer: Economic engines, high payload and numerous assistance systems. read more »

The new Vito is here!

Mr. Hobbs Coffee from Dublin is the star of every event. No wonder, because the recipe for success is based around premium coffee, a striking Mercedes-Benz Vito and attractive women. read more »


Hamburg’s port would come to a standstill without the boatmen. They use their converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter to moor the massive ships, guaranteeing safe sea traffic at the hanseatic city. read more »


The Buzina Food Truck is more than just a food truck: The mobile restaurant based out of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is conquering the city of São Paulo with premium fast food, creating a completely new eating culture along the way. read more »


At the end of the 1980s, Volker Sichler founded Germany’s first motorcycle manufactory in the idyllic Black Forest. Hollister’s Motorcycles has gone on to become an absolute insider tip among motorbike enthusiasts all over the world. This is where bikes are made that the true fans covet. read more »

Pure passion!
Der neue Vito

Mercedes-Benz presented the new Vito for the first time at the end of July. Its public premiere will take place at the IAA 2014 in September. Most importantly: It will be on the market soon. Sales start in October 2014! read more »


Ireland is famous for rain, sheep, pubs and Paddywagon Tours. The touring company has had a meteoric rise; its green Mercedes-Benz vans have since gone on to become its trademark. read more »

Mercedes-Benz Vito, Surfing, Fuerteventura

No Vito, no surf. And no surf, no business. The surfing coach, Yamir, travels Fuerteventura’s rough roads in his Mercedes-Benz van and conquers the coast of the Canary Islands anew every day. read more »

Hang Loose
Carl Stahl, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 315 CDI

Carl Stahl – from a small rope factory to a major worldwide corporation for cable and lifting equipment. Thanks, in part, to its innovative customer service. Which rely on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 CDI. read more »


The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is only seen on building sites? Wrong! During the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the all-rounder is officially on the road in behalf of the German embassy and helps football fans in need. read more »


The AMREF Flying Doctors provide medical care for the East African rural population by air. They rely on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 315 CDI for their land-based ambulance service. read more »

Mobile Barbershop

Relax, Gentlemen! The master barber, Twain Taylor, offers haircuts on order in his sophisticated Sprinter. Regardless of when and where. Along with cool drinks and your favorite TV channel.
read more »

Twains cuttin‘ up
Das Blaue Wunder

Motorsport fans at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, with its long tradition, experienced a blue wonder. The legendary racing car transporter stole the show from even the sleekest roadsters. read more »

Douglas Brooks

Traditional boat building in Japan is a carefully preserved art form. However, there is a lack of young artisans. That is why the American, Douglas Brooks, is doing everything he can to breathe new life into the traditional craft. read more »


1,300 aircraft take off and land every day at Frankfurt airport. This has consequences for the local residents and, above all, their roofs. The roofing company, Klemens Ott, is constantly working to secure houses. read more »

Thumbnail_neu Tiramizoo

tiramizoo’s inner-city couriers deliver exactly the way customers want. When needed they are on the move in a matter of minutes. Good fortune for garages and workshops. read more »

The courier of the future
BGC Brunnenbau

When building a cellar it is best to lay the foundation when the ground is dry. But how? BGC Brunnenbau is happy to help. read more »

Volcano Boarding

Racing down an active volcano on a flimsy wooden board at up to 95 km/h? Volcano boarding is the absolute thrill in Nicaragua. A bright red Mercedes-Benz truck takes the thrill seekers to the peak. read more »

Schlering 2

In 150 years it has gone from a blacksmith to a force of innovation for resource-saving building services. Schlering is a role model for company management. And it uses the Sprinter. read more »

Boost by Benz

The new Boost transport service from Mercedes-Benz helps the entire family. Parents have more time to take care of their day-to-day tasks while the children have fun. read more »

Boost is the Best
Klaus Huckschlag Kuriere und Fahrservice

With his courier and driver service, Klaus Huckschlag is always the one to call when time is of the essence. He transports people and important goods to destinations throughout Europe in his Citan. read more »

A van alled Rusty

Charlie Grzelak and Adriana Wolkska travelled from Scotland to South Africa in an 18-year-old Sprinter. read more »

KEP-Transporter des Jahres 2014

The 14th famous “KEP Van of the Year” expert awards took place in the middle of May. The jury’s clear decision: The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI and the Vito 113 CDI are the best vans in their class. read more »

Million Miles Vito

When the undertaker, Zac Letsoalo, receives a call, he leaves the pulsing city of Johannesburg in his Vito and travels to places where time moves at its own pace. read more »

On the way home

Parajet not only teaches people but also vehicles to paraglide. And regularly pushes the boundaries of the possible in the process. read more »

Lotte World Tower, Seoul/South Korea

Right this moment, people all over the world are working together to complete absolutely superlative construction projects. These are the world’s five most impressive construction sites. read more »

Skills Centre Nairobi

A group of Kenyans and Germans tackled a grueling task and completed an exemplary construction project. In future, the “Skills Centre Nairobi” will provide young adults with training in professional trades read more »

Citan 24h-Service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year: If the vehicle breaks down, Mercedes-Benz Service24h is immediately available to help. No two jobs are the same for the mechanics. read more »

On-call 24 hours

Seriously ill children require special care – This also includes their transport to the hospital. In Ireland, the BUMBLEance Sprinter makes an otherwise frightening journey as positive as possible. read more »

Steiner Touring

The ‘Prato Piazza’ high plateau in the Dolomites is a magnet for tourists. The UNESCO world natural heritage site in South Tyrol can be reached almost exclusively with a CO2-efficient Sprinter shuttle from Steiner Touring. read more »

Innovationstag der Kurierbranche: iKEP 2014

Will e-commerce revolutionize the courier, express and parcel delivery services? The entire CEP sector is focused on this question. It intends to find the answer at the “iKEP 2014″ innovation day on 5th/6th May 2014. read more »

Rallye Aicha des Gazelles 2014_II

Nine days of effort and deprivation. The Rallye Aicha des Gazelles 2014 demanded everything all of the participants had to give. An especially worthwhile experience for the Mercedes-Benz Vans drivers. read more »

A memorable finish
Klinikum Arnsberg

Day-to-day business at the St. Johannes Clinic in Arnsberg, Germany, demands two things above all else: Flexibility and quickness. That is why the hospital relies on three Mercedes-Benz Citan vans. read more »

Uhrmacher Roger W Smith

On the Isle of Man, Roger W. Smith creates award-winning masterpieces of traditional watchmaking. He delivers technical perfection, unique designs and a completely new perspective of something priceless: Time. read more »

Technik Tag Mercedes-Benz V-Club in Gosberg

Whether tire changes, replacing shock absorbers or an oil change – on 4th April the members of the Mercedes V Club brought their vans up to speed. read more »

Rallye Aicha des Gazelles 2014_I

Searing sun, hours of sandstorms, unpredictable dunes – in the 24th Rallye Aicha des Gazelles, 161 teams of women from 25 countries faced the ultimate desert challenge. At the very front: The Mercedes-Benz team drivers with their Sprinter. read more »

Tough women, rugged vans
Staffordshire Rescue Team

Whether on land, in the air or water – The Staffordshire Search and Rescue Team is there when people go missing or need rescuing in the English county of Staffordshire. read more »

Get It Done

Where are you, deep sea shrimpers, tough construction workers and record sheep shearers? read more »

The toughest jobs
in the world
Rising Sun Jeans

There is a pair of jeans in many wardrobes. Mike Hodis guarantees the original quality. He keeps the classic handcraft alive and manufactures products using antique sewing machines. read more »


Yellow instead of green, matt rather than shiny? No problem for the film experts at Intax. They can apply any desired color to the vehicle body. read more »

Films for every role

Performance, versatility and efficiency – These are the key factors for a small van. No problem at all for the Citan. read more »

One for all
Verleihung Sterne des Handwerks 2013

The business-minded master butcher, Dirk Ludwig, has been recognized with the “Star of the Trades 2013″ award. Mercedes-Benz rewarded him with a brand-new Vito. read more »

Retro-Classics Stuttgart 2014

More than 80,000 visitors, roughly 1,500 exhibitors and 3,000 automobiles: The Retro-Classics Stuttgart has become one of Europe’s largest and most modern classic car expos. read more »

Internationale Handwerksmesse München 2014

At the International Craft Trade Fair Munich, over one thousand exhibitors from more than thirty nations provide innovative and demonstrated presentations of their trade’s work.
read more »

Cerveja Rolls Beer

Rui Abreu from Portugal took second place in our van decal contest several months ago and won a new decal film for his van. read more »


The star chef, Yves Charles, came to the small French town of Thiers to commission the production of 60 knives. Yet in the end he was no longer a chef. Instead he owned the manufactory. read more »


Rapid and reliable: The Hörmann Group relies on Mercedes-Benz vans for its customers – for the last five years and in the meantime with 180 vehicles. read more »

George Pilkington

Improving the environment with simple yet revolutionary ideas – That is George Pilkington’s goal. Whether worm compost boxes or his own beehive design – when it comes to nature, he is always one step ahead. read more »


When the Sprinter already has a few kilometers on the clock, the new used-vehicle guarantee for Mercedes-Benz vans protects against unexpected repair costs. read more »

6D Motocrosshelme

Protective gear is essential for motocross. Nevertheless, serious head injuries still occur. Bob Weber and Robert Reisinger have developed a new helmet which provides significantly better head protection and revolutionizes the outdated technology. read more »

High-tech head protection
Boost by MB

Family management made easy: “Boost by Mercedes-Benz” minimizes afternoon planning stress and transports young passengers to their school and free-time activities. read more »


A passionate carver, a poplar trunk and a set of chainsaws. Or how to create something truly unique with this unusual combination.

read more »

From a tree trunk
to an artwork

Wasting time looking for a parking space while parking spaces remain empty elsewhere is now a thing of the past. Thanks to a clever idea and an app. read more »


Wood has always been his element. But he found his calling by chance. In his workshop, Todd M. Johnson manufactures finely crafted tobacco pipes for demanding collectors. read more »

Ärzte für Madagaskar

Medical aid in one of Madagascar’s poorest regions is all too often too little or too late. The organization “Doctors for Madagascar” (ÄfM) works to help the local population. A donated Unimog serves as an ambulance. read more »

Sprinter 4x4

The new Sprinter 4×4 was presented to the public for the first time in December 2013. Under extreme conditions. read more »

Safe and reliable
Werk Vitoria

The Mercedes-Benz plant in Vitoria is the home of the Vito and the Viano. Investments in the millions are now making the plant fit for the future. read more »

Vans For Bands

There are many vehicle rental companies for bands and artists. But not every company has its own workshop. At “Vans for Bands”, maintenance and repairs are an important part of the day-to-day business. read more »

Trees for Zambia

Planting trees for Zambia’s future. This is Greenpop’s plan. Help from numerous volunteers and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter bring them closer to their goal, tree by tree. read more »

Sprinter Pioneer - Qualität

The new Sprinter was the first vehicle in its segment and has always been regarded as a pioneer. read more »

A milestone in its segment
CMT 2014

Almost like a vacation: The CMT 2014 presents the latest trends in caravans, travel and tourism. The vacation expo is an absolute must for travel fans and mobile home enthusiasts. read more »

Waffenschmied Tony Swatton

Swords for more than 200 films originate from his forge and he is the star of his own YouTube show: Tony Swatton is Hollywood’s weapon smith. read more »

Walton Bore Geophysics

How do mining and energy companies actually know whether exploiting a specific resource is worthwhile? The answer is simple: They ask Walton Bore Geophysics. read more »

Vito E-CELL von Reiner Ullmann

“My heart beats for electricity! Great for the environment, fantastic for Freiburg!”: Two Vito E-CELLs have been on the road in Freiburg’s inner city with this motto since 2013. read more »

Schlittenbauer Kavi

Where tradition meets passion: Swiss joiner manufactures hand-made wooden sleds. read more »

Night Rider Sprinter BlackGreen

What happens when you combine the advantages of a taxi and a public-transport bus? Transport service with affordable prices and a schedule oriented on the individual customers! Impossible? read more »

Mercedes-Benz Werk Düsseldorf

725 vehicles produced per day, approximately 6,500 employees and an investment of more than 70 million euros – the Mercedes-Benz plant in Düsseldorf can look back on a successful year. read more »

Sprinter Spurhalte-Assistent

Mercedes-Benz has now integrated four new safety systems into the new Sprinter. read more »

Safety has right of way
Essen Motor Show 2013

Essen is where it is at – the 46th Essen Motor Show takes place from 30th November to 8th December. As with every year, the exhibition focuses on tuning, motorsport and sporty stock vehicles. read more »

Heim + Handwerk 2013

Interested visitors and numerous new products and innovations for construction, craftsmen, design and living: in Munich, the Heim+Handwerk 2013 simply combines everything which belongs together. read more »

Der neue Sprinter 4x4

It comes into its own where others reach the limits: The new Sprinter 4×4 offers even better traction on difficult terrain. read more »

Sprinter Pioneers Wirtschaftlichkeit

At 6.3 liters per hundred kilometers the new Sprinter is also a pioneer when it comes to fuel consumption. read more »

Impressive economy
Germfree Mobile Laboratory

Fast, flexible and clinically sterile: Germfree Laboratories is the specialist for modular and mobile laboratory systems. read more »


Velofix repairs bicycles directly on-site for the customer and utilizes a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a fully equipped workshop. Leaving cyclists with far more time for the most important thing: Cycling itself. read more »

Koop Diamanttechnik

We separate concrete – Koop Diamanttechnik’s slogan is also its mission. Where others construct buildings, Koop tears them down. read more »

Stihl TImbersports World Championship

Strengths, technique and agility: At this year’s Timbersports Series, skilled woodsman from all over the world compete with muscles, axes and chainsaws. read more »

Kiss my axe!
Vagabund Brauerei

Home-made simply tastes best. The three friends, Matt, David and Tom, thought so as well and established Berlin’s first community-supported craft brewery. read more »


The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is more than just a “box”. When creating the van’s shape, Kai Sieber, the vehicle designer, found the ideal combination of function and emotion. read more »

Robert Q Airbus

The experts at Robert Q Airbus ensure that passengers not only arrive on time for the flight but also in comfort and, above all, relaxed. read more »


The construction of the “Linthal 2015″ pumped-storage power station by the energy company AXPO represents one of Switzerland’s most ambitious construction projects. read more »

High-tech in the high mountains
TecForum Citan Thumb

It is one for all: The Mercedes-Benz Citan is the all-rounder among the inner-city delivery vehicles. Mercedes-Benz presents the new engines and flexible body variants at the TecForum in Frankfurt. read more »

MYVAN Photo Contest

Attention entrepreneurs: MYVAN is searching for the business van with the most creative decals in an international photo competition. read more »

Mercedes-Benz Vario

The large Mercedes-Benz Vario/T2 van goes into well-earned retirement after 27 years. A retrospective. read more »


The mirrors are the backbone of the GEMASOLAR solar thermal power plant. Their care and maintenance are thus of great importance for the production of energy. read more »

Hector, the innovative
cleaning robot

Worldwide trade is increasing, as is the number of cargo ships. A pioneering enterprise ensures that the giant ships will also be able to pass through the Panama Canal in future. read more »


The brain of the solar power station, GEMASOLAR, is the control center. All of the 2,650 heliostats are controlled from here. read more »

Pure technology - The brain of the plant
NUFAM 2013

It is one of Germany’s major trade fairs for commercial vehicles, an important industry gathering and a well-established platform for new products and trends: the NUFAM 2013 in Karlsruhe. read more »


Underground travelling at 160 km/h: A new regional express line is soon to offer passengers a quicker West-East-connection through the city of London. read more »


Local companies profited from the construction of the GEMASOLAR thermosolar plant in Fuentes de Andalucía. The power station created roughly 1800 jobs. read more »

Hands-on – Sparks fly in the workshop
"Vorreiter im Tiefbau"

Tight spaces, broad valleys, high-altitude weather conditions: Europe’s largest alpine construction site lies up to 2,500 m above sea level. read more »

Gemasolar Anlage

Sustainable, silent, efficient: solar energy is the future. At night or in case of bad weather, however, you have to use expensive battery storage systems or you must draw on fossil fuels. But there are exceptions. read more »

Real Pioneering
Holzbildhauer Bruno Walpoth

It is one of the oldest of all of the visual arts: Wood sculpture. Bruno Walpoth is a wood sculptor and everyone familiar with his lifelike figures knows that even wood can have a soul. read more »

Caravan Salon 2013 Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz will be showcasing the new Sprinter at the Caravan Salon 2013. Modern assist systems, four-wheel drive and low fuel consumption make the Sprinter the ideal travel van. read more »

The Sprinter as the ideal home
Caravan Salon 2013 Messehighlights

Exhibitors from all over the world present the latest caravan and mobile home developments in Düsseldorf. Approximately 1800 vehicles from every price range fascinated the public.
read more »

Freedom on wheels
Schöne Sterne 2013

Every model, every model year, as long as it has a star: The “Beautiful Stars 2013” demonstrates the diversity of the Mercedes-Benz brand like no other fan meet. read more »

Sprinter Bike Shop

With their customised Sprinter van, the bike experts at Bicycle Haus take their service on the road and right to the customers. The starred workshop can carry out most of the repairs straightaway. read more »

Bicycle Workshop with a Star

James Chamberlain’s Vito is especially equipped with a 1000 degree oven, anvil, hammers and a lot of iron. read more »

The hottest mobile workplace in the world
sld-medicatec unterwegs mit dem Citan

Sebastian Kamm founded his company for media and event services, sld mediatec, before he had even turned 18. What began as a job for pocket money has now become a company with 40 employees. read more »

CC's Community Coffee House

In Louisiana many people drink their coffee the traditional way: at coffee shops. But not only: The Sprinter with its built-in coffee bar keeps coffee fans provided with their favorite hot drink, wherever they might be. read more »


A mobile, comfortable home in the wild countryside. read more »

Sailing on the Road
Ziss Drums Manufaktur

Dynamic, hands-on and passionate: Helmut Ziss, an electrician by trade, gave up his job and started making high-quality drum sets instead. A dropout with a plan. read more »


It’s especially when the front module is mounted that the Sprinter gets its new and distinctive look. To this end, Danial Trabado introduced a new control unit. read more »

A modern look thanks to a new control unit

The facelifted Sprinter features new lines and edges. As a consequence, master craftswoman Manuela Kraemer had to develop new seam sealing techniques.
read more »

Perfect seam sealing for an
impeccable paint & look

The clearances and gaps all need to be perfect to ensure that the Sprinter’s appearance reflects its top quality. Hans-Joachim Rettich and his team spent months working to achieve this goal.
read more »

Total commitment for perfect clearance

If you are looking for some really special entertainment for your next party, you’d better get in touch with the experts at Games2U.
read more »


“Mercedes-Benz Vans Goes Global”– This was the motto of the recent production of the first Sprinter Classic in Russia. read more »


More than just clothes off the peg: Melodie’s innovative business idea was rewarded with a van.
read more »

The Mobile Showroom
Prosegur_Mit Sicherheit liquide

Every day security companies transport 3 billion euros on Germany’s roads, safeguarding our monetary transactions. Armored vans are essential for this job. read more »


A wrong step, something unexpected happens and everything changes. KADOMO GmbH customises vans to ensure the world of a handicapped person does not suddenly stand still. read more »

Go Brilliant_Luxus Sprinter_Thumb

Richard Fertig builds on high-end Sprinter vans: his company Brilliant Transportation offers tailored, individual and luxury passenger transportation services. read more »


Safety as a result of innovation: The Sprinter facelift 2013 features several assist systems which have never been seen before in the transporter segment before. read more »

At your service
when needed

Visitors of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart are amazed by more than 80 historic fire-fighting vehicles from all over Germany. read more »


Francisco Santos spent three months travelling across Europe in his converted Mercedes-Benz 710. read more »


With the facelift in 2013 the Sprinter gets a sharpened and self-confident design. Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle design director Kai Sieber talks about the facelift in our interview. read more »

A Flawless Design

In the fight against the flooding disaster in Germany many reliable and powerful emergency vehicles provide support for all helpers. read more »


One year for the development and six months for the testing phase. Drivers and deliverers are optimistic about an ergonomic future with the new UPS-Sprinter. read more »

Hotel Oldtimerbus_O319

A beautifully restored Mercedes-Benz O 319 named Wilhelm fascinates the guests of the first vintage automobile hotel. read more »


The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a synonym for large vans all around the globe. It now boasts five new safety systems, state-of-the-art green technology and low fuel consumption. read more »

The new Sprinter!
Auf ein Bier mit dem Klassiker_Wulle

Not a trace of age: a restored Mercedes-Benz LK 311 is used as stylish advertising space for a cult beer based in Stuttgart. read more »


Do you need an advertising lettering or do you have a preferred colour? A car foiling could be the solution. It’s cheap and maintains the value of the car. After removing the foil the car shines like a new one.
read more »


The VEB (nationally owned) Barkas plant Hainichen in East Germany has produced about 176,000 Barkas B 1000 from 1961 to 1991. read more »


The Unimog isn’t choosy when it comes to a different ground: as 2-way model the vehicle is ideally equipped for the railway use. read more »


The Sprinter is a story of success for 18 years now and the story continues worldwide: it was and still is the most successful van worldwide. read more »


A Sprinter as a mobile library provides children in remote areas with books and learning materials in Palestine. read more »


Extreme off-road mobility: the Unimog U 4000 is the all-rounder of commercial vehicles and is mainly used for special operations of the emergency management. read more »


Pioneering an entirely new segment in 1995, the Sprinter has been driving at the forefront ever since. read more »


Large excavators, cranes, heavy duty vehicles – the world’s largest construction expo presents gigantic exhibits in Munich. read more »

The world's largest construction expo
with XXL vehicles

From off-road truck to agile van – At the Bauma 2013 Mercedes-Benz presents vehicles for every construction job. read more »

World premiere
for the Arocs & Atego

Everything for construction – At the world’s largest construction expo Mercedes-Benz presents vans with fittings and special extensions designed especially for tradesmen and construction workers.
read more »

Sprinter, Vito & Citan
with custom fittings & equipment

Good news for smartphone users: the MYVAN Icon app now offers an even quicker and easier access to read more »


The Mercedes-Benz Technical Support Team is hard at work every night so that the Gazelles can put the pedal to the metal during the day. Every day the mechanics check the rally vehicles’ shock absorbers, axle shafts and spring struts. They also clean the air filters and check all of the fluids. read more »

Extreme mechanics!

For Team 319 the second day of the marathon leg begins with an unpleasant surprise – Sabrina has caught a stomach virus during the night. Yet despite nausea and stomach cramps she and her navigator, Astrid, start out early in the morning in order to find the day’s four checkpoints. read more »

The Checkpoint Trap

During the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles the Medical Caravan provides the desert dwellers with medicine and vaccines in the most remote regions. read more »


The first marathon leg at this year’s Aïcha des Gazelles rally. More than 300 km off road along the ideal line, no support from the technical team and a night spent alone out in the desert. read more »

Somewhere in the
Middle of Nowhere

Fighting spirit to the very end: The 23rd Aïcha des Gazelles desert rally was not only one of the hardest challenges of their lives for the Mercedes-Benz Gazelles, but also one of the most beautiful. read more »

Rally Action in the Desert

Dirt, sweat, tears and many kilometers of desert sand lie between the competitors and the last checkpoint: The rally is slowly eroding the condition of every single Gazelle. read more »


This has nothing to do with vegetables: The land of the Moroccan cauliflower bears this nickname because of its unpredictable, rock-hard sand masses. read more »

Cauliflower Desert

Finally it’s on: hot days in the car, frosty nights in the desert – all that counts is power. The gazelles’ respect for the tour into the unknown of the Sahara is pervasive. Anyway, Lina van de Mars keeps her mojo with her. read more »

Full Throttle in the Shadow
of the Eiffel Tower

Liver sausage and curd soap for the desert? Absolutely essential, says Julia Salamon. Her experience from the previous year helps the Aïcha des Gazelles competitor to be perfectly prepared for the desert. read more »

Survival kit
for the desert

New safety technology – At the Tec Forum 2013, Mercedes-Benz presented new assistant systems. read more »

New Assistant Systems
for Vans

The 13th Retro Classics in Stuttgart invites the visitor to discover. With about 3,000 cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles there is something for everyone. read more »


More than 1,350 pairs! Franz Beckenbauer hands over a Sprinter full of sports articles to a Brazilian aid project. read more »


5,300 kilometres from Edmonton, Canada, to Anchorage, Alaska: Mercedes-Benz Canada has sent 9 Sprinters on an arctic trip. read more »

Expedition to the Arctic Circle

Frank Rose spends his leisure time very actively and his Vito EFFECT is always with him no matter if used as towing vehicle for his Harley or as a shuttle to the football stadium. read more »


The L 408, also known as the Düsseldorf transporter, is an icon like its forerunner. For decades the vehicle was essential for many companies as a valiant and reliable companion. read more »


The second rally qualifying was announced by the Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung and two craftswomen could qualify for a starting position in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for the first time. read more »

Teamwork Wins

tiramizoo delivers goods ordered online directly to the front door. Particular is that the local courier delivers the goods at the same day, within 90 minutes from the order on or at the desired time. read more »

Same Day Delivery 2.0

Electricity doesn’t drive anymore but flows instead: Elektromobilia in Cologne presents news from the electric sector of the automotive industry. read more »


In snow, ice and biting cold, 16 (female) Mercedes-Benz employees gathered on the Swabian Jura to prove that they had the right stuff to take their place in the cockpit of the coveted Rally Vito 4×4. read more »

Only the Tough
Take the Prize

Düsseldorf Helau, Mercedes-Benz Helau, Sprinter Helau: Mercedes-Benz in Düsseldorf supports carnival with 30 Sprinters, supplemented with the special “Helau” carnival cheer for the occasion. read more »


500 years ago Cortez brought the Spanish language to Latin America. And now they also have access to the best stories from the world of vans “en Español”. read more »


Lina is excited: she gets to know her team member Julia and has to prove her knowledge and skills. read more »

The Better

The ladies rally Aicha des Gazelles has fascinated Lina van de Mars since then. Now she takes part in the race and of course she wants to win – in a Sprinter 4×4. read more »

Well Screwed is Almost Won

Brand new Sprinter with natural-gas engine roll over Mexican roads. read more »


No matter if motorway, country road or a ride in the city – the Citan has to cope with different routes and driving styles under a constant testing program. read more »

150,000 Kilometers Under
Extreme Conditions

“Same day delivery” is the magic phrase – goods ordered online are delivered to the customer the same day, either at the requested time or within 90 minutes. read more »


After the electric van successfully passed through road trials in central Europe, Finnish companies put it to the test in icy sub-zero temperatures. read more »


In Switzerland a new flame red Vario approaches quickly when a fire is blazing up. read more »


The 600th Sprinter for the food donation headed to Ludwigsburg, South Germany. It delivers food for approximately 1,000 people in need. read more »


Carl Benz’s registration of a patent for a motorized carriage on 29th of January 1886 represents the birth of the automobile. However, vans have existed for far longer. read more »


In winter the Berlin City mission helps homeless people on the streets and prevents them from dying a cold death. read more »


A journey to Oberhausen in a converted bus. We accompany the famous, blue Mercedes-Benz O 3500 race transporter from the 1950s to the restoration workshop. read more »


A Unimog U 500 clears masses of snow in the Austrian Alps. In summer the Unimog is used as a mower in Carinthia. read more »


Since October 2012 car dealerships document any maintenance jobs for Mercedes-Benz vans, a complete vehicle lifetime long. read more »


Vanning Cars from Japan read more »


The Essen Motor Show is a major attraction for car and motorsport fans and also has a lot to offer van drivers. read more »


Urban planning and science in terms of sustainability: in the browser game GreenSight City on Facebook the user gets to know a conscious dealing with civilization and nature. read more »


Whoever loads its vehicle efficiently also creates more safety for all traffic participants and saves a lot of time during the delivery process. read more »


You are athletic, technically skilled and open for an adventure in the Sahara desert? Mercedes-Benz and the “Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung” give away two grid positions for the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles. read more »


A convoy of 63 vehicles rolled through the French metropolis. read more »


No matter if transport companies, suppliers or craftsmen: they all need their vans to fulfill their daily work. read more »

An Outstanding
Production Plant

Bimobil builds the perfect motorhomes for adventurers expecting more than a usual body work. No matter if you go for long-distance travels, expeditions or travels off the beaten track. read more »


Top Secret! Usually, the entrance into the cradle of the Sprinter is forbidden. But for the Long Night of Industrial Culture the plant offers exclusive insights into the holy production halls. read more »


Swiss post buses are no usual means of transportation: the yellow buses are like icons and almost legendary. The drivers need nerves of steel when driving on the narrow mountain roads. read more »


Since 1991 vans are built not far away from Berlin. Until September 2012 half a million vehicles rolled off the assembly line. read more »


Brown coloured delivery vans are typical for German roads since 36 years. Now UPS modernises its vans. read more »


Engineers optimise the drag and increase safety when it rains. read more »

Aerodynamic & Safe

To the limit: Mercedes-Benz developers test the cooling system of the new Citan at very high temperatures over 35 degrees Centigrade or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. read more »

Citan in the Hot Toughness Test

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL wins the national innovation competition “365 landmarks in the land of ideas”. read more »


Mercedes-Benz hands over ten Sprinter to the German Federal Police. These vans provide the catering for the police men during their operations. read more »


A new generation of the Unimog is expected in September 2013. Some first insights of the technology of tomorrow are already presented in form of a model at the IAA Commercial Vehicles. read more »

Stronger and Economical
The New Unimog
Alternative Antriebe Hybrid Motor_skaliert

A lot of manufacturers present more efficient vehicles with less emission at the IAA Commercial Vehicles. read more »

Electric & Hybrid Engines
Green Vehicles at the IAA

Only with the right vehicle construction and the efficient equipment a van turns into the perfect partner whether site, delivery or police vehicle. read more »

Customised Logistic

The new Mercedes-Benz mobility guarantee for vans is valid for up to 30 years and rapidly resolves the problem free of charge. read more »

30 Years of Mobility
Guarantee for Vans

Lina joins the crowd for MYVAN and visits the special exhibition American Trucks. read more »

Lina’s IAA -Top 5

IAA 2012 presents itself as an event of superlatives. read more »

Larger, Stronger,

Sooner or later every truck has to visit the work shop. Due to the Mercedes-Benz truck maintenance management the service can be planned and the retention period reduced. read more »

Effective Maintenance

Mercedes-Benz presents numerous premieres. read more »

Solutions for

Mercedes-Benz presents numerous premieres. read more »

Solutions for

Almost four m³ of load space, a maximum payload of 800 kg and all that with a fuel consumption of 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers. The new Citan from Mercedes-Benz. read more »

Fuel Saving Space Wonder
The New City Van

Many exhibitors focus on efficiency and environmental sustainability. read more »

Efficient, safe
and stylish

260.000 square meter of exhibition space, 354 world premiers – more than 1,900 exhibitors from 46 countries present their highlights at the world’s leading international trade fair for mobility, transport and logistics. read more »

Driving the

Whether a secret mission or a job in the inner-city jungle – the new Citan accepts any challenge. read more »


While Neil completes the paint work of the L 319, Lina overhauls the engine and grants the vehicles’ finishing. read more »


A lavishly restored L 319 is still in use at the voluntary fire brigade since 50 years. read more »


With its unique appearance the new Citan stands out among urban delivery vans while easily finding its place alongside the Sprinter and the Vito in the family of Mercedes-Benz vans. read more »

The Design of the
New Citan

Luxury makes stress bearable: speed and efficiency in a mobile management office. read more »


With the mobile repair shops by Öhlins DTC repairs are possible anywhere. The team provides the racing team with new dampers during the International German Motorcycle Championship. read more »

Pitstop in a

Who loves adventure travels but doesn’t want to relinquish safety and comfort will definitely decide in favour of the Unimog expedition mobile. read more »


This year’s motto “Discover Your World” invited the visitors into the fair halls. read more »


In the night of the 18th to the 19th August 2012 the MB Museum in Stuttgart invited around 30 Car-Bloggers from Germany to a very special event: One night long the treasuries of the museum were their owns. read more »


Out in the country supermarkets are few and far between but exclusively for the rural community, the company Heiko supplies fresh food using a fleet of Vario. read more »

Corner Shop
on the Road

A real eye-catcher: the L 319 from 1964 provides a catering service with fancy flair. read more »


No more traffic jam! Three students want to fulfill every car driver’s dream with an intelligent satnav app. read more »


In order to show a perfect performance at the Olympic Games in London the sport horses have to arrive safely and laid-back. Therefore national team coaches often use luxurious horseboxes with Sprinter-Chassis. read more »


Back in Waiblingen, Lina and Neil get down to work immediately. Time is running since Lina has got a last-minute appointment at the paint shop. read more »

An Open Heart

The word ‘service’ contains two meanings: to serve and to provide. Even after 53 years, the original L 319 can still cope with its job as a utility vehicle in a car dealership. read more »


An elephant dashes through the city: The zoo Leipzig presents its new vehicle design. Mercedes-Benz has constructed a specific van for the zoo. read more »


Bott is an expert for workshop installations in vans. The well-known factory has dismantled forty six breakdown vans for the Mercedes-Benz Service 24h. read more »


Economical in city traffic – with the Sprinter BlueEFFICIENCY. read more »

Save fuel with the Sprinter

The Vito E-CELL is a master concerning eco friendliness and energy-efficiency. Therefore the participation at the Blue Energy Tour is just logical due to the fact that the tour focuses also on energy efficiency. read more »


Mr. and Mrs. Hill’s daily work is unusual – as is their story. Hill’s Fruit Shop from Bad Kreuznach, Germany supplies famous chefs, fine restaurants and top hotels with fruit and vegetables. read more »


Built between 1956 and 1968, the Mercedes-Benz L 319 is still alive and kicking. read more »


Traffic chaos, not enough parking spaces, etc. Cities demand a lot from a delivery van, in addition to the numerous customer needs. read more »

Perfect Partner
for the City

Up until now only refrigerators and washing machines came with energy efficiency stickers. Now the new EU tire label provides information about tire energy consumption. read more »


They are focused on the title: the best or nothing. At the European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine, the German national football team does not travel in just any vehicle. It has to be something truly special… read more »


When it is time to pour concrete it is all hands on deck. That is why Britain’s largest, privately-owned pumping company leaves nothing to chance. read more »


Tradesmen use their vehicles very intensively and sometimes, even with the best vehicles a defect may occur. Help comes directly to the location in the UK. read more »


The automobile mechanic, vintage car enthusiast and TV host Lina van de Mars takes a trip to Luxembourg together with our presenter Neil to search for the MYVAN heritage van: a true L 319. read more »

A Barn Find

Hermes uses the Vito E-CELL for parcel delivery in Berlin and Hamburg. The long-term goal of the logistics service provider is a drastic reduction in the CO2 emissions of their fleet. read more »

Thumbnail Ferroser

When a medical emergency occurs in Madrid people call 112. That is when SUMMA’s ambulances roll out. read more »


Design, capability, customer demands – spectacularly projected in a three-dimensional laser show. We present you how the Citan 3-D Show was produced. read more »

The Hero in the Urban Jungle
Spectacularly Presented

Schutz delivers made to measure van bodies. The company based in Lower Saxony is a long time Mercedes-Benz VanPartner – and thus provides guaranteed quality. read more »


Sprinter and Vito each win the category “KEP Van of the Year 2012.” The Vito E-CELL receives the innovation prize. read more »


Twice a year the members of the 319 club with their historical treasures meet up for a very special gathering. This year’s spring meet took place in Großefehn from 17th – 20th May 2012. read more »


Just like its conventionally driven brothers the electric Vito is built at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vitoria, Spain. An especially dangerous part of this process is the installation of the battery. read more »

Electrifying Production
Vito E-CELL from Vitoria

Mercedes-Benz Service24h rapidly assists commercial vehicle operators in the event of problems and breakdowns – on the telephone and with on-site emergency service mechanics. read more »


The Vito E-CELL convinces at the first “Bodensee Elektrik” rally. The rally, which is exclusively for electric drive vehicles, passes through three countries. The focus of the race is the vehicles’ road capability. read more »

A-Klasse (W 176) 2012

The smartphone has become an important part of many people’s lives. These small devices are more powerful than some small computers, thanks to their increasing processor power. read more »


Steep Serpentines are leading Tomas to a quarry located in the mountains high above Carrara. But instead of Pizza, Pasta and Vino, Tomas faces a stiff piece of work. read more »

Marble Madness

Green technologies currently set the tone at the BedrijfsautoRAI commercial vehicle expo in Amsterdam. The new 7G-Tronic automatic transmission in the Sprinter is comfortable and saves fuel. read more »

Comfortable and Economical:
7G-Tronic Now for Vans

Coffee Bella’s installation units fit in every van and provide the perfect piece of Bella Italia. read more »


Economic fuel consumption, reliable in daily business and safe drivability. This is how the new Citan presents itself at the Bedrijfsauto RAI in Amsterdam. read more »

The New Citan

The new member of the Mercedes-Benz van family is extremely agile and provides the same high level of economy as its colleagues. read more »


The desert race is made up of seven stages. 301 participants cross the Sahara armed with only a map and a compass for navigation. read more »

2,500 km through the Desert:
Showdown for Ladies Only

Stars are demanding – even when traveling. The Berlin-based “Highway Tiger” has met these high expectations for over 16 years. They rent specifically built Sprinters as tour buses. read more »


In Arjeplog, northern Sweden the entire winter is frosty and cold with constant sub-zero temperatures: the best conditions for winter testing. Almost all car manufacturers test their vehicles here in the ice and snow. read more »

Slippery Roads on the Arctic Circle –
Sprinter 4x4 Fights Against Frost

Subsidy for low-emission commercial vehicles in the UK, Vito E-CELL of seven to qualify for up to £ 8,000. read more »


Daniela Snyder and Julia Salamon are among the 16 chosen members to take part in this year’s Mercedes-Benz team for the Aïcha des Gazelles rally. read more »


Many development engineers spend the winter in Arjeplog. In the northern reaches of Sweden they test vehicles under extreme winter conditions. read more »

City Van Trial by
Fire on Ice

Life-saving technical innovation: The new baby medical care unit, Felix read more »


Massive machines, tough men and steaming asphalt. read more »

Lost on a

Snow, ice and extreme temperatures – the Sprinter wins the Arctic Van Test for the third consecutive year. read more »


A Vito 4×4 transports the pupils from the Cristallo ski school safely and comfortably to the slopes. read more »


Sustainable solutions for urban passenger transport – first presented in the Pavillon Vert at the International Motor Show in Geneva 2012. read more »

Premiere in Geneva: Electro-van
for 7 people

Event firm Reaction Audio Visual needs a van that is tough, flexible and an all-rounder. Guess which one they picked… read more »


Lapland. Minus 30 degrees Celsius and nearly two meters of snow. A man working in extreme conditions. read more »

The Loneliest Craftsman
in the World
RÄuber Bandbus_THUMBNAIL

The company Hartmann Tuning specializes in sprucing up the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Vito. Anyone who wants his workhorse to look more like a dressage horse has come to the right place. read more »


More than 30 Daimler outlets and trading partners take on the sales and service of the first series production van with electric drive. read more »


California’s first choice for deluxe bike tours: a Sprinter as travel companion for demanding and highly discerning cyclists. read more »


Not only is Eroski committed to providing local foods, but it also delivers them in an environmentally friendly way. The Spanish grocery chain has been testing the Vito E-CELL in day-to-day use for a year now. read more »

Green Products,
Green Delivery

On a wolf hunt through Inner Mongolia with a marble bathroom and underfloor heating. Two Asian entrepreneurs have each converted a truck into luxury motorhome. read more »


Citan is the name of the new Mercedes-Benz city van. The public premiere will be at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, Germany in September 2012. read more »


It is not easy to make a taxi for London. The requirements are strict. But Vito has cracked it. Now it takes on a challenge against the TX4 the traditional Black Cab. read more »

There’s a New
Cab In Town

Fast, economical and environmentally-friendly mobility. read more »


Up to your elbows in horse manure. read more »

When You Want to Get to the Top,
You Have to Start at the Bottom
Sparking the

230 Vito E-CELLs have been working under tough conditions since 2010. Time for a progress report. read more »


The caravan, auto, travel and tourism trade show in Stuttgart 2012. This year too, everything under the sun for world travelers. read more »


How much stress can you handle flying around London? read more »

There is Nothing as Old as
Yesterday's Newspaper!

A bakery from the USA trusts in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. read more »


When a machine breaks down on-site, significant costs are incurred. Pirtek promises quick help – with its Sprinter work shop vans. read more »

First Aid for Excavators,
Cranes & Co

With the slogan ‘big answers from small’ Daihatsu reveals its next-generation technology for small vehicles and according to Daihatsu this offers a ‘free energy future’. read more »


Slips, errors and funny moments – a look behind the scenes of MYVAN. read more »


From hydraulic first aid, luxurious wooden vans, taxi duels to a newspaper rally – this is the coming year at MYVAN, always in the middle in the world of vans! read more »


From the first draft of the fourties till this day. A journey through the success story of an unique craft. read more »

60 Years Unimog

Travelling is usually exhausting and time consuming. However, with this luxury custom van travelling is not only pleasant but you can also get some work done. read more »


Julia Eichelberger has been working as a mobile vet with her Vito for nearly four years now. In her Vito she brings her practice to the patient. read more »


Two vans and their crews help and support the rider at all times around the clock. read more »

Race Across
Kuehlfahrzeug_Kerstner_ (5)

Bodybuilder specialist Kerstner is presenting the first refrigerator van variant of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL at the Solutrans trade show in Lyon/France. read more »


Bag pipes, chainsaws and bears – What better can you wish for? read more »

The Nerve Wrecking Life
of a Lumber Jack!

You should have a proper grip on an axe; otherwise it might fly out of your hand and into someone’s face! read more »

Let The Highland Games

Fifty years after its construction the 65-hp Mercedes-Benz L319 was extensively renovated winning the Golden Classic steering wheel award 2011 from the magazine AUTO BILD KLASSIK. read more »


With its sleek, aerodynamic design the Bevan Icon offers an impressive payload of more than 1,200kg with significantly improved fuel economy. read more »


A journey through the success story of the Mercedes-Benz vans. read more »

125 Years of
Van History

The second part of our journey through the success story of the Mercedes-Benz vans. read more »

125 Years of
Van History, Part 2
Smartphone_Invensity (2)

Easily “test drive” electric vehicles using a smartphone app. read more »

BSK_Auswahl (0) B

Never wait for freshly baked bread ever again thanks to the bakery vehicles from Bornhorst. read more »


Plan the world’s most environmentally friendly city just the way you want it – the new Facebook game has started on 15th December 2011. read more »


With the construction pit under water it is time for the professional divers to take over. Back-breaking work – in freezing water and with almost zero visibility. read more »

Vans as mobile
Diving Centers

Now for the first time the world of vans has a unique social TV platform: helpful tips, entertainment, and interaction – This site has it all! read more »

At the Center of the
Van Scene!

The drive unit of the electric-Vito: forward looking technology. Neil O’Sullivan took a closer look read more »

Discover the City with

His workshop with its stock of spare parts is a mecca for classic Mercedes-Benz owners from around the world read more »


Ultra-modern and innovative solutions for the transport and logistics industry can be found at the Post-Expo. This year, the Vito E-CELL shone with numerous features and options. read more »


The company Oberaigner has developed a four wheel drive for the Sprinter… read more »


The BLOODHOUND Project has created jet- and rocket-powered car designed to break the 1,000 mph barrier. A Sprinter is now playing a key role. read more »


No major event without could take place them: caterers are the heroes behind the scenes at the International Motor Show, because good food requires perfect organization. read more »


Sprinter travel the world – as escort vehicles to three B-Classes with F-CELL drive. read more »


The comfort chassis from Mercedes-Benz offers many possibilities – in the compact as well as the luxury model. read more »


The Caravan Salon celebrates its 50th anniversary with some world firsts including the first hybrid motor home and an amphibious caravan. read more »


Van drivers can party – the V-Club members proved this in Berlin. read more »


Vans and drivers at their limit – with different models and assistant systems read more »


Every second year the German State of Baden-Wuerttemberg awards innovative and environmentally friendly products. This year the Vito E-CELL won with its all-electric drive. read more »


Driving a Vito 4×4 through the desert of Maroc in North Africa Andrea Spielvogel and Anneke Voss were the fastest Racers in the rally Aïcha des Gazelles 2011. read more »


While I was walking through the CV Show 2011, I found a company called Roadload. read more »


The Sprinter NGT runs on biomethan, which is almost CO2 neutral. The technology is now available for the entire Sprinter range. read more »


The CV Show 2011 in Birmingham is the largest Commercial Vehicle Show in Europe. read more »


The Fuso Canter might not be the superstar in the truck scene, but he’s a reliable partner when it comes to work. read more »


From the van to the site, with all the necessary tools, without rearranging things – the new, cargo management system from Sortimo makes it possible read more »


Low rolling resistance tires, low revs, ECO Start-Stop-System – drive more economically with BlueEFFICIENCY read more »


70 kW, 130 kilometer range – all without payload loss. But how does the electric van drive? read more »


With this app, fleet managers can optimize their routes, anytime, anywhere! read more »


You want to cook or store things in your van but you don’t have that much space? MYVAN found one possible solution at the travel fair CMT. read more »


Kicking off the year in style is the CMT camping van and holiday trade show. read more »


Sprinkles delicious cupcakes from the Beverly Hills pastry shop, served straight from a very special Sprinter. read more »


We can always stand to get a bit more out of each gallon. Try using these tips. read more »


We continue with our fuel saving tips. read more »


Useful information so that the load always arrives safely. read more »


The liquefied petroleum gas drive system will quickly pay for itself due to the comparatively low cost. read more »


Here is another video of our visit at the IAA 2010. read more »


View the entire fleet in real-time, FleetBoard saves up to 17 percent in fuel costs. read more »


The Mercedes-Benz Actros is available as the Limited Edition Black and White liner and this is the most exclusive and luxurious a truck with a star. read more »


The new generator’s management for the BlueEFFICIENCY 2011. read more »


The first electric van: the Vito E-CELL. Find out more about the technical highlights in our interview with the developer. read more »


London taxis need a special turning radius. Now the One80 company has developed a rear-wheel steering system for the Vito, which enables it to meet these stringent requirements. read more »


Luxury motor homes manufacturers prefer the Sprinter. The reason is the extensive comfort and safety features in every Mercedes-Benz. read more »