30. August 2016
Heavy-duty companions: two Unimog with the water rescue premium
To the rescue. Two German Lifeguard Association Unimog head toward the river bank. They bring hope for those in need of rescue.
23. August 2016
Custom catering: through the inner city with the Citan premium
The catering company Trautwein relies on Mercedes-Benz vehicles to supply gourmets everywhere. Their secret recipe for the narrow streets: the agile Citan.
19. August 2016
The Mercedes-Benz L 319: espresso bar with the star premium
Dusty, unused, discarded. This was how Uwe Ziegler found his Mercedes-Benz L 319. It has been back on the road for five years – as a mobile espresso bar.
18. August 2016
A journey with the 1981 Mercedes-Benz L 508 premium
Totally relaxed: The Berlin photographer Gerrit Sievert compares the road trips in his converted 508 D with pure meditation.
16. August 2016
On the trail of Paul Pietsch in the Mercedes-Benz L 206 D premium
Through the Black Forest with the Mercedes-Benz L 206 D. Classic car rally honoring the racing driver and publisher Paul Pietsch.
15. August 2016
Partners on wheels: Cannondale & Vito premium
The sales team from the bicycle manufacturer Cannondale always remains mobile thanks to the Vito from the CharterWay fleet. The Vito always accompanies the bike experts from Bavaria as a field force vehicle.
10. August 2016
How to build a house in 19 months premium
Manny Neves from Hardcore Renos presents his mammoth project: building a complete house in 19 months. The Sprinter is the perfect toolbox here.
8. August 2016
A van with depth: the Sprinter 4×4 as a mobile measuring station premium
The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter belonging to the geologist Walter Beck contains all of the equipment he needs to assess the quality of wells – down to a depth of 600 meters.
7. August 2016
I’ll bet… everything fits inside a Sprinter! premium
The Sprinter 316 CDI is known for its spaciousness. In the series „Does it fit inside“ we are testing the van under everyday-life conditions.
5. August 2016
The surfers best buddy premium
No Vito, no surf. And no surf, no business. The surfing coach, Yamir, travels Fuerteventura’s rough roads in his Mercedes-Benz van and conquers the coast of the Canary Islands anew every day.
2. August 2016
On the road day and night with the Sprinter 316 CDI premium
The helper for every case – and any time of day. A look inside the red Sprinter 316 CDI shows what makes the panel van a day-to-day hero.
1. August 2016
Christian Adam: Photographer and Adventurer premium
He creates breathtaking images while living in a Sprinter: freelance photographer Christian Adam from Santa Barbara, California.