22. February 2018
The 10 best travel apps for a road trip you won’t forget. premium
Fancy living for the moment and seeing what comes your way? These 10 apps ensure minimal planning effort - but maximum road-trip fun - no matter what the situation.
21. February 2018
Snowed in: winter camping in the van with freerider Markus Ascher premium
Markus Ascher has converted his old Mercedes-Benz fire truck into a winter camper van. The Austrian freerider roams about in it in the Alps. His route: wherever he can find new snow.
20. February 2018
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 6×6 vs. Unimog 4×4 premium
Their environment begins where sealed roads end. The Sprinter 6x6 and the Unimog 4x4 are true all-terrain vehicles and tackle extreme terrain in our clip.
19. February 2018
Original Craftsmen: baking in a modern and natural way – Glaab’s organic bakery. premium
For almost seventy years now, Glaab’s organic bakery has been run as a family business. Its formula of success consists in giving a modern and sustainable interpretation to the traditional craft of baking.
18. February 2018
Scandinavia in the MB 100: Road trip to freedom premium
The Scandinavian countryside took Andreas’ breath away from the beginning - and that’s why he always returns. His companion: the MB 100.
17. February 2018
Up and away – The perfect road trip preparation. premium
We love van life! That is why we take you with us on a journey. But first, you and your camper van have to be properly prepared for the next road trip. These are our tips!