Construction, design and new technology

Interested visitors and numerous new products and innovations for construction, craftsmen, design and living: in Munich, the Heim+Handwerk 2013 simply combines everything which belongs together.

Heim+Handwerk is Germany's largest consumer exhibition for building, furnishing and living. For four days more than 900 exhibitors from 23 countries offer a comprehensive insight into their product range, provide information about branch news and present the trends of the future.

Energy-oriented construction and renovation are the key issues in the construction branch. New insulation concepts for windows, doors and walls are easy on both the bank balance and environment. Those interested in discovering the savings potentials in their own home are well advised to contact the independent energy consultants at the ENERGIESPAR meeting point or visit one of the numerous expert lectures. Naturally, the companies themselves are also happy to help. DiHa, for example, specializes in rapidly and efficiently insulating roller shutter housings and won an innovation prize in 2012 for its system. Renovation can improve a home's insulation by up to 70%.

The Munich Bauzentrum's booth is the perfect place for those who love to experiment. The "heat transfer coefficient toolbox" lets people measure a broad variety of insulation materials to determine their heat transfer coefficient, namely their resistance to heat loss. Practical: The software also calculates the possible cost savings per year, depending on the specified age of the building and the parts insulated.

Of course, a new heating system also saves money over the long term. However, if buying and installing a new heating system is too expensive and complicated then the innovative, 300 euro product from the energy start-up company, tado, is well worth a look. The company has developed an intelligent heating control system with a smartphone connection. When you leave your house the heating is turned down. When you approach the house, the heating is turned up again so that the house is comfortably warm when you arrive. The current weather data is also integrated into the control system via an online connection. The result: Up to 26% lower heating costs.

But even the best heating control system is worth nothing if the pipes are defective. Walls and floors often need to be broken open to carry out repairs. Horst Gottwald from Augsburg has developed a repair technique for minor pipe damage which requires no demolition work at all. Once the leak has been located using a mini camera and the pipe has been cleaned, liquid resin is applied to the affected area at high pressure. 24 hours later the resin has hardened and the pipes can be used normally again.

The Heim+Handwerk expo not only offers practical solutions. Design and art are also a major focus.
The special exhibition for the carpentry competition "The good form" presents wonderfully crafted journeyman pieces. In the next hall Peter Kreiselmeier, from the pewter manufactory the same name, demonstrates to an audience how pewter cups and plates were once manufactured.
An exotic market and numerous new trends for kitchen and living room furnishings round out the presentation. To create a fresh atmosphere in the exhibition halls, Munich's municipal gardening department even created a small park including trees and green areas.
The greatest advantage and the most unique feature of the Heim+Handwerk is its colorful, appealing variety. Anyone not surprised by innovations here is unlikely set to be surprised anywhere.


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