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HELDTH x MYVAN: Visiting GOrilla Urban Cycling.

A man working on a bicycle

In Nino Jäger's shop no customer wishes are left unfulfilled: From sporty to elegant - bicycle lovers will definitely get their money's worth. With frames from Italy and special selection options, the centerpiece can be individually designed.

Heart and soul: Switzerland and its bicycles.

The Swiss love their bikes – despite the fact that the Alpine countryside is continuously up and down, they are passionate about pedaling. Even the Swiss army is equipped with a lot of bicycles, a fact that is often laughed at but whose meaning is never questioned. No wonder, then, that there are also Swiss people whose blood circulation runs on chain grease and who would rather stick a tube patch on a wound than a plaster – like Nino Jäger from GOrilla Urban Cycling.

A bicycle is parked on a street

Bicycles and Switzerland are linked by an inseparable love – that’s why GOrilla Urban Cycling really hits the mark here.

An unexpected discovery.

Nino came to his own brand of bicycle almost like the maiden to the child. From a project with FREITAG, his former employer, he took over the shaky but incredibly attractive brand and dived into the world of bicycles without any previous knowledge. Today, Nino is a damn good, incredibly creative and innovative bicycle mechanic. He has been stubbornly committed to the topic and is self-taught; there is no longer any work that he would shy away from. The subtle difference compared to other bicycle shops: Nino’s is the place where you can buy your very own creations.

A red-gold bicycle is placed in a room

From layman to professional: Nino developed his bicycle knowledge with great success.

Practical eye-catcher: a bicycle from Gorilla.

The frames are made to your own specifications in a small Italian workshop. In the meantime there are several models to choose from, all of them sporty, elegant and very sexy. And because most bicycles are made directly to customer specifications, there are virtually no limits for paintwork or other finishes – gold-plated forks, copper-finished frames, matt finishes with glossy details, everything is possible. In addition, carefully selected add-on parts are installed to make every bike absolutely perfect. Hidden gearshifts – which are extremely useful on inclines in Switzerland – ensure a clean look and perfect readability. Comfortable and at the same time elegant saddles and handlebars, light attachments and the finest technology from Italy and Japan complete every bike into a true work of art. GOrilla does not shy away from modern technology, such as hubs with electric motors, and this is what makes the brand so appealing – because it is all about supplying the customer with a genuine premium bicycle that makes him or her happy.

A place to feel good.

Nino Jäger’s small shop is functional – and yet lovingly furnished. The desk is right next to the workbench, in the front area there are a few bicycles and friends, neighbors or customers come over for a chat. Details, such as the small workstation in front of the shop, are what testify to Nino’s passion. The most common tools hang here: freely available, but secured against sticky-fingers. Just adjust the gearshift, pull in a new cable or mount the new handlebar – no problem. Regardless of whether you can or would like to afford a GOrilla, it is an experience to visit the small workshop in Zurich.

Different bicycle frames hanging on a wall

Bicycles made to measure: The special frames are made in Italy - and are a real eye-catcher.

Various components of a bicycle are placed on a workbench

A bike that fits your needs perfectly: no problem at GOrilla Urban Cycling!

A drawer with various bicycle accessories

Decisions have to be made on the way to your dream bike - now with numerous options.

A protective case labeled

GOrilla Urban Cycling makes cyclists' dreams come true.

Two men standing in a bike shop

A visit to Nino's shop is worthwhile even if you are not looking for a bike.


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