Round trip: A game of football with the Sprinter on a roundabout.

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In Roundabout Football, a roundabout in Porto is quickly converted into a playing field. The highlight: The goals are formed by two rotating Sprinter.

Anyone can play on a normal field.

Take a rectangular playing field, add eleven players against eleven and set the stopwatch twice to 45 minutes playing time. These are the well-known rules of one of the world’s most popular team games. It is obvious that this is good old football. Although the game around the round leather ball has already experienced one or two rule changes over the course of time, it has always remained identical in its core. Time for a revolution: By breaking the rules a little and reinventing football, a group of Portuguese players are proving that the game does not always have to be the same.

The two teams face each other in the preliminary meeting

Pre-match briefing: The two teams prepare for the football match.

A very different kind of football match.

A roundabout not only ensures smooth traffic, the central island also has undreamt-of potential. In Porto, footballers have found the perfect place for their project. In the middle of a Portuguese roundabout, fun and action are written in capital letters. And that’s what it looks like: In “Roundabout Football” the field is circular and the goals are in motion. Uninterrupted. The players’ sense of orientation is put to the test: Two Mercedes-Benz Sprinters circulate around the roundabout and serve as goals. One thing above all applies to the teams: Constant realigning and reorienting. Even the experienced players have to be careful not to tie a knot in their legs. “The game lives from the dynamics, everyone has to give 110 percent,” explains referee Miguel Ribeiro.

The game lives from the dynamics, everyone has to give 110 percent.
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The new Sprinter as a mobile game changer.

Not only the external circumstances, but also the classic positions are turned upside down in “Roundabout Football”: So the goalkeepers are not positioned between the posts, but in the cab of the Sprinter. Your task: To keep an overview in the confusion and continually steer the “goals” in a circle. The defending players have to be patient until the opponent’s goal comes near them. For the strikers, the shots must be placed with foresight.

In “Roundabout Football” the footballers fight relentless against each other: push your opponent into the corner? On a roundabout it is simply impossible. Instead, constant changes of direction are on the agenda. But at the end of the day everyone agrees: “A game of Roundabout Football should be included in every training plan”.

The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in front of the roundabout

The new Sprinter proves to be a reliable partner in Roundabout Football.

Two Mercedes-Benz Sprinters circulate at the same distance around the roundabout

The two Sprinter circulate around the roundabout.

Behind the wheel instead of in goal: In Roundabout Football the goalkeepers control the Sprinter.

The soccer team is delighted about a successful move

The game is in full swing: The teams are fighting for victory.

The football players are discussing behind a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The football game on the roundabout presents the teams with completely new challenges.

Football on a roundabout: Both teams must be extremely focused.

Photos: Max Galys


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