Stars of the Trades: Mercedes-Benz searches for the most creative van lettering

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Sterne des Handwerks 2015 Boehmler

This year the "Stars of the Trades" competition is once again searching for the most attractive vehicle lettering among the trades. The winner receives a new Mercedes-Benz Vito.

Stars of the Trades 2015

A thrilling atmosphere, muted light and at the end of the room the large "Stars of the Trades 2015" banner shines on the screen. The winner was selected three weeks ago and today the prize will be awarded at last. The official "Stars of the Trades 2015" award ceremony takes place as part of this year's International Trades Exhibition in Munich. A huge crowd is attending. Many exhibition visitors can be seen among the participants and van enthusiasts. They do not want to miss this spectacular event.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter of the painter's shop Timmen

More than 425 companies have competed. The decision came down to 10 finalists and a jury of renowned experts selected the three winners. Graphic design, trade, marketing, advertising technology and advertising law experts examined each of the 10 finalists and asked: "How original is the concept? How good is the reference to the product? Does the design integrate the vehicle's shape? How striking is the vehicle on the road?" in order to optimally evaluate the competition criteria.

The public winners of the "Stars of the Trades" competition from Mercedes-Benz and AMH: Malermeister Händler from Günzburg took second place.

The winners have been chosen

The competition has finally come to an end. Böhmler Einrichtungshaus GmbH has the most convincing vehicle design among German tradesmen on its Sprinter and can look forward to a new Mercedes-Benz Vito Panel Van - the long version with a 114 hp diesel engine and numerous extras such as air conditioning, wood cladding in the cargo area and comfort seats. Of course, the new vehicle also sports the company's winning design. Characteristics such as "accuracy", "seriousness" and "recognition value" convinced the jury of the quality of Böhmler Einrichtungshaus GmbH's vehicle design. The Mercedes-Benz Vito is wrapped with a parquet floor look which is directly related to the parquet layer's services and this won over the jury. The jury's decision focused less on the technical and graphical possibilities and more on the professional and modern use of vehicle advertising for trades – regardless of whether a wrap, partial applications or lettering.

The van community voted online

There were also other winners on this evening. In addition to the winners selected by the jury, the audience awards were also announced. These were determined in the "vehicle duel" online game. Beginning on 13th of January, visitors to the website were invited to vote for their personal van favorites in the "vehicle duel" online game. This type of voting proved extremely popular: Around 45,000 van duels were played. Christian Preuß's HVAC company from Karlsruhe was the victor, winning the most duels.

The Mercedes-Benz Van from Kaelte Koll.

Mercedes-Benz vans which shape the way the road looks

The "Stars of the Trades" competition has long emphasized just how modern and creative the trades are in many different marketing areas along with the numerous trends they continue to set. This also applies to the vehicle lettering on their Sprinter vans. Creatively designed trade vehicles shape the way the roads in our cities look and a number constantly succeed in standing out from the masses and becoming unforgettable. Under the management of the "Aktion Modernes Handwerk" and with the support of Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany, the design diversity of trade vehicles has been recognized and Böhmler Einrichtungshaus GmbH voted the most creative vehicle lettering in German trades for 2015.

The design creativity of trade vehicles in Germany has been rewarded with the support of Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany.

The public winners of the "Stars of the Trades" competition from Mercedes-Benz and AMH: Christian Preuß from Karlsruhe took first place.


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