The Sprinter as Swedish ice cream express

Sales manager Stefan Andersson from Otto & Glassfabriken next to a Sprinter

Hasse Månsson from Skurup, Sweden is one of the drivers for Otto & Glassfabriken. He delivers the ice cream with a Sprinter 519 with a semitrailer.

Otto & Glassfabriken has been serving ice cream specialties since 1950

Small-scale food production is more popular than ever. More and more consumers want to know what they are eating and who is responsible for making it. One company stands out: the ice cream maker Otto & Glassfabriken from the Swedish town of Yngsjö. "When you try our ice cream, then you just want more," says Stefan Andersson. What is the secret recipe for the delicious ice cream from Otto & Glassfabriken? "Lots of cream," replied the sales manager. In 1950, ice cream maker Bonde Albrektsson started production for the Nordöstra Skånes Mejeriförbund dairy in Åhus. 52 years later, his son Otto Albrektsson founded the company, which today is called Otto & Glassfabriken. In Yngsjö the company now produces up to 12,000 liters of quality ice cream per day. "We have a lot of repeat customers. Some years, we tripled our sales every year. "

The Sprinter 519 with semi-trailer from Otto & Glassfabriken

Only the Sprinter can withstand the heavy weight

Despite the impressive figures, Otto & Glassfabriken attaches great importance to care, quality and love of the product. At Otto & Glassfabriken, the sales manager delivers his own ice cream every morning to Skåne with a refrigerated Sprinter. The conversion has nine refrigerators and keeps a temperature of -35 ° C. Approximately 2,000 liters of ice cream fit into the vehicle. Otto & Glassfabriken owns two Sprinters. The company drives around 450,000 kilometers per year with each vehicle.

"There are a great deal of deliveries and short trips", says Andersson. Why did he choose the Sprinter? "The vehicles have such a fantastic drive. Our vehicles have to be fully loaded. The Sprinters are strong and have stable chassis. Only the Sprinter can withstand the heavy weight."

Ice cream cone in warm sunlight Unsplash

Photos: Transporter Magazine/Genberg, Unsplash,

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