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Brusco brings Lowbrow art to the streets of Barcelona.

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Hugo Jose Maria Corral describes himself as a craftsman. He paints signs, clothes and objects. One of his masterpieces is the Mercedes-Benz 406 D from Masala73.

A Passion for rock culture of the seventies.

With steady brushwork, a witty comment, and always a bit of Rock’n’Roll: This mixture characterizes him as an artist, says Hugo Jose Maria Corral from Barcelona. The Catalan with the nickname Brusco is an artist in body and soul and has dedicated himself to “Lowbrow art”. He usually embellishes motorcycle helmets with lettering in his studio, reminiscent of a garage, or he gives motorcycle tanks a new look. The 38-year-old creates signs with his own personal style: Sometimes provocative and courageous, other times playful and funny.

Lowbrow style

… is a visual art movement in which influences from different subcultures are mixed, for example, from the underground comic scene, the hot rod scene and the rock scene. Often also referred to as pop surrealism, Lowbrow-art often uses iconic “retro” elements with a sense of humour.

Old bikes are standing in Brusco's studio

Workshop or studio? Brusco’s creative place is a bit of both.

First an agency, then self-employed – always creative.

Brusco has drawn and painted throughout his life. As an 18-year-old he engaged in a study of the fine arts. Later, his talent earned him a job in an advertising agency. What he took from there: “I learned how important communication is. In addition, I have always adapted my style to meet the needs of my customers.” After working as a Creative Director for several years, Brusco decided to return to his roots and become self-employed. “I wanted to have a brush in my hands again,” he says, grinning. The move to self-employment was a challenge for him: “I had to leave my comfort zone and my financial security to do something new.”

I had to leave my comfort zone and my financial security to do something new

Brusco stands in his studio

Brusco has a passion for art and motorcycles – you can see this in his studio.

Artist in body and soul with a sense of humor.

Brusco’s recipe for success: You have to face art with humor, don’t always take everything so seriously, explains the Spaniard. That is why he is drawn to Lowbrow style, which reflects this attitude exactly. His passion for motorcycles can be combined perfectly with this art form: Brusco is committed to preserving the classic rocker and biker scene. He is a member of the “Walking Irons”, an offshoot of the legendary ACE Café from London, which was founded in early 2017 in Barcelona.

Brusco paints the logo of

The curving font is a trademark of Brusco, but the artist from Barcelona can also be different for

A real masterpiece: The Mercedes-Benz 406 D food truck.

Brusco does not back away, even from major projects. He has already painted a large mural for a well-known clothing brand. An indispensable highlight in his collection is the Indian food truck Masala73. Brusco gave the rebuilt Mercedes-Benz 406 D a new color and inscription. He left nothing to chance with the design. With comprehensive research he tried to transfer the flair of India to the van. To achieve this, Brusco created a suitable color palette and looked for the perfect typography. The result is impressive: The Masala73 is now an absolute favorite of the public on the streets of Barcelona. The design is an eye-catcher and carries the signature of Hugo Jose Maria Corral, alias Brusco.

The Mercedes-Benz 406 D of Masala73

With its unusual color combination the Mercedes-Benz 406 D stands out on Barcelona's streets.

Three containers for colors stand on a table

Brusco loves working with his hand. That is why he gave up his job as a graphic designer.

A man takes a brush out of the tool box

The brushes come out of the tool box.

Rollers with a Brusco logo

Brusco has a passion for the Rock culture of the 70s, including roller skates.

Photos: Damaris Riedinger | Brusco Artworks

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