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The Cardiff City FC Foundation: changing lives with football.

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In the Welsh capital, the Cardiff City FC Foundation brings sport to the people – also with the support of the Mercedes-Benz Citan.

When the Citan with the Bluebirds logo comes to visit.

Children playing football not suitable for the school’s learning environment? When the Cardiff City FC Foundation visits primary schools in the Welsh capital in their Citan printed with the “Bluebirds” logo, they impressively prove the opposite. “When the children see that we are coming, it is like a reward for them”, says the trainer, Charlotte Carpenter. The foundation, named after the Bluebirds’ official name – the Welsh capital’s football club – was founded in 2009. They are dedicated to using the power of sport and education to positively change lives. That is why the foundation’s trainers travel to various primary schools, football schools and training centers during the week. Matches often take place at the weekend. To keep up with the schedule they need vehicles which are large enough for the sporting equipment, comfortable and safe to drive. The Citan is the perfect choice. That is why the club uses 13 of them.

Children warming up in the sports hall

Warming up in a circle at one of the courses organized by the Cardiff City FC Foundation.

The five most famous charitable football foundations.

Naturally, the Cardiff City FC Foundation is not the only foundation dedicated to football. Here are the five most famous (other) charitable football foundations – in no specific order:

  • Great Britain’s largest sport foundation, the Football Foundation, invests £30 million annually in football.
  • The Chelsea Foundation which belongs to FC Chelsea aims to combine footballing education, similar to the Cardiff City FC Foundation. They are also dedicated to anti-discrimination.
  • The Laureus Sports for Good Foundation established by Daimler AG and Richemont is generally involved in sport and also in football with projects such as “Kicking Girls”.
  • The Real Madrid Foundation intends to spread the values taught in sport in Spain and internationally.
  • The German Soccer Association (DFB) finances four charitable footfall foundations almost completely: the DFB foundation Sepp Herberger, the DFB foundation Egidius Braun, the DFB cultural foundation as well as the Bundesliga foundation.

Football training as an alternative to therapy

For Charlotte Carpenter her work with the Cardiff City FC Foundation is a dream job. The 27-year-old has played football all of her life and can now pass on her expertise. In addition, she is the first FIFA referee for women from Wales. Training with the Cardiff City FC Foundation can serve as therapy, especially for problem children. “In one of our courses we had a young boy who was very isolated from the other children at school and was generally often alone. Now he is a lot more enthusiastic, can integrate better and has more friends. This showed us that our program makes a real difference not only with sports but also at home and at school”, reports the trainer proudly. Inclusion is important to the club: For example, it also offers programs for teenage criminals.

Inclusion is important to the club: For example, it also offers programs for teenage criminals.

View of the Cardiff City Stadium

Like a second home: Charlotte Carpenter looks at the Cardiff City Stadium.

A language which everyone understands.

During the matches there is little sign of the educational goals behind the programs organized by the Cardiff City FC Foundation. Here it is all about the young and old participants having fun. “I play football the entire time in my street and I watch all of the Bluebirds’ home matches”, says a young girl enthusiastically at one of the primary schools that Charlotte Carpenter visits. The other schoolchildren are just as enthusiastic. “Football is a language which everyone understands”, sums up Charlotte Carpenter with a grin.

The football trainer behind the wheel of the Citan

Always on the road: Charlotte Carpenter in the Mercedes-Benz Citan.

The white Citan outside the stadium in Cardiff

It is truly a dream job when you even load up the vehicle with a smile on grey, rainy days.

View from the cargo area of the spacious Citan

The Citan has enough space for the sporting equipment that Charlotte Carpenter needs for her courses.

The football trainer Charlotte Carpenter in the stadium

Charlotte Carpenter talks passionately about her job.

Filming at the stadium in Cardiff

Behind-the-scenes: Charlotte Carpenter pumps up balls while filming this article.

The most important European football events in 2016.

  1. The UEFA Champions League final in 2016 in Milan on 28th May
  2. The European championship from 10th June to 10th July 2016 in France
  3. The DFB Cup final on 21st May 2016
  4. The women’s’ European qualification matches on 8th April, 12th April, 16th September and 20th September 2016
  5. Lionel Messi – Footballer of the year 2015 – scored his 300th goal on 17th February 2016. // The final round of the UEFA U17 European Championships from 22nd September until 31st October 2016 – however, in Azerbaijan


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