Open wide: how the dentist in the Sprinter helps children.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from avomed Dentomobil.

Here the dentist goes to the patients and not the other way around. The Dentomobil based on the Sprinter is a true Austrian success story.

On the road for healthy teeth.

In Austria many children from Tirol have healthy teeth. There is a good reason why: with the Dentomobil, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter converted into a mobile dental surgery, dentists regularly visit Tirol’s schools and examine the children. All without drilling. The dentists examine the children’s teeth and then give them a letter for their parents. The letter describes the results of the examination and provides tips about how to perhaps improve the child’s dental health. The dentists will likely have little to complain about when it comes to the condition of the children’s teeth. Because the last dental survey in Austria five years ago revealed: the children in Tirol have the best teeth.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Dentomobil with mountains in the background.

Since 1990 the Dentomobil has been visiting children: thanks to the Sprinter’s durability and reliability.

Uncomplicated handling helps the dentists.

Practical reality at Tirol’s various schools proves that the Sprinter converted into a dental surgery keeps what it promises. The dentists have to drive the Dentomobil to even Tirol’s most remote mountain villages. The doctors have learned that they can completely rely on the Sprinter. Driving it is uncomplicated and stress-free. And has been for 25 years. After quarter of a century and 480,000 km, Tirol’s dentists are now driving their third Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. It just keeps on driving. The specially trained team of dentists and their mascot “Bürstli” continue visiting Tirol’s children at schools and kindergartens.

A non-profit organization with the goal of dental care.

The “avomed” organization keeps the Dentomobil in shape and on the road – the work group for preventive medicine and health support in Tirol. avomed was established by the medical association for Tirol in 1984. In addition to the Dentomobil and its mobile dental care, the organization also runs 19 other programs and projects for dental health in Tirol. avomed supports children from birth until their tenth year – literally from the very first baby teeth.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Van Dentomobil.

Classic van from earlier from Dentomobil.

Photos: Avomed

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