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Four people, four vans, four love stories.

Two men working on a gutted L 319

MYVAN has interviewed four passionate Mercedes-Benz van enthusiasts who could not be more different. Yet they all owe their vans more than a little.

The vans with the star are famously adaptable.

Whereas some people only use their vans for their own private purposes, for others their work would not be possible without their van. MYVAN introduces people from four different walks of life: a barista team, an exceptional athlete, a collector of classic vehicles and an entrepreneur. They all have one thing in common: they need a van that will not let them down. The vast differences between the needs and preferences demonstrate just how versatile and adaptable Mercedes-Benz vans are.

The N 1300 from Combi Coffee.

The two brothers, Francisco and Gonçalo, and their friend João all agreed on one thing: they didn’t want to open another typical café but rather a mobile café bar. Yet more than just mobile, their café on wheels also had to be visually appealing. The three purchased a Mercedes-Benz N 1300 from a surfer. A few of these classic vans can still be found in Spain. The classic van is the backbone of Combi Coffee – above all because of its reliability and durability. Plus, the exotic green van is an absolute eye-catcher. Its beautiful vintage look magically attracts passers-by and is the foundation for the success of Combi Coffee. The three Portuguese baristas have found the perfect Mercedes-Benz van for their start-up.

An N 1300 converted into a café bar parked at a pier with palm trees in the background

In Porto, you can find strong coffee surrounded by the sound of the sea at Combi Coffee.

The Spaniard and the L 319.

The coast of Cantabria hosts an impressive collection of L 319 vans. Fran lost his heart to Mercedes-Benz vehicles when his father sat him behind the wheel of his W 123 300 D when he was a child. For many years, the likeable Spanish engineer has been collecting, restoring and driving the legendary L 319 and they have become his life’s work. A hybrid of car and commercial vehicle, the L 319 filled a gap in the market in the 1950s and for many years it dominated the segment that other manufacturers would later compete for. Its irresistible charm is one of the reasons why so many people fall in love with the van so quickly.

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Olympic silver and the Vito.

Top athletic performance demands hard work, an iron will and the right support. Her silver medal at the Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio reflects the hard work of the Irish sailor, Annalise Murphy. The development of her career reflects her iron will. Her Vito Mixto supports her on her journey to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She transports her sailboat on the roof. Yet that is not all: she also transports her trainer’s small motorboat everywhere on a trailer, as well. This enables her to travel to competitions with everything she needs. Annalise reveals to MYVAN that her favourite feature of the Vito is the seat heating that keeps her warm after cold training days.

Ofen Weiss and the Sprinter.

The sons and daughters of the Weiss family have been stove makers for ten generations. With traditional quality and passion, the family from Calw in Germany manufactures stoves, tiles stoves and heating stoves for every taste. Their fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles supports their work. The Sprinter transports the diverse range of tools and materials that they need for their true craftsmanship. The managing director, Volker Weiss, especially appreciates the step at the front of the Sprinter which enables him to quickly clean the windscreen. And the stove maker enjoys the ability to stand in the cargo area of the Sprinter without any restrictions while he collects the right tools for the next job.

A craftsman stands in front of a business building next to a Vito and a Sprinter

Ofen Weiss uses Mercedes-Benz vehicles for its daily work.

Photos: Louis Cieplik

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The Vito helps you get ahead – both out on the road and in your business. Its cost-effectiveness and quality are as exemplary as its versatility and safety.

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