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Baumbua tree care: working in the treetops.

X-Class, Citan and Sprinter drive in a convoy along a rural road

With his company “Baumbua tree care”, Sascha Reisch has specialised in professional tree care. A special climbing technique with ropes enables the trees to be trimmed or felled even in cramped spaces.

The “Baumbua” are climbing their way to the top.

Sascha Reisch has no fear of heights. Which is good because the Baumbua (English: tree boys) generally work high up in Munich’s treetops. For the nature lover, tree care is not simply work but a true passion. The professional and gentle care of the trees and nature is an integral part of his company philosophy. “We maintain that which maintains us. This means: the trees keep us alive. And we try to keep the trees for as long as possible.” The dual rope climbing technique also contributes to this. The two ropes reduce the weight and also the physical strain during the day’s work. “Communication and teamwork are immensely important while climbing because a good climber is only as good as the man on the ground – and the reverse”, explains Sascha. A further advantage: “A good climber cuts less off the tree because he can climb far up into the branches.”

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, X-Class and Citan parked next to each other on a field

The tree carer from Baumbua trust in a Mercedes-Benz fleet.

From landscape gardener to tree carer.

The native of Munich discovered his love of tree climbing using the largely unknown rope climbing technique during his apprenticeship as a landscape gardener. After completing his apprenticeship, he joined a company specialising in tree care. He continued his training in the various rope climbing techniques and in tree management. “I realised that this was exactly my thing and stayed with it.” In 2004, he took the next step and became an independent contractor. In addition to the professional and safe work on the tree, Baumbua tree care is also about communicating a better understanding of trees and nature. “As an independent contractor, you are constantly facing new challenges – both interpersonal and financial – and, above all, what to do and what not to do. This gives rise to one’s own philosophy.”

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At work in the treetops for more than 20 years.

Sascha sees his work as the link between people and nature. He often has to be the voice of reason. Some customers simply want to chop down perfectly healthy trees. The others want to keep trees which are a danger to their environment, no matter the cost. No easy job. What makes a good tree carer? “That you cannot see that the tree has been cut back.” During their daily work, the Baumbua employees always try to engage people in conversation and explain to them what they are doing and why. “My goal is to raise people’s awareness of trees. Especially in urban areas because it is especially important to maintain the trees there for as long as possible.”

  • An X-Class drives through a forest
  • A man with a helmet and T-shirt with Baumbua printed on the back
  • A man wearing climbing equipment hangs by ropes from a tree
  • An X-Class drives through a forest

The tree can live without people. But people cannot live without the tree.

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Prepared for any terrain thanks to the Citan, X-Class and Sprinter.

The vehicle fleet from Baumbua consists of Citan, X-Class and the Sprinter as a twin cab with a flatbed. “As an urban tree care company, we need compact vehicles and all-wheel drive for felling in winter.” The Citan serves as transport to local appointments in order to visually inspect the trees. “The Citan is a small, compact vehicle which enables us to easily reach the sites and also handle the city traffic, especially when it comes to finding a place to park.” The Baumbua team uses the X-Class to tow heavy machines such as shredders. In addition, the all-wheel drive helps keep the arborists mobile during winter and off-road. “The Sprinter is the classic tradesman’s vehicle. We use it to transport personnel and tools to the work site. Thanks to its flatbed, we can transport branches, wood chippings and machines.” A sustainable cycle is also an important issue for the sustainability-oriented company. Cut branches are shredded on location. The wood chips are then transported to a biomass plant where they are used to provide district heating or generate electricity.

4 tips from Sascha to correctly care for trees.

  1. Choose the right tree: think carefully about which type of tree to plant and whether you can provide the right conditions (light, soil, adequate space).
  2. Location, location, location: before you plant a tree, factor in the space that the tree will need once it has grown. Do not plant it too close to the house, neighbouring properties or the road.
  3. Timely planning: it is better to consider trimming a tree earlier than waiting and having to remove more.
  4. Rely on the experts: do not simply accept the cheapest offer for tree trimming. Trust in a professional company with experience – this will pay off over the long term. A properly trimmed tree is a pleasure for years to come. A “mutilated” tree, on the other hand, requires constant care. If the tree is trimmed back too much, it may never recover.

A man with glasses and a baseball cap in front of a tree stump

Gentle treatment of trees and nature is deeply important to the landscape gardener.

A tree stump is turned into wood chips in a shredder, which blows the chips onto a flatbed

Sustainability: the wood chips are transported to a biomass plant and used to generate energy.

A man with a helmet stands in front of a vehicle convoy and looks upward

Regular tree care and removing dead wood provides an optimum living environment for both the tree and people.

An X-Class drives along a field road, kicking up a cloud of dust

The X-Class is used to tow heavy machines such as the shredder.

A white Citan drives along a country road

The Baumbua uses the Citan to inspect the trees and it is ideal for the city traffic.

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter drives along a winding road

The Sprinter with a flatbed is used to transport personnel, tools and machines to the sites.

Photos: Louis Cieplik, Fabian Freitag

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