Custom catering: through the inner city with the Citan.

Trautwein Catering headquarters with the Mercedes-Benz company vehicles outside.

The catering company Trautwein relies on Mercedes-Benz vehicles to supply gourmets everywhere. Their secret recipe for the narrow streets: the agile Citan.

Precision work in the large kitchen.

Heat, steam, noise – Trautwein Catering’s large kitchen is a hive of energetic activity. While the entrées are being prepared in one corner, an employee garnishes sweet desserts on the middle table. The order: an exclusive menu for a new customer located in the historical heart of Esslingen near Stuttgart. The challenge: to produce high quality dishes and deliver them to their destination in the shortest time possible. The boss himself handles the main courses. Ferdinand Trautwein, the head chef, fillets beef and stirs a pasta dish. Custom catering means that everything has to run perfectly – because every job is unique and a race to balance time, quantity and quality.

The head chef Ferdinand Trautwein preparing an order.

Catering kitchens cook on a larger scale than the kitchen at home.

The Citan as an agile caterer.

Narrow winding roads and alleys characterize Esslingen’s historical center, some of which is inaccessible for larger vans. That is why Ferdinand Trautwein chooses the Mercedes-Benz Citan to deliver today’s order. The agile panel van effortlessly fits between the historical buildings yet still has plenty of space for the insulated boxes filled with fine cuisine. Large doors provide comfortable access to the cargo area. The load is secured and the journey begins.

The Citan is the perfect small van. The size is ideal for quick jobs and smaller deliveries wherever the roads are too narrow for our large vans.

Maximilian Trautwein loads an insulated box into the Mercedes-Benz Citan.

The Citan provides plenty of space for a number of insulated boxes. The van enables the caterers to make deliveries to places unreachable with larger vehicles.

Gourmet delivery à la carte.

Trautwein Catering offers its customers complete service. In addition to the cuisine, the family-owned company delivers everything customers need for a successful event. That is why it maintains an entire fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles of various sizes, even including a Sprinter with a refrigerated cargo area. In addition, the family also runs its own restaurant, where the catering business has its roots. Now the restaurant is supplied with fresh food every day from the company’s headquarters in the neighbouring town. The company’s Mercedes-Benz Citan is the perfect delivery vehicle.

Maximilian Trautwein driving the Citan.

Max Trautwein delivering an order. Alongside the large cargo area, he also values the Citan’s comfort.

Through Esslingen’s historical center.

However, the smallest van is currently making its way through Esslingen’s historical center. It purposefully winds its way through the cobblestone streets to its destination, a small event location in the heart of the town. The transport boxes are quickly unloaded through the rear and side doors. The initial stress transforms into relaxed satisfaction: Ferdinand Trautwein has delivered the menus on time with the help of the Citan.

Profile: Trautwein Catering GmbH


Third generation family-owned company


Stuttgart-Plieningen, Germany

Managing Directors:

Gerd, Maximilian and Ferdinand Trautwein

Area of activity:

Stuttgart region/southern Germany


Complete event service, food and non-food including planning and organization


Regional and seasonal


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 312 with a refrigerated body; Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 515 with a refrigerated body; Mercedes-Benz Citan 108 panel van; Mercedes-Benz 814 swap-body system

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The Mercedes-Benz Citan turns into a street between historical houses.

The Catering-Citan winds its way through the narrow streets of Esslingen's historical center.

The Mercedes-Benz Citan drives along a narrow street.

The Citan is truly at home on the historical city's narrow streets. The key advantage: its agility.

The Trautwein logo on the cargo area of the Citan.

Trautwein Catering stands for the highest quality, a fact reflected by the Stuttgart company's logo.

An employee garnishes a tray of sweets.

While the entrées are being prepared at the rear, another employee is preparing the dessert.

The loaded Citan with open rear doors parked outside the Trautwein headquarters.

The Citan's cargo area is large enough for a number of insulated boxes.

Maximilian Trautwein starts the Citan's engine and drives off.

The vehicle is loaded, the journey begins.

Photos: MYVAN

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