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HELDTH X MYVAN: A visit to sygns.

The young company, sygns, is located in Berlin and Gothenburg and combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design - inspiring more than a few people in the process.

There is no renewal without resistance.

The expansion of electricity began at the end of the 19th century and did not take long for advertisers to identify and use the potential of light. The first illuminated advertising was put into operation at Berlin’s Spittelmarkt in 1896. In the following years, other colorful and brightly lit advertising billboards were created. Naturally, not without the usual challenges that such new concepts have always faced. There were the first local prohibitions followed by a general prohibition for illuminated advertising in the Weimar Republic due to economic reasons. This prohibition was lifted again in 1922, clearing the way for the era of colorfully illuminated, flashing and glittery outdoor advertising that continues to shape the face of the city today.

A neon tube is heated in a fire, preparing it for bending

Since the end of the general prohibition for illuminated lighting in 1922, neon lighting has characterized the city’s look with colorful, illuminated outdoor advertising.

Neon tubes as an art form.

Above all, the use of illuminated tubes had a major influence on the options available to this type of advertising. Crazy shapes and impressive plays of color raised fluorescent tubes advertising to its own unique art form that we now primarily associate with major cities in the USA. Flickering lights, quietly humming transformers and this fascinatingly slightly cool light that drives away the darkness. There is a reason why so many books and museums have addressed this issue and transport visitors into this shining world.

  • The glass is shaped by heating it over an open flame
  • A neon tube is heated in a fire, preparing it for bending
  • A man in a glass blower's workshop
  • A man shapes tubes made of glass

Traditional craftsmanship combined with new ideas.

The history of sygns is by no means as wide-ranging as that of illuminated advertising. However, the young company with its branches in Berlin and Gothenburg is making every effort to breathe new life into this traditional craft and is dedicated to its continuation. The idea itself is incredibly simple. At sygns, the neon tubes are shaped into almost any design. Regardless of whether customers always wanted certain sign in the living room or the reception area of a major company will be decorated with an illuminated logo. sygns works with various glassblowers throughout the country who are masters of the old craft of drawing, bending and pressing neon tubes into almost any shape. This is nowhere near as easy as one might think. The process takes a lot of thought in order to create a bending plan because the results need to be convincing from every perspective.

Neon artwork is highly popular today.

More than just private customers make use of sygns’ services: artists, designers, major companies and small companies, restaurants and bars benefit from the experts’ skills and network. Finding glassblowers who are capable of creating complex images and writing out of the long glass tubes is a challenging job in itself. There are almost no young craftsmen left in this trade. Drawing on sygns’ network is a good idea – more so thanks to the complete service up to and including delivery to your doorstep.

A man in a glass blower's workshop

Good business: sygns’ services are in more demand than ever – and customers include far more than just private individuals.


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