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HELDTH X MYVAN: Visiting Our/Berlin.

Shelf filled with Our/Berlin vodka bottles

With their small distillery in Kreuzberg in its charming brick building, the four members of Our/Berlin symbolizes exactly what they want their products to reflect: classic craftsmanship. They are conquering more than just the locals' hearts with their traditionally manufactured vodka.

Back to the roots.

Against the backdrop of advancing globalization, a wonderful trend toward traditionally manufactured products with a local connection is developing. The return to classic crafts and trades along with the reaction to regional needs gives rise to authentic products with convincing quality and concepts. This vision is also pursued by Our/Berlin, which is why the small distillery in Kreuzberg distills vodka that perfectly reflects the charm of the city.

Vodka being distilled in a still

In today’s fast moving times, traditionally crafted products are becoming increasingly important.

Convincing charisma down to the last detail.

When you enter the low brick building, you encounter a combination of cool precision and amicable warmth. The linear bar area is dominated by hard contrasts given a personal note by the warm details such as raw wood or classical carpets. The bar opens directly into the small distillery’s production area followed by the storage room where the striking bottles and other things are stacked. From the moment you step onto the white tiles you feel the familial charm of Our/Berlin. It combines passion with a love of detail and classical craftsmanship to create a high quality product that both the makers and their customers love to identify with.

  • An open sales area with a tiled floor and wood elements
  • Labels from Our/Berlin rolled up in a large roll
  • A number of framed certificates hanging on a wall
  • The large still in a hall

Eye-catching both inside and outside.

Every bottle of Our/Berlin contains much of what characterizes the capital city. That means far more than Berlin’s water that is used to make the high quality vodka. Because less is often more, the small bottles are filled with 0.35 liters of the finest vodka distilled in Berlin Kreuzberg. This is precisely the right quantity to share with friends without overdoing things. The lovingly designed packaging even received a Silver Lion in Cannes.

Brick building with an "Our/Berlin" sign

In their small but elegant location, the Berlin entrepreneurs embody the city’s charm.

A small distillery with a big concept.

The small distillery in the Arena Berlin is backed by a major brand which truly understands vodka – Absolut Vodka. However, the micro-distillery from Berlin has all of the freedom it needs to position itself as an independent brand with its own unique story. Absolut only provides the financial framework and the production expertise. All other aspects such as marketing and sales are left up to the makers of Our/Berlin, leaving them free to go their own innovative ways and create the proper image that they are aiming for.

Pauline Hoch and Jon D. Sanders are the minds behind the Paul Sanders agency and the driving force behind Our/Berlin. The two not only possess an impressive network of contacts but also precisely the right feeling for how to credibly position Our/Berlin as a brand. This includes constantly going unusual ways such as offering the bar area as a concert location during the Berlin Music Week in order to establish direct contact with the customers.

A woman stands behind the bar and holds a bottle in her hand

Pauline Hoch is one of the founders of Our/Berlin.

Authenticity through personality.

Marcus lives for the restaurant business and contributes the necessary background knowledge and his understanding of this world to successfully establish the young brand. This also includes him delivering every order in Berlin in person. The coolest locations in the city are already enthusiastic customers of Our/Berlin. Even the renowned KaDeWe has seized the opportunity to stock the local premium vodka.

Kat is responsible for the production of every individual bottle of Our/Berlin. She is not only responsible for producing the vodka but also handles every single bottle multiple times: the filling, closing and labeling at the small distillery are done with only a few machines and a lot by hand. She alone has the say in her orderly workshop.

Passion, quality, success.

With Our/Berlin, Pernod Ricard is taking a daring new path and delivers impressive proof that even an international corporation can care for small brands. It is only a question of time until distilleries similar to Our/Berlin are set up in other cities around the world. The makers will all go their own ways and succeed with their projects with passion and dedication. The Berlin vodka will definitely go its own unique path because good quality always prevails. Projects like these, driven by passion, are what make a brand unique and not only enrich the lives of the makers but also those of their customers. Care and dedication always create the most wonderful products. Products that people happily take the time to consciously enjoy. Cheers.

A woman standing in front of a still where vodka is being distilled

Kat works where the action is: she is responsible for the production of every single vodka bottle from Our/Berlin.

A man leaning against a brick wall

Marcus is responsible for the delivery and convinces the customers with its quality and presentation.


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