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HELDTH X MYVAN: A visit to puklavec & friends.

Mitja Herga holds a glass filled with white wine

Anyone looking for high quality wines is bound to find something at puklavec & friends. The family company from Slovenia relies on traditional craftsmanship combined with modern production methods - a successful strategy.

Quality based on tradition.

The history of puklavec & friends began in the 1930s when Martin Puklavec laid the foundation for the successful family company. The heart of puklavec & friends beats in Jeruzalem-Ormož, a small village in the historical region of Styria. Here, they dedicate their passion to creating truly exceptional wines that enjoy recognition worldwide.

  • A view of grapevines
  • Rays of sunshine fall on the branch of a grapevine

Perfect conditions for wine cultivation.

The predominantly transitional climate in Slovenia, between the Mediterranean and the Alps, is ideal for viticulture. Although this region is largely unknown to many, Slovenia has a tradition of wine cultivation dating back more than 2,400 years. The international awards that the wines regularly win reflect just how good they are. White wine, in particular, has a long tradition here. The mineral rich soil still contains shells – traces of the sea that covered the land here 10 million years ago. In combination with the local weather, this creates especially flavorful wines. In addition, harvesting the grapes in this region is still regarded as honest labor. Machine harvesting does not work in the historical terraced vineyards. The practical side effect: the manual harvesting improves the quality of the grape harvest. This, in turn, influences the finished product.

Wine matures in wooden casks

Only a small proportion of the wines mature in casks.

Endlessly striving for perfection.

The cellarer and oenologist, Mitja Herga, constantly strives to create the best possible wine. He not only draws on his own experience but also has access to the extensive archive. This only contains the best vintages – including a Sauvignon Blanc from 1956, which the British Queen Mum loved. Constantly striving to produce better and better vintages means that puklavec & friends are in constant motion.

Quality creates success.

The wines are primarily produced in numerous steel tanks and massive concrete cisterns. Only a small proportion of the various wines from puklavec & friends matures in casks. The modern production methods provide far better control over the quality of the wine and help to maintain a consistently high standard. This is essential, given that quality is one of the wine’s most important characteristics. The numerous international prizes won by the wines are impressive confirmation of this approach. When it comes to such fine products, there is no alternative to discovering them for yourself; a relaxed evening with friends and good wine is almost always a good opportunity. Every glass contains the beauty of Slovenia and the passion of a family that always strives to achieve perfect quality. Another good reason to raise your glass.

Various bottles of wine are lined up

The finished product: the finest wines from Slovenia.

Machines fill bottles with wine

The bottles are filled by machines.

Wine is produced in numerous steel tanks

Steel tanks and massive concrete cisterns are where the Slovenian wines are most commonly produced.


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