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Mario Adornetto’s Sprinter as creative room.

A man standing in front of a painted Sprinter in the driveway of a house

Whether in his paintings or his architecture studio –
Jack of all trades Mario Adornetto has found his own creative form of expression.

Mario Adornetto’s creative zone.

A proud lion in wild red and yellow stretching across the large canvas, an eagle with a beak in bright orange or a gorilla in midnight blue mosaic. If you look around Mario Adornetto’s studio, you will quickly recognize the artistic language he speaks: expressive, colorful, dramatic. “When two years ago my wife gave me a large, empty canvas for my birthday, it heralded a new era for me,” says the 52-year-old. He has painted over 150 paintings to date. Paintings that hang in houses in Quebec, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and European countries like Italy, France or Belgium. At the same time, his passion for painting is currently a sideline to his main occupation.

A man carrying an empty canvas

It all began with an empty canvas.

A motto for success.

The French Canadian runs a studio for architectural design in Quebec on a full-time basis. He also attended an architecture course after twelve years of gaining artistic experience and techniques in various jobs. “The first year in the company was a complete success,” recalls Mario. “I had a new vision of the family home, and the aesthetics and design I brought to the market were innovative and appealing.” His recipe for success? “Ambition, passion and determination take you where you want to go,” he says. A motto that has accompanied him from the very beginning. Even as a young boy, the edges of his exercise books served as a creative place of expression.

A man holding a painting of a lion in front of a grey Sprinter

Twelve years of experience in the artistic field solidified Mario’s talent.

A balance of craftsmanship.

His creativity has paid double for Mario. The architecture studio has been developing design concepts for custom-built houses for over 25 years now. The services range from detailed building plans to interior design and 3D visualization of the object for the customer. He selects the ideal location at the site for each house to harmonize the views and to best capture the movements of light and sun. Mario also creates harmony on the canvas – in the interplay of colors, shades and contrasts.

A man painting an eagle on a canvas

The art is to create balance – a skill that Mario masters.

Art in the back.

But what happens when your first art exhibition is a huge success? You then have to deliver the sold paintings to the customer. In the beginning, Mario did that on the roof of his SUV. “A very impractical solution,” he admits. After careful consideration, he ended up in a Mercedes-Benz dealership. “A beige Sprinter 4×4 immediately caught my eye; the Safari look was exactly my thing. At that moment, I knew this was my van.” In the beginning, it was only used as a van, but today Mario and his wife also drive the Sprinter privately. “The van was a brilliant investment,” he says.

A man loading paintings into a Sprinter

The Sprinter 4×4 is perfect for Mario’s large and delicate paintings.

Modern vibes with a touch of timelessness.

At the moment Mario is preparing for his second exhibition. About 30 paintings will be on auction. “Then I will sell replicas of my works, including limited and signed objects,” the artist announces. Meanwhile, however, his architecture studio is running at full speed. How does he keep both trades in balance? According to his 50/50 rule. “At the beginning of the week I meet with customers and design their dream houses and the rest of the week I dedicate to my paintings,” he says. Whether for architecture or art, Mario has the same intention for both: “I want to give my work a modern and noble atmosphere, but in a timeless sense.” But you can already guess where his focus is headed in the future. “My gut feeling tells me that one day my art will become my main occupation.”

A man sitting in front of a series of paintings

For his second exhibition Mario wants to present 30 animal paintings.

A man standing next to a painting of a gorilla

Once the painting has reached a maximum of drama and emotion, it is complete for the artist.

A man standing in front of two canvases with sketched animal heads

Irrespective of his art or architecture: Mario wants to give his works a timeless atmosphere.

A painted Sprinter 4x4 in a driveway

The Sprinter 4x4 is Mario's ultimate companion.

Photos: Mario Adornetto

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