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Sustainable house building:
The Sprinter in action.

A white Mercedes-Benz Sprinter stands in front of a house with a wooden facade

Founded in 1896, over the past decades Baufritz has developed into an expert in ecological construction. Its specialty is houses that not only look good but are also good for people and the environment.

Quality of life thanks to healthy building materials.

Your own four walls are generally regarded as a place of safety and security – a kind of oasis of well-being in which you can relax. However, the walls, ceilings and floors of many houses contain harmful substances that can have an impact on people’s health. Through evaporation, they cause symptoms such as headaches, rashes or asthma. So that your own home doesn’t make you ill, you should pay attention not only to the appearance but also to the health of your home. The correct choice of building materials ensures that pollutants do not find their way into the house at all. With a holistic health concept, Baufritz has taken up the cause of healthy house construction.

A modern house with green space all round

“We build health” – this is the slogan that Baufritz lives by.

From a twist of fate to a company philosophy.

To be able to understand the origin of the Baufritz mentality, you have to go back almost four decades. The year is 1981, and a severe misfortune strikes the Fritz family: Mother Gerti Fritz unexpectedly falls ill with cancer. In their search for the cause, the family takes a closer look at their immediate surroundings, especially their own four walls. She identifies fumes and dust from building materials, electromagnetic radiation and other environmental influences as possible factors for the disease. Soon afterwards, the first Baufritz house was built from pollutant-tested natural materials and free of hazardous substances. To date, around 3,500 homes have been constructed according to this principle. They correspond to the motto ‘Good for people and the environment.’ “Every day, this experience is the incentive for our actions to protect the health of our customers.”

A modern building in the form of a head with the Baufritz logo

The “wooden head” – the creative forge of Baufritz,
in which the ecological houses are designed.

The art of building health.

A sustainable approach to house building is an essential parameter for both longevity and ecological considerations. “On average, a Baufritz house will reduce 40 tons of CO2 in the long term.” When materials are delivered, the first step is to determine whether they meet the company’s own biological building requirements. This approach applies to all areas. From glazes to mineral plaster through to paint – everything that is used complies with the high standards set by the company’s building biology. “We only use materials that have been tested for harmful substances and are of natural origin – free of chemical adhesives or additives.” In this manner, Baufritz has developed its own natural insulation material called “HOIZ”. The wood chips produced during production are enriched with whey and soda. The soda ensures that the wood is resistant to fungal diseases so that no mold develops, and the whey ensures that the specified fire protection level is achieved. “This gives us an insulating material that is neither synthetic nor artificial.”

A production workshop from the inside with large wooden elements

The house elements are manufactured in-house in the company’s own workshop.

“As we have to plan our tours and assemblies well in advance in the interests of customer service, it is essential that we can rely on our vehicle fleet.”

With the Sprinter to the Baufritz House.

For the assembly of the individual components and repairs, Baufritz relies on a fleet of Sprinters. They are used to transport the tools required on site. For the interior design of the vehicles, Baufritz opted for a Sortimo system. “We try to make the work as easy as possible and efficient for our fitters and service personnel who are on the road. Safety is particularly important to us.” Over the years, they have adapted the Sortimo system to their individual needs – from site operation to after-sales service. “There are many parallels between Baufritz and Mercedes-Benz. For example, high quality, tradition and “thinking outside the box.” To anticipate the wishes of our customers and to reflect them in the product.”

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This is how an individually planned Baufritz house is created.

There are no off-the-shelf houses here: “With us every house is individually planned by architects.” The customer’s wishes are implemented according to ecological standards.

  1. The architects sit down with the customers and discuss what is essential for them in their new house. The property size and location play a decisive role in this.
  2. The architects then prepare the first sketches. At the same time, house and cost planning are arranged and a permission for the building project obtained.
  3. Now it’s time to get down to business: The preparation of the building plans is an essential step for the owners. Step by step, every detail of the house is discussed. Which side should the doors open? What should the facade look like? Which type of flooring should be installed? And what kind of fittings are desired?
  4. In the meantime, several engineers have already been involved in the building project and are taking care of the structural analysis and feasibility. A lot of work is therefore invested in planning, preparation and logistics in the run-up to the project, so that the construction and erection of the house can be completed quickly.
  5. In the next step, the implementation is underway: The individual elements of the house are manufactured in the company’s own workshops.
  6. On the construction site, the house, which is assembled on-site, is created from a large number of individual parts that are grouped together and transported to the site.
  7. As soon as the house has been erected, the interior work starts.

A carpenter kneels on a wooden floor and attaches screws

With the strictly ecologically implemented timber construction,
only pollutant-free materials are used.

A sustainable future.

And what’s next? “We are delighted that the topics of ecology and sustainability are currently experiencing an upswing.” Even in times when these topics were not as relevant to society as they are today, Baufritz was already thinking about how to deal ecologically with resources. “This gives us a certain advantage, which we will continue to expand in the future.” In the future, it will become more and more critical to build more densely. “In urban areas where there is little building space, we will have to look to make living even more efficient. We are working intensively on this, and it will certainly become an increasingly important task in the coming years.”

A white Mercedes-Benz Sprinter parks on the roadside between some trees

The prefabricated elements only have to be assembled on site.

A woman with a yellow high-visibility vest draws something onto a plan

The architects are committed to implementing the customer's wishes in the best possible way.

One hand reaches into a drawer with carefully sorted screws

The Sortimo system inside the Sprinter ensures that everything is neatly and securely stowed away.

A white Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in front of a house

For the assembly of the individual components and repairs, Baufritz relies on a fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters.

The Baufritz logo on a large machine

When the planning is complete, production is started.

Photos: Louis Cieplik

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