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This extraordinary building material
brings light into darkness.

Five Sprinters driving on a country road

Innovation and versatility are the top priorities for master glazier Hans Hudler-Oswald. The Sprinter is undoubtedly the right vehicle for his company, Bayernglas.

Craftsmanship in the blood.

Hans Hudler-Oswald grew up in the midst of a glassworks. As with the four generations of the Hudler family before him, his fascination for glass was awakened early on. And so, he decided to dedicate his services to this craft. His school-leaving certificate was followed by an apprenticeship as a journeyman glazier. After an accident involving his father, Hans had to step into his glazier’s business at short notice. “I had to open the shop without further ado,” the likeable Bavarian recalls. In 2011, the time was ripe for Hans to start his own business together with his wife Kristin – Bayernglas was born.

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For the love of glass.

Glazier is the perfect profession for Hans Hudler-Oswald. “You are never on the same construction site for long,” he recalls, explaining his passion for glazing. Also, thanks to an enormous amount of variety and versatility, he has learned to love the trade. “One day I repair a room door, the next a kitchen back wall or a canopy and the day after that a glass facade.” He still attaches great importance to craftsmanship. “With us, all apprentices must be able to perform each and every step by hand, anybody can press a button,” explains Hans. What counts for him as a trainer is that the apprentice has fun and learns something, regardless of whether he ultimately stays with Bayernglas or changes companies. Of course, Hans prefers to take on the journeymen after their apprenticeship.

  • A Sprinter with open rear doors and glass panels in the cargo area
  • Four Sprinters side by side in front of a field
  • Several Sprinters travel in a convoy along an avenue
  • Vier Sprinter stehen nebeneinander vor einer Wiese

The glazier’s best friend.

Craftsmen who have to transport heavy and valuable goods need a reliable and safe vehicle. Since panes of glass are fragile, they are particularly demanding to transport. Hans Hudler-Oswald was aware of this when it came to setting up his vehicle fleet. So, he decided on six Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. Smaller panes can be transported safely to the customer inside the cargo area – thanks to a special attachment with holding devices. Somewhat larger pieces find their way to the construction site on the specially constructed external frame. Bayernglas only has to use the truck for the largest panes of glass in the range.

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No ordinary vans.

The Bayernglas Sprinter fleet stands out from the crowd. The jobs they have to perform, make them true heroes of the trade, their reinforced brakes and the soft suspension guarantee safe glass transport. But what makes the fleet stand out first and foremost is its design. Every Sprinter from Bayernglas presents a different facet of the company. Each of the six vans has a unique appearance, be it an Alpine landscape, modern graphic art or a city at night. One motif that adorns all vehicles is the Bavarian lion, which is integrated into the Bayernglas logo. This eye-catching vehicle design aims to attract the customer’s attention.

Two Sprinters on a hill with an Alpine landscape in the background.

The Sprinter from Bayernglas form the backbone of the company.

As the company, so the fleet.

Hans Hudler-Oswald is particularly enthusiastic about the new Sprinter. The elegant and modern look convinces at first glance. However, this is not the only reason for the excellent interplay between Bayernglas and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. For the modern glassworks with a large area to cover, the Sprinter’s driving comfort makes even long journeys a relaxing working experience. And the high-resolution rear-view camera helps them with jobs in the bustling city center of Munich or narrow village alleys. Bayernglas wants to set itself apart from the classic glassworks, not only in terms of its fleet but above all in terms of its product portfolio. After all, glass can be used for much more than just windows, kitchen back walls with picture motifs, glass showers and glass staircases are among the many possible uses of this fascinating building material, which for Hans, always makes working with glass exciting and new.

Two men kneel in front of a glass pane

Even after many years of working with glass, Hans has not lost his passion for his profession.

Two men handle a large pane of glass, a Sprinter can be seen in the background

Hans wants his apprentices to have fun and learn a lot on their way.

A steel cage with two glaziers working on a glass facade

The glaziers from Bayernglas are naturally not afraid of heights.

A glass pane is carefully lowered from a steel basket

When working with glass panes, some of which weigh hundreds of kilos, extreme caution is required.

The steering wheel and multimedia system of a Sprinter

The multifunction steering wheel and the MBUX system make every ride in the new Sprinter a pleasure.

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Photos: Robert Birnbaum

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Regardless of what job you have to tackle – the Sprinter will make your day-to-day tasks easier. And even if those tasks are weighty ones, together, you’ll move mountains. Thanks to a host of different variants and over 600 optional features, the Sprinter can meet a wide variety of requirements.

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