Interior design meets carpentry: fusion of tradition and modernity.

Three Mercedes-Benz vehicles park at the Bernd Gruber headquarters in Stuhlfelden

Bernd Gruber designs modern room concepts. The youngest master carpenter in Austria ventured to become an interior designer.

Traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

The mountain panorama of the Kitzbühel Alps captivates with its beauty and vastness. The scent of the coniferous forests mixes with a fresh breeze and blends into the tranquil atmosphere. The studio and production facility of interior designer Bernd Gruber is located directly in front of this unique backdrop. The current managing director took over his father’s carpentry business in 1992 and developed it into a high-quality interior decoration company. Bernd Gruber combines a total of 60 years of experience in the carpentry business with contemporary interior design, not focusing on trends, but dedicating himself unbiasedly to every new concept.

Bernd Gruber describes the company’s philosophy in simple words: “Our designs are very calm and contemporary. We try to interpret tradition a little more in a modern way and in our own thinking – without pomp and circumstance.”

Bernd Gruber leans against a wall in his company

Bernd Gruber in his headquarters in Stuhlfelden.

Interior design for and with the customer.

An ideal room concept can only be created through close cooperation with the customer – because every personality and every room is unique. This is why Bernd Gruber tries to provide food for thought outside of everyday life and to inspire his customers with new ideas. He and his creative director Philipp Hoflehner have no creative boundaries. The two address both the location and the person in order to create an individual living experience. “Many ideas work on paper, but not in reality, because the human factor has not been taken into account. This is a game of proportions that must be optimally coordinated,” says Philipp Hoflehner. In addition, light and open spaces play an important role in the concept in order to convey freedom and comfort.

  • Living room by Bernd Gruber with weathered wood, leather and blue color accents
  • Golden lamps are reflected in the black wall of the living room
  • Living room with beige armchair and white-black mural
  • Wooden table, wooden wall and brown ceiling lamp designed by Bernd Gruber

Art and functionality united.

“Art can do everything; it doesn’t even have to please. Art is an end in itself and does not have to fulfil any function. The situation is different with design and layout, because they cannot exist without function.” Philipp Hoflehner works according to this principle: For him, a room must first and foremost fulfil a purpose. Art is therefore an integral part of design and enriches the overall concept with unusual and striking visuals. The ideas of the designers are implemented in the joinery, which the current production manager Alois Steger has been calling his workplace for 25 years. He has witnessed the complete development from the journeyman of the village cabinetmaker to today’s brand Bernd Gruber and is enthusiastic about his profession because he can create things with his hands. The quality and durability of wood is particularly important to him because it is the basis of his craft.

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Balance of material and concept.

If you work in an old house, the ideal combination with modern elements must be found so that the room concept is effective. Wood, for example, is associated with tradition. In order for this material to come into its own, there must always be a contrast. The aim, as Philipp Hoflehner explains, is to find and implement the balance between individual materials and the concept as a whole.

Bernd Gruber uses natural materials such as natural stone, wood, lime paint as well as leather and fabrics without synthetic materials. The raw materials, samples and furnishings are transported in Bernd Gruber’s Mercedes-Benz fleet. Equipped with two Sprinters and a Citan, the employees supply their customers around Kitzbühel.

Fabric samples in different colors lying on a wooden table

The designers match fabric and other material samples with each other.

Bernd Gruber discusses a room design at a wooden table with his colleagues

Bernd Gruber discusses a room design with his production manager Alois Steger (right).

Philipp Hoflehner and a colleague in front of a table with color and fabric samples

Philipp Hoflehner and a colleague choose the color for matching fabrics.

An interior designer sketches plans with pen and paper

First sketches and drafts for new rooms are usually made by hand.

The Mercedes-Benz Citan drives along a forest path

The Citan is used daily to transport materials.

Mountains and a small castle in front of an alpine panorama

The view of the Alpine panorama from Bernd Gruber's office.

Three Mercedes-Benz vehicles park at the Bernd Gruber headquarters in Stuhlfelden

Two Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and a Citan in front of Bernd Gruber's production facility.

Managing Director Bernd Gruber stands in front of his office in Stuhlfelden near Kitzbühel

Managing Director Bernd Gruber in front of his office in Stuhlfelden near Kitzbühel.

Photos: Julian Reitner, Bernd Gruber

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