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Modern interior design
with the Sprinter fleet of böhmler.

A group of men standing in front of a Sprinter fleet

The family business böhmler shows how a furnishing retailer has developed over four generations while keeping its finger on the pulse.

A company in its fourth generation.

Munich, 1875: Johann Georg Böhmler goes into business for himself and founds a small specialist shop for feather beds and “home furnishings.” His company “böhmler” quickly establishes itself in the industry, and soon after its foundation, it was allowed to call itself “Royal Bavarian Court Supplier.” With the move to Munich’s old town, its range of services also expanded into the commercial sector, and the product range and customer service improved. But would Johann Georg Böhmler have ever expected his company to look back at over 140 years of history, 200 employees, three locations – and still be family-owned in the fourth generation? No one knows. But the right factors were always passed on: Family unity, a passion for furnishing, and a keen business sense.

An illuminated böhmler furniture store from the outside

A company which has moved with the times.

The böhmler recipe for success.

Böhmler Senior was succeeded by his son Georg, whose three sons took over the company after him and passed it on to the fourth generation in 1993. The three cousins Georg, Stephan, and Thomas still run the company today. During this time, böhmler survived two world wars, expanded its commercial activities, and opened in two additional cities – Stuttgart and Nuremberg. How could the company keep up with the times? Technological progress and lifestyles have changed tremendously. “The willingness of every generation to react quickly and flexibly to changing living needs has payed off,” explains Stephan Böhmler. In addition, böhmler attaches great importance to its philosophy: To inspire, to encourage and to tempt customers to dream again and again. “For us, furnishing is the art of living – an individual art for everyone,” says Georg Böhmler.

Inscription "1875 J.G. Böhmler 1949."

In 1875 the Munich furnishing retailer böhmler was founded by Johann Georg (J.G.) Böhmler.

From the bare brickwork to the decoration:
The böhmler concept.

From the Royal Bavarian Court Supplier to a modern furnishing retailer that bundles all required expertise under one roof. This is what distinguishes böhmler from other furniture stores. “Through many years of tradition, customers could figuratively give us their front door keys and ask us to convert their house, apartment or loft and refurbish it for them from scratch. From the bare brickwork to the decoration”, explains Georg Böhmler. All services relating to living and furnishing, all trades work hand in hand. böhmler covers the following areas of the private and commercial business sectors: Interior concepts, floor coverings and parquet, office and commercial furnishings, advice on furnishing issues and interior decoration.

Room with designer furniture and a picture gallery on the wall

Set up, planning and implementation: All these services are covered by böhmler.

The Sprinter team.

No good furniture store worth its salt can exist without the appropriate means of transport. The böhmler fleet comprises of 14 vehicles, which are used at three locations. “As a company with a long tradition, we feel very at home with the Mercedes-Benz brand. Image, value retention and high quality perfectly match our company standards,” says Thomas Böhmler, Managing Director of böhmler Flooring and Parquet. The Sprinters are left in their original condition and equipped with Sortimo’s craftsmen equipment, including shelving and tool storage systems. This enables optimal use of space. Reliability, spacious cargo areas, floor surfaces, and weight allowances of up to three tons make the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter the perfect craftsman’s vehicles – ideal for böhmler. A special plus is the parking-assist, which is very helpful, especially in Munich’s city center.

Fleet of vehicles in an alleyway

Image, value retention and high quality:
böhmler and Mercedes-Benz share the same corporate philosophy.

Loyal since 1875 and no end in sight.

The furnishing retailer böhmler intends to remain true to its values and its demands for high quality and originality. “This is our guarantee for success,” says Wolfgang Hofmann, Managing Director of böhmler Office und Commercial Business. And this is also proven by the company’s 140-year history. If they continue to manage to keep pace with changing consumer and buying behavior, anticipate the needs of customers and inspire them, then nothing stands in their way. “We love what we do. We are furnishers with heart and soul, it is in our blood and our employees, who are our most important asset, also live this philosophy. And of course, we also want to continue to be first-class in the future,” says Matthias Böhmler, who is already in the starting blocks ready to manage the company in the fifth generation. Success with no end in sight.

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Photos: böhmler

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