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A passion for ecological housing and the Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in front of the framework of an ecological wooden house built by Zimmerei Lutz Müller

Sustainable housing from the carpentry Müller: wood is not simply a renewable resource that combines tradition, craftsmanship and sustainability.

Nature provides the materials.

A nutty, resinous and slightly oily aroma permeates Lutz Müller’s workplace. The scent of freshly milled beams and boards around the carpentry workshop in Haselbachtal near Dresden mixes with the forest smells. Here, the master carpenter Lutz Müller and his team of 15 create everything they need to build houses – completely ecologically.

Lutz Müller already knew that his future lay in carpentry during the course of his apprenticeship. The reason was obvious to him: “Because wood is the oldest and best material. I love wood.” He enjoys reminiscing about his first wooden house – an experience that continues to shape his enthusiasm for the craft even today. He works exclusively with materials from sustainable forestry in Germany and Austria. He also utilizes other natural materials such as clay or thermo-hemp as part of his ecological approach.

Wood is nature, wood is life – in my eyes it is warm and healthy.
  • An unfinished wooden house seen from the front at an angle
  • The person dusts off their hands
  • A plane on a piece of wood
  • A wooden playhouse made of black locust on a field – built by Zimmerei Lutz Müller

Individuality and diversity to the craft.

Lutz Müller and his team truly enjoy constructing solid wooden houses to match their customers’ own personal wishes. These customized constructions create challenges that make their work interesting and varied. When the customer is satisfied then so is the master carpenter. In addition to modern, customized wooden houses, there is also a rising trend toward Swedish houses and a rustic style.

When Müller is not sawing and building things in his workshop, then he is at the customer’s building site. These jobs demand logistical planning and skill and can only be done with the best equipment. That is why Müller relies on four Mercedes Benz Sprinter and one V-Class as the ideal solution for transporting bulky and heavy equipment. These are the best vehicles for transporting tools such as saws, drills, routers and measuring equipment.

Four Mercedes-Benz Vans parked outside Zimmerei Lutz Müller

Four Mercedes-Benz Vans support Lutz Müller and his carpenters with their daily work.

A smartphone in the toolbox.

The trade sector is changing rapidly. Craftsmen will become scarce in future due to retirement and the lack of young experts. However, Lutz Müller also sees a lot of opportunities for his profession because digitalization offers craftsmen a unique chance. “The smartphone belongs in your toolbox,” says Müller. This is the only way for him to keep in constant communication with his employees, customers and suppliers. Communication with customers plays a major role for him because he can obtain new jobs and strengthen his contact with customers through his online presence. The use of CAD programs helps him to design projects and provide 3D views. Today, carpentry is more than just work, pencils and saws.

Why a wooden house makes sense:

  • Ecological: natural and renewable material, low pollution from the manufacturing.
  • Healthy: ideal for people with allergies as no chemicals are used.
  • Comfortable: living atmosphere with the natural factor.

The master carpenter, Lutz Müller, standing in front of his Mercedes Benz Sprinter

The master carpenter, Lutz Müller, has a passion for working with wood.

A stack of oak boards with the forest in the background

Lutz Müller relies on high-quality materials.

A circular saw is operated by hand

Classic handwork in the carpentry.

Photos: Carpentry Lutz Müller, Matthew Henry, Pixaby

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