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Royal fish meets the van with the star.

An Actros and a Sprinter from Schmidt Zeevis parked outside the fish company’s warehouse

Schmidt Zeevis trusts in fish with the crown as a seal of quality, and in vans with the star.

Made by hand and not by machine.

Schmidt Zeevis is the Netherlands’s largest fish trader that still practices the traditional trade. The company from Rotterdam still fillets its fish by hand although machine for filleting would be more cost-effective. The latter consumes a lot of water which causes the fish to lose its characteristic flavor and the taste of the sea. This is a no-go for Schmidt Zeevis: “Quality is our top priority”, explains the Managing Director Marcel van Breda.

Diligence and care have shaped the history of the traditional company founded in 1916 by Grandmother Schmidt. The philosophy pays off: today the fish specialist has around 150 employees. The roughly 140 types of fish are delivered worldwide to restaurants, hotels, caterers, businesses, airports, wholesalers along with cruise ships and luxury yachts.

Her Majesty Queen Máxima opens Schmidt Zeevis’ new production site

An important visitor: her Majesty Queen Máxima took the opportunity to take part in the new opening of Schmidt Zeevis.

Quality with the royal seal.

Every delivery from Schmidt Zeevis includes a crown in its logo, representing the royal seal of quality. This is more than just a slogan. When the company moved to a larger production site at the end of 2015, no one less than her Majesty Queen Máxima opened the new premises. In addition, his Majesty King Willem-Alexander also granted Schmidt Zeevis the right to use the royal or “Koninkljk” label in its company name.

It was no coincidence that Marcel van Breda and the CFO of Koninkljke Schmidt Zeevis, Jos van Vuren, chose the shape of a deep sea ship for the new premises. The company needed to move to a new location because the old site had simply become too small over the course of the years. “Suddenly we had twelve instead of just two loading ramps for our vans”, reports Marcel van Breda. “This enormously reduced the demands on our fleet and is a major improvement for us.”

Managing Director Marcel van Breda (right) and CFO Jos van Vuren from Schmidt Zeevis

Managing Director Marcel van Breda (right) and CFO Jos van Vuren chose the shape of a deep sea ship for Schmidt Zeevis’ new premises.

A fleet full of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

For Marcel van Breda, a royal company like Schmidt Zeevis also needs vehicles with the star. The fleet reflects the company’s absolute commitment to quality and consists entirely of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In addition to the vans, Koninklijke Schmidt Zeevis also operates an Actros and two Atego for transporting pallets to wholesalers. Every week, around 90 vans including the company’s own 18 Sprinter make deliveries to every region in the Netherlands. “We intend to expand and use the fleet more intensively”, says van Breda; “in the end we will deliver seven days a week”, explains the Managing Director. “This means that our logistics employees’ schedule will be even busier. However, our building is designed for this, we are prepared and the Mercedes-Benz fleet has never been a limiting factor. Just the opposite!”

Photos: MCR

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