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Tradition meets innovation:
With the Sprinter into a world of experiences.

A Sprinter parked in front of a tree house

With a love of detail, the company creates and builds unique worlds of experience. Specialists from various trades are united under one roof.

The drive to create new adventures.

hochkant projects are packed full of adventure, regardless of whether in dizzy heights or close to the ground. In the Bavarian town of Gestratz-Brugg, all kinds of adventure worlds emerge, ranging from the Tree House Hotel with its special architecture to the 450-meter-long pedestrian suspension bridge. Carpenters, designers and graphic artists all work hand in hand on these projects. They are supported in their daily work by their in-house Sprinter fleet, with which they travel to projects throughout Germany and throughout Europe.

A barrier-free panorama tower at the tree top path in Bad Iburg, Germany

Unique worlds of experience demand individual approaches.

Traditional craftsmanship as the basis for innovation.

The Allgäu-based company has its roots in traditional craftsmanship. In 1995 Werner Wechsel took over his father’s company, which had specialized in trading wood for outdoor use. A later contract for the refurbishment of a high ropes course laid the foundation for the company. “On one hand, we want to keep our finger on the pulse of the times and track down new trends. On the other, we regard the tradition of craftsmanship, from which we come as a valuable commodity, which we want to continue practicing.”

A high ropes course with visitors

The drive to create new adventures is pervasive throughout the company.

Teamwork as a recipe for success.

A lot of precision is required in the planning phase for the construction of the worlds of experience. That’s why the team doesn’t just rely on modern technology, such as 3D drafting software. An accurate assessment and survey of the construction site also plays a vital role at this stage. When a building subsequently goes into practical implementation, the individual construction elements are pre-produced at the in-house workshop before they are transported by the Sprinter fleet over hill and dale to the site and assembled there. The fact that the vans are so versatile and hard-wearing largely contributes to the smooth success of the projects.

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter parked on a forest path

The Sprinter fleet is indispensable for delivery and assembly.

With Mercedes-Benz to spectacular world of experience.

One of the most spectacular projects is an event installation in the Harz Mountains in Central Germany. This also includes a Flying Fox attraction, where visitors ‘fly’ over a dam with a rope slide and can reach a speed of around 90 km/h. The Flying Fox attraction is a spectacular attraction in the Harz region. These special projects require safe delivery of the products and materials. The large storage space and the Sprinter’s associated lashing and restraint systems are crucial for safe transport. A further advantage: Thanks to the all-wheel drive, even terrain, which is difficult to negotiate or forest paths which are not readily accessible are no obstacle.

We see it as a privilege to be exceptional every day.

A man on the Flying Fox ride

A great deal of know-how is required for the planning and
construction of extraordinary recreation facilities.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative.

At hochkant, the word sustainability has a special meaning: “Since our installations are often erected in sensitive natural areas, we make sure that we work in a way that protects the environment,” says Werner Wechsel. Among other things, wood, a renewable building material, is particularly important because it has a natural appearance and is flexible in its processing. High visitor frequency and year-round weather conditions must, of course, be taken into account during the planning stage. For the future, too, the creators of hochkant are particularly keen to remain true to their philosophy, despite the fast pace of life. “Our challenge is to combine tradition and innovation sustainably and to continually reinterpret them.”

Sawing a tree trunk for a ropes course

hochkant unites a team of experts from various trades.

A Sprinter parked in front of a tree house hotel

Wooden tree houses blend harmoniously into the natural environment.

The supporting structure of a high ropes course in the development phase

A construction site for a high rope course from above.

Photos: hochkant GmbH

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