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On Dutch television with Mercedes-Benz vans.

On Dutch television with the Sprinter

Hoens Creative is the invisible force that makes Dutch celebrities visible. The production company includes numerous media experts and builds its success on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Media experts and know-how for more than 60 TV productions.

The Hoens Creative headquarters in De Zodde in Loosdrecht is a thriving hive of activity. The roller shutters are open, the dispatch counter is occupied and various camera teams are checking their equipment one last time before they hit the road. The media company’s headquarters is busy at least 18 hours a day, with camera crews, sound technicians and other employees coming and going. They travel all over the world to obtain footage for a broad range of customers. From its headquarters in the north of the Netherlands, the renowned production company provides media experts, equipment and know-how for more than 60 Dutch TV productions, advertising films and extensive online content. “15 to 20 teams head out every day”, says the Managing Director and (co-)founder Emile Hoens. The media company relies on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the V-Class, of which it owns five.

Emile Hoens, Managing Director and (co-) founder of Hoens Creative,

Emile Hoens, the Managing Director and (co-) founder of Hoens Creative, values Mercedes-Benz as a reliable partner.

Practical, comfortable and representative – the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

The company intentionally chose the representative Sprinter. “Our employees often take customers with them, ranging from directors and producers to reporters and presenters”, says Hoens. That is why the vehicle has to be comfortable first, practical second and, naturally, also look impressive. According to the Hoens Creative Director, the Sprinter has all of these attributes: “Shooting days are long and you want everyone to be comfortable. I think the vans are fantastic.” Emile Hoens has also only heard praise for the vehicles from customers and employees. Recently, Ian van den Hoek, Senior Managing Director of Hoens Creative, was on set with the famous Dutch presenter, Ivo Niehe. “Ivo also found the vehicles were great”, reports Hoens. The spaciousness in combination with the comfort and luxury of a passenger vehicle is ideal in our line of work.”

Mercedes-Benz, a reliable partner.

Hoens Creative intentionally purchased the Sprinter 313 CDI for its fleet. The van is used for “multi-camera productions” and transports the extensive equipment. “We are on the road around the clock and have to be able to rely on our transport vehicles”, emphasizes Hoens. That is why we have also concluded an operative leasing contract with a replacement vehicle for all of our vehicles. If something unexpected ever happens we immediately have the perfect solution”, says Hoens. The company’s motto: “Same tech, different people”. The Managing Director explains: “Anyone can buy a camera. But not everyone knows the perfect way to use it.” That is exactly what sets Hoens Creative apart from the competition: “We think outside the box and show customer solutions – even in the middle of the night, if necessary. We expect the same from our partners and Mercedes-Benz is a reliable one.”

A V-Class parked outside the dispatch hall of Hoens Creative

Plenty of space for cameras, cameramen and guests. That is why the production company Hoens Creative chooses Mercedes-Benz Vans.

Cameramen from Hoens Creative in front of a Mercedes-Benz van.

The Dutch media experts are responsible for more than 60 TV productions. Mercedes-Benz vans transport both equipment and personnel.

Photos: MCR

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