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Professional lightning protection
thanks to the Sprinter fleet.

A red Mercedes-Benz Sprinter parked in front of an industrial plant

Hans Thormählen GmbH has been an expert in the field of lightning and surge protection for over 65 years. The family-owned company attaches great importance not only to high-quality products and services, but also to reliable and comfortable vehicles.

The interplay of lightning and thunder.

Black clouds spread across the sky. A battle rages in their midst. Tiny water particles collide violently. This is how increasingly strong electrical current is generated. Suddenly an enormous lightning bolt flashes and lights up the sky. For a moment, everything seems to stand still. A short time later, a loud crack breaks the silence. It ends in loud bass rumbling and a big bang. It marks the finale of an ancient dialogue: The interplay of lightning and thunder. A process that illustrates the pure power of nature probably more than anything else.

Lightning discharges from a cloud

Approximately two million lightning bolts discharge over Germany every year.

Controllable nature.

For a long time, this natural spectacle was considered uncontrollable. Mythologically, lightning was even attributed to the wrath of the gods. Because in reality it regularly caused severe damage, to buildings, for example. So, who could oppose this with any seriousness? A few hundred years later, however, the curse of resentment in the sky suddenly became history. Why? Because there are companies that specialize in building protection. “Even today, lightning cannot be prevented as a natural phenomenon. In the meantime, however, it is controllable. It’ s simply fascinating,” explains Reyno Thormählen. The 55-year-old is the managing director of a company with a long tradition in the Lower Saxony municipality of Großenmeer, Germany.

Portrait of Reyno Thormählen

Even after many years in operation, Reyno Thormählen
is still enthusiastic about lightning protection.

Electrical engineer with a passion.

Thormählen has been providing professional lightning protection throughout Germany for 65 years. Right from the start under the leadership of the same family. ” However, I am not really a genuine Thormählen. I am the son-in-law of the company founder and got to know my wife during my electrical engineering studies,” explains Reyno Thormählen. His studies turned the current managing director into a graduate engineer. The electrical engineer is particularly interested in advancing new technologies. “I am closely involved in technical developments. I’m also happy when I can bring my experience to bear on complicated questions from customers or colleagues,” says Reyno Thormählen.

The status quo of lightning protection.

Modern structural lightning and fire protection and the high complexity of electrical and electronic devices in buildings require new protective measures. Today, a single metal wire is no longer sufficient to adequately protect the building from the effects of lightning, including the numerous electronic devices in the house. In addition to a metal catch and discharge device, a modern earthing system is used. It is completed by an advanced equipotential bonding system, which includes, for example, surge protection devices.

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter parked in front of a tall building

Safety and protection are the top priorities for Hans Thormählen GmbH..

Dialogue, reliability and excellent products.

Reyno Thormählen is often in dialogue with his employees. “As managing director, I always try to have a sympathetic ear for my colleagues and an interest in what they do. For me, this is one of the strengths of a family business. We all stick together,” he explains. And the same applies to the reliability of Hans Thormählen GmbH towards its customers, which decides whether it can continue to exist for another 65 years. “That’s why I chose Mercedes-Benz for our fleet. For me, there are many parallels between Mercedes-Benz and our company. They are brands that have proven their worth over many years, they have a reputation to uphold, and they are excellent products that are worth their price,” says the managing director.

 Two men talking in front of a red Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Dialogue is valued within the company

The Sprinter fleet of Thormählen.

The 38 Mercedes-Benz Sprinters in the Thormählen fleet provide an essential part of the company’s service: installation. They transport tools, fasteners and heavy materials such as round and flat wires or weighting stones. Some vans also use lattice boxes to transport solid cable drums. “The Sprinters give us the perfect opportunity to get our goods to the site. The numerous assembly and configuration options for the new Sprinter generation in particular greatly simplify and optimize our everyday lives,” says Reyno Thormählen. So, what could be dangerous for the company? Perhaps it would just be the absence of lightning.

A man sitting in a red Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Sprinter as a mobile workshop: The employees of Hans Thormählen GmbH appreciate their workplace on four wheels.

A man climbing up a tower, below is a red Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

For employees of Hans Thormählen GmbH, fear of heights is not an issue.

Two red Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in front of a building

For larger installations, two Sprinters are often required at the same time.

A red Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from the side

Fast and competent - Hans Thormählen GmbH has a total
of 38 fully equipped Sprinters to react immediately in the case of an emergency.

Photos: Werbeagentur/ Gundlach, Unsplash (Brandon Morgan)

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