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Driving comfortably across the Australian outback with the Sprinter.

A white Mercedes-Benz camper van on a meadow under trees

The Trakka Jabiru is a motorhome on a Sprinter basis. It is the result of 40 years of experience in mobile home construction.

Australia – an endurance test for any camper van.

Across dusty deserts or tropical rain forests or over craggy cliff tops: With its four climate zones, Australia provides numerous opportunities for discovery. There is hardly a more suitable country for camper tours than Australia. But it is precisely this versality that makes the Australian continent extremely demanding for the travelling companion on four wheels. Robust, reliable and versatile – these are the qualities that a camper van must have to be able to compete in Australia. A company that has established itself as an expert in this area is Trakka. The Jabiru model, which is based on the Sprinter, has proven its worth both on and off the roads of the red continent for more than 20 years. First introduced on MYVAN in 2016, the converted Sprinter is equipped with a living and dining area, a kitchenette, a bathroom as well as a sleeping area, thus offering everything you need for an extensive road trip.

A virtual Jabiru 4S on a meadow

A virtual insight into the new Jabiru.

Constant change.

The Trakka camping enthusiasts developed the first generation of the Jabiru – named after a city in the Kakadu National Park – in the late 90s. The development was achieved in close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. The second generation of this model has been one of the most successful motor homes of the Australian company for more than a decade now. But instead of resting on their laurels, Trakka’s developers in 2018 once again asked themselves the question: “How can we turn a very good motorhome into an even better one?”

A sophisticated conversion of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Nobody has to relinquish luxury and comfort while camping.

A wealth of experience and a virtual playground.

The project started with extensive research into the latest materials and equipment trends. At the same time, there were discussions on how the second generation of the successful model could be improved even further. Michael Lord, Trakka’s design and development manager, comments: “Mercedes-Benz made the CAD data of the vehicle available to us. This meant our design department was able to work with 3D models. The software enabled us to do the complete conversion virtually before we had even seen the vehicle for the first time.” Only one year later, the third generation of the Jabiru could be presented to the public. The camper van is available as a two- or four-seater. It is based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a long wheelbase which is powered by a 140 kW V6 diesel engine. Optionally, the van is also available with four-wheel drive.

  • An outdoor sink at the sliding door and an outdoor shower at the rear end of a Sprinter
  • The sleeping area of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van with two single beds
  • The kitchenette of a Mercedes-Benz camper van
  • The dining area of a Mercedes-Benz camper van with swivel chairs and a table

Electrification as the next challenge.

The highlights of the Jabiru include a refrigerator that can be opened both from the inside and the outside, a toilet that automatically disappears below the sink if it is not needed, and a power supply system which can be operated via an app or a touch screen. An outdoor sink with practical storage surfaces, an outdoor shower and dimmable LED lighting are integrated as well. And Alex Berry, the oldest daughter of company founder Dave Berry, has already announced new plans: “We are looking forward to the future electrification of our fleet. We have steadily developed and redefined our camper vans and motorhomes. And we want to go on doing it.”

Profile: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – Trakka Jabiru


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a long wheelbase


2S (two seats), 4S (four seats)


3,0-l-V6-Turbo diesel


seven-speed automatic transmission/ rear- or four-wheel drive


Front swivel seats; cooktop, two refrigerators; bathroom (shower, sink, retractable toilet); an additional outdoor sink and outdoor shower; two single beds (convertible into a double bed); dimmable LED strip lighting; solar panels on the roof; energy from diesel for hot water, cooktop and space heating; 18 mm insulation.

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Photos: Trakka

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