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They can make it everywhere: the Sprinter and Vito of Diamanten AB.

Two cars from the fleet in sundown

Diamanten Håltagning AB is specialized in complex borehole drilling. The company motto is: no wall is impossible. The firm currently has 19 Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

18 meters deep – with a drilling machine.

Borehole drilling is a highly specialized activity that requires real professionals. Diamanten Håltagning AB uses industrial diamonds to drill boreholes with a diameter from 20 millimeters all the way up to one meter. Peter Svensson is one of the two partners of the company. The Swede has drilled a few holes in his time and has some stories to tell. “One extraordinary job was in the monastery church of Vadstena. The church dates back to the 15th century and had been badly damaged by moisture. We had to drill through pilaster walls in column form with bases and capitals” he recounts. “We drilled holes 18 meters deep to allow the installation of a ventilation system.”

A specialist for borehole drilling at work

A specialist for borehole drilling at work.

20 years of experience in the field of borehole drilling.

The utmost care must be taken with old material. Reliable vans are indispensable for the work at Diamanten AB. But the vehicles should not be too big, or consume too much fuel. The employees have to travel long distances. Large, heavy equipment and extensive accessories must be stored in the vehicle. “We bought our first Mercedes-Benz vehicles back in 1997,” says Peter Svensson. “We have been very satisfied. They are the right size for our needs, they are extremely reliable and very fuel efficient,” says the entrepreneur. “Many of our employees have over 20 years of experience in the field of borehole drilling. We know they are very satisfied with the vehicles. “The high-quality vans offer optimal driving comfort and safety, and the interior is very elegant.”

Heavy stone drillings

Hard-core: a drill core after a concrete drilling.

Diamanten AB relies on Vito and Sprinter.

Peter Svensson is so convinced of the vehicles with the star that he wants to expand the fleet. “We look to have a uniform fleet of vehicles. This allows us to create an optic from a single mold, and the vehicles are then easy to recognize. They impress with their elegant dark blue and have a good advertising effect.” Currently, Diamanten AB has 19 Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The acquisition of another six Vitos is planned for next year. “Sometimes we transport particularly heavy tools – for example, our 900 kg demolition robot with caterpillar drive – for this, we use one of our Sprinters,” says Peter Svensson. “I really have to praise the employees of Mercedes-Benz Transportbilar at Olofsson Auto in Norrköping, Sweden. All issues have been handled in an exemplary fashion. Even with problems, the process runs smoothly. “

Peter Svensson from the Swedish firm Diamanten AB in front of a Vito from Mercedes-Benz

Drilling expert: Peter Svensson is one of the two partners of Diamanten AB. The company has relied on the brand with the star since 1997.

Photos: Johan Marklund


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