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Original Craftsmen: back to the roots of the German beer brewing craft with new recipes.

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Unusual and intensively flavored beers, brewed using traditional techniques - This is the vision of the Crew Republic craft beer brewery from Munich.

Self-made beer from a backyard brewery.

Mario and Timm had grown frustrated with German beer. However, the two men from Munich might not say it quite like that. Nevertheless, the one thing that literally left the former colleagues and now friends and business partners with a bad taste in their mouths was the fact that German beers all tasted so similar. That is what led them to quit their jobs in spring 2011 and swap their suits and ties for overalls and rubber boots. They built their first home brewery in a suburban backyard in Glockenbach in Munich. Then they simply began brewing their own beer.

The Crew Republic brewery building seen from the outside

Mario and Timm began brewing in their apartment in 2011. The two founders of Crew Republic in Munich have owned this brewery since 2015.

Motto: not your usual beer.

The home brewery has since transformed into a burgeoning, professional craft beer brewery that was completed in 2015. The brewers sell their unusual, creative and intensively flavored beers with the “Crew Republic” label to selected bars, restaurants and, naturally, online. Timm explains the essential idea like this: “I believe that people are getting tired of basically always drinking the same beer.” What he means is that although there are numerous breweries in Germany, the products themselves only taste marginally different. “We want to change the way people think about beer,” says Timm. Many people are not even aware that beer can taste completely different and yet still comply with the traditional German brewing dictates. “We want to revolutionize the boring German beer world.”

A man stands outside a brewery

This is Timm from Munich, one of the two founders of Crew Republic.

We focus on the unique aroma of every ingredient and utilize these; that separates our beers from the normal.

Striking names and beer for enthusiasts

The beers from Crew Republic have striking names such as “Drunken Sailor”, “Roundhouse Kick” or “In Your Face” – a calculated decision: “We want to make our customers curious and they should be able to remember the beer”, explains the founder, Timm. Who buys it? There is no classic target group, explains Timm. This means beer connoisseurs are just one aspect. “Craft beer is also about the mindset: how open am I for trying new things? How much do I value flavor when it comes to food and drink?” he thinks out loud. “People who enjoy trying new things and place a lot of value in quality and flavor have made the right choice.”

Maintaining tradition and promoting the craft.

It is important to both founders to not only maintain the German beer brewing art but also to honor it. Timm: “We are here in Munich, the self-declared capital of beer. People here are especially critical. However, we can also win them over with our quality and flavor.” Although the two taught themselves to brew beer, they are now surrounded by a professional team dedicated to the art of brewing. “Our beers are in no way artificial.”

What role does tradition play? You have to imagine it like this, replies Timm: “A century ago in Germany, not every beer tasted like a Pils or a wheat beer. Each one had its own recipe and its own individual flavor.” Ultimately, craft beer is a return to these roots. “We are brewing a new type of beer, but the traditional way”, he explains.

View of the inside of a brewery

Crew Republic is a professional team of passionate beer connoisseurs.

Beer for everyone, especially for enthusiasts.

One thing is clear: anyone not brewing mainstream beer needs a broad range. Timm and Mario know this only too well, which is why they offer eight types all year together with seasonal beers. “Our beers have a very intensive flavor”, says Timm. “That is why we offer numerous different types so that we have something for every beer enthusiast.”

Four beer bottles with colorful labels

Exceptional names, exceptional appearance and exceptional flavor - these all distinguish a beer from Crew Republic.

Two men standing at a bar

Our host, Nick (right), visited the two founders of Crew Republic, Timm (left) and Mario, and was welcomed with a cool beer in the brewery's own bar.

Van from Mercedes-Benz

The Crew Republic brewery is a little off the beaten track in Munich. A Mercedes-Benz Vito takes us there.

Two men in a brewery

The visit continued with a guided tour of the brewery.

Conveyor belt with bottles

The beer bottles run along the conveyor line.

More Links to explore: Crew Republic on Instagram Crew Republic on Facebook


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