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Finest seafood from Fuzhou – delivered in a white Vito.

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Meals are celebrated in China. Those who can afford it dine at fine restaurants such as the Yonghe Club in Fuzhou – or alternatively the food can be delivered by the Vito delivery service.

When eating, you take your time in China.

Chinese cuisine is among the most diverse in the world. No wonder considering the diversity of the cultures and the multitude of people in the huge country. Despite all the differences, most Chinese people have one thing in common: meals are particularly important. This means that many special ingredients are used. Many a guest from the West has been amazed at what is edible. The preparation and presentation of the food is attended to with great effort. When eating you take your time.

Seafood from the Yonghe Club in Fuzhou in China

Seafood is particularly popular in China. Those who can afford it, go to a fine restaurant like the Yonghe Club in Fuzhou.

A restaurant for family and friends.

“When we host customers or business partners the quality of food is extremely important,” says Shao Junchao. “We Chinese want to show that only the best will do.” So too with family celebrations or when relatives come to visit, traditionally no cost or effort is spared. “People in China work very hard,” Shao Junchao reports. “A visit to the restaurant or a meal at home gives people the opportunity to bring the whole family together around the table. They talk about everyday life and strengthen family ties.”

Two employees from the Yonghe Club in Fuzhou loading their Vito delivery van

If you do not want to eat at the restaurant, the Yonghe Club in Fuzhou, China, delivers the seafood to your home.

Yonghe Club shines with its unusual creations.

Shao Junchao is the manager of Yonghe Club’s delivery service. The club operates two seafood restaurants in Fuzhou, a city with a population of 6.4 million, located in the province of Fujian, on China’s east coast at the northern tip of the Taiwan Strait. The Yonghe Club supplies its customers with the most unusual and spectacular creations, because food and drink must be a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. The rich upper class in China does not blink an eye if a meal costs 400 Euro and more.

Fine dishes with wow factor.

The Yonghe Club uses particularly fresh ingredients. The food design is also exceptional: Raw slices of the finest fish are draped over hand on sculptures of ice, crustaceans are artfully arranged. A feast for the eyes! A total of 380 employees ensure that the guests experience the wow factor when the creations are served. The customers of the delivery service receive their elaborately crafted crabs, fish, mussels and snails in finely decorated containers and cool boxes. They are delivered by the six Vitos of the Yonghe Club all around Fuzhou.

Customers appreciate the fact that their orders are delivered in a Mercedes-Benz

A group of women enjoying the food at the Yonghe Club in Fuzhou

Meals are a family ritual in China: Family and friends come together to eat. Meals take time.

Vans serve the club as VIP shuttles.

“To start with we used the Vito as a VIP shuttle for our guests. Then we established our delivery service and additionally used the Vito for the transportation of our creations, “says Shao Junchao.” Customers appreciate the fact that their orders are delivered in a Mercedes-Benz. ” This fits with the image of the Yonghe Club as a top-class restaurant. Shao Junchao also likes that the Vito is produced in the Yonghe Club’s hometown, because Mercedes-Benz Vans together with their partner Fujian Benz, build the Vito in Fuzhou, but not only that, the Sprinter and V-Class are also built here for the Chinese market. Shao Junchao leaves nothing to chance and puts his emphasis on quality: With food and vehicles.

The driver at the wheel of his Vito, as he drives through Fuzhou

At the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz Vito it cruises through the Chinese metropolis Fuzhou.

Photos: PRH Hamburg Kommunikation


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