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The right frame:
Espace Soardi relies on the Vito.

Retail premises of a framing a business

Some works of art also work well without them. But most only find their perfection in the right frame designed by an expert. The French craftsmen of Espace Soardi are experts in this relatively unnoticed craft.

An underestimated craft.

Nice in the south of France, a stronghold of culture and art. For those who love the Mediterranean, the sunny beaches of the Côte d’Azur are a great place to stay. However, we traveled to a place where art and photography play the lead role – Espace Soardi. Here, five art lovers dedicate themselves to a craft that receives comparatively little attention but is of great importance for art. Only a few know how important the right setting is. The siblings Géraldine and Benoît Soardi are definitely among them. With three other employees, they offer custom-made frames for art photographs, drawings, and paintings, as well as pedestals for sculptures and much more.

A shop for framing from the outside

A good first impression counts – and Espace Soardi certainly succeeds.

Art handled with respect.

When a work of art is placed in the hands of the Soardis, it is treated with the utmost care. “We treat every work of art with the necessary respect,” the siblings state. This also applies to transporting the works of art. In their Mercedes-Benz Vito, they deliver the paintings and other creations to their customers. The Vito is equipped with carpet and a special device for the safe transport of the art pieces. “Aesthetics, safety and comfort are the reasons why we chose the Vito,” explained Géraldine Soardi. As it helps her to keep an overview, the co-founder is also pleased with the LED lights, which also illuminates the cargo area of the panel van brightly.

A Mercedes-Benz Vito parked on a street

The Vito is ideal for transporting works of art –
thanks also to its stable driving characteristics.

A place for art lovers.

Founded in 2011, the siblings created Espace Soardi, a place that combines craftsmanship and photography. In their showroom in Nice, art lovers will find over 2,000 sample frames set in a space over 200 square meters. Anyone entering the sanctuary of Espace Soardi will not only be able to witness the craftsmanship but will also receive all-round advice on frame design. To preserve works of art in their unique form over the long term, the company also works with modern technology and, anti-UV glass, for example.

  • A Painting with a Picture of Pills
  • A Painting with Neon writing
  • A Painting with abstract painting
  • A Painting with abstract writing

Between Nice and Monaco with the Vito.

As lovers of art, the siblings are enthusiastic about working with works of art day after day. One project, however, was particularly appealing to them. “Our favorite project was the work for an exhibition at MuCEM in Marseilles,” says Géraldine Soardi. Paintings were provided by a large foundation and Espace Soardi framed the entire art collection for the exhibition. In future, the makers of Espace Soardi will continue to be on tour with their Mercedes-Benz Vito. Increasingly so in Monaco, where they are in contact with many collectors and carry out framing work for them.

A Mercedes-Benz Vito from behind at an angle

Black paint with white writing: This elegant combination adorns the Vito of Espace Soardi.

The cargo area of a Mercedes-Benz Vito

The cargo area of the Vito is covered with carpet and equipped with LED lamps.

A wall full of samples of picture frames

The selection of colors and materials is a wonder to behold.

Photos: Espace Soardi

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