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Industrial climbers with nerves of steel.

A climber at work looking down

A head for heights: with their dangerous work at extreme heights, the industrial climbers from Proseil need nerves of steel and the support of Sprinter and Vito.

Headed for the heights.

A man hangs from a climbing rope. Completely focused, he first checks his feet. His footing looks secure. Now he raises his eyes upward. With a firm grip he lifts himself up the rope and onto the small gallery made of linked iron bars located above him. A few meters away, his colleague also completes his climb. They nod at each other. Success. The impressive scenery of the Nürburgring spreads out below the industrial climbers. The Mercedes-Benz Vito, that transported the team from Proseil GmbH to the German race track in the Eifel, looks like a tiny miniature from this height. After a brief break and a quick radio conversation with the organization team that closely monitors the precisely planned job from the ground, the climbing tradesmen get back to work. Their job is to set up a tower with a half-square meter base.

An industrial climber climbing a wall at an airport

Line by line, whether at airports or on high-rise buildings: the Proseil climbers work in many different places.

Professional climbers prepare the stage for music stars.

In the trade jargon, what the climbing technicians are doing up there is known as “rigging”. The word was originally a maritime term among sailors, explains Frank Schüssler, the founder of Proseil. “Rigging is a combination of working in high places, lashing and lifting technology.” In other words: Schüssler and his climbing experts are helping to set up the stage – this stage on which numerous rock stars will perform in front of thousands of people during the next few days at the German “Rock am Ring” festival.

The perfect mixture of hobby and job.

Naturally, the company’s portfolio includes far more than just “rigging”. Whether wind turbines, high-rise buildings or tree tips – the Proseil team tackles every task. The professional climbers always go where others fear to climb: to breath-taking heights. A few excellently trained climbers can partially replace cranes with only ropes and skill. “We work quickly and effectively. We can also work anywhere for our customers and very cost-effectively”, knows Schüssler, who also climbs. “Industrial climbing is the perfect combination of hobby and job for me”, says the adventurous climber. He also provides advanced training.

Industrial climbers have attached the rope to a wind power turbine

The climbers from Proseil even take to the ropes on wind power turbines.

The job demands trust and reliable partners – like Sprinter or Vito.

After some initial skepticism, he successfully acquired more and more customers for his services. “We are a real alternative to lifting platforms or scaffolds”, emphasizes Schüssler. He founded Proseil in Heidelberg in 2008. Proseil now maintains branches in Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt. Industrial climbers have to be able to rely on each other completely, emphasizes the man from Mannheim. Never working alone, trust in their partners and naturally high-quality equipment – these are all essential for this risky job.

The vans from Mercedes-Benz are economical, efficient, safe and, above all, provide enough space for all of our equipment.

Two man and a women are looking at a plan

The industrial climbers prepare for a climb.

Vans with a star – equipment well kept.

Schüssler also leaves nothing to chance when it comes to the vehicles. Proseil’s fleet includes three Sprinter and a Vito. “The vans from Mercedes-Benz are economical, efficient, safe and, above all, provide enough space for all of our equipment”, says Schüssler, explaining why he chose the vehicles with the star. “We will also include a Sprinter in the fleet in the future.”

The Vito from Proseil parked at a festival site

Proseil trusts in the reliability of Vito and Sprinter for their work.

Photos: proseil

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