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Scholpp uses vans for everything

The Mercedes-Benz truck and Vito Mixto from Scholpp

In the course of its almost 60 year history, the Scholpp Group has established itself as the market leader in relocating and assembling industrial machinery. When it comes to transporting Scholpp's own staff and working materials, the company relies on its Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle fleet.

Big business

Scholpp travelled up a winding road to reach its “heavyweight” core business. Founded in 1956 by Alfred Scholpp as a transport company, the loads became increasingly heavy as the decades passed. The company also established a foothold in the assembly sector in the 1970s and developed the first lifting gear for the printing machine industry. By the turn of the millennia, Scholpp had expanded its worldwide network of branches in Europe and Asia and broadened its portfolio to include many other services by taking over a variety of companies. The Scholpp Group is now regarded as the leading service provider for relocating and assembling industrial machinery and has more than 1,200 employees at 24 branches.

Scholpp employees at work in an industrial hall.

Optimum collaboration

The marketing manager Götz Schleith greets us outside the company’s Stuttgart branch. Baden-Württemberg’s regional manager response to the question about interesting projects, exceptional anecdotes and impressive stories with a hearty laugh: “I could write a book full of them! But one special memory is the relocation of the entire Unimog department in 2004. The department moved from Gaggenau to Wörth without interrupting production. The relocation of five large presses belonging to Daimler AG from Sindelfingen to Kecskemét in Hungary in 2011 or the recent revitalization of two large-scale presses in Sindelfingen are only a few of the challenging and interesting projects which demand the optimum collaboration of numerous specialists from a broad range of different areas.”

The whole Scholpp's Stuttgart Sprinter fleet.

The payload wonder

For many years now Scholpp has relied on a specialized mobility partner, explains Mr. Schleith: “Our fleet consists of more than 300 commercial vehicles from Mercedes-Benz.” Scholpp’s European vehicle fleet includes approximately 30 trucks, 150 passenger vehicles and 150 vans. Among them smaller vehicles such as the Citan, Mixto LL and Kombi LL along with various Sprinter variants, 60 Vito Mixto and Kombis as well as 10 Vario Panel Vans. The latter are fitted with simple shelving and workshop equipment. However, most of the vehicles do not have any special modifications. “These vans are true payload wonders in the 7.49 tonnes range”, says Mr. Schleith enthusiastically. Because heavy loads play a critical role in the employees’ daily work.

View of Scholpp's fleet from above.

Mercedes-Benz as the mobility partner: view of a part of the Scholpp's Stuttgart fleet.

The whole Scholpp's Stuttgart Sprinter fleet.

Diverse fleet: a view of Scholpp's commercial vehicles.

View of Scholpp's fleet from above.

Always busy with large machinery: Scholpp employees at work.

Versatile support

The vans offer Scholpp’s technicians mobility and space for their day-to-day working material. “Our service technicians travel to the construction sites throughout Europe with the Citan, for example. Our assembly managers use the Vito Mixto either as a five seater for transporting the technicians or as mobile storage”, explains Mr. Schleith. “The cargo area provides enough space to supply the people on the construction sites with the necessary working materials for weeks and months. The Vario vehicles are equipped with all of the tools needed for small or middle-sized construction sites and transport assembly teams of up to six people up to 100 kilometers to the construction site.”

A reliable partner

Just like the Vito Mixto, the spacious Sprinter also has a variety of uses: “As a spacious 9-seater it primarily serves to transport the technicians between the branches and the service points. The panel van and flatbed versions are used as workshop vehicles for on-site repairs or smaller assembly jobs involving machine relocations”, explains the regional manager at the end of the conversation. “In addition to the practical benefits and the convincing value for money, the Europe-wide service network and the vehicles’ high reliability make Mercedes-Benz the perfect mobility partner for our company.”

Photos: Scholpp

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