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The wooden caravan – A camper conversion by Tonke Campers.

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As compact as a camper van, as versatile as a caravan. Tonke camper vans are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van chassis and are stylish and durable.

Sailing the roads with the Tonke camper.

If you belong to the 20% of the populace who suffer from seasickness, then we have found an innovative form of therapy. Simply take a holiday in a Tonke camper. You may even overcome the problem once you have fallen in love with the maritime ambience of the camper vans from Maarten van Soest. The high-quality surfaces made of teak and mahogany are a pleasure to see and touch. But the best thing is that you never have to feel the sea’s rolling motion in a Sprinter chassis. The wall cladding conceals other shipbuilding components such as batteries and locking mechanisms on the doors. For Maarten van Soest, this is a question of durability. In fine Mercedes-Benz tradition, the “land yachts” are named after his daughter, Tonke.

Maarten’s workshop with two Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and workbenches with wood.

Small but impressive. Maarten van Soest’s workshop in Terheijden in the Netherlands.

1,000 hours of hand crafting.

In Maarten van Soest’s workshop, the clocks tick to a different time. Every Tonke camper is the product of around 1,000 hours of work. The small company’s success is based on a simple yet convincing idea: mobility and flexibility without sacrificing comfort. You not simply purchase a camper van but rather a bed and breakfast, a workplace for the outdoors and a miniature hotel. The body can mechanically or hydraulically be detached from the Sprinter in only 10 minutes. Transferring an old gypsy vehicle to England in 2003 inspired Maarten with the idea of manufacturing vehicles like that himself. Building this on a modern Sprinter 4×4 chassis was part of the modernization which his concept is based on.

An employee sands a piece of wood.

All of the furniture and wooden trim is made by hand.

Vacation in a hand-made one-of-a-kind.

All of the Tonke campers share the same exceptional quality. In addition, every one of the vehicles made in the Netherlands is unique and is designed and manufactured in close coordination with the customer. Every single time, Maarten takes on the role of an interior architect once again and has a solution for every customer request. The Sprinter camper vans are available in two basic versions. The Classic Silver Line is reminiscent of the classic American Airstream while the Classic Wood Line features an exterior made of wood. Naturally, the camper vans have their price. Fortunately, anyone can enjoy the Tonke experience because Maarten van Soest also offers selected models as rental vehicles. But it is better not to hesitate, because the vans are often booked out weeks in advance. When you purchase a Tonke camper, you receive more than just a mobile residence, you also become the proud owner of a Sprinter. A solution where everyone benefits.



Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van chassis

Curb mass

2,900 – 3,300 kg

Additional battery

from 160 Ah AGM

Living area

toilet, refrigerator, heating


140 – 280 l

Wall/roof thickness

40 mm

Floor thickness

65 mm

Fold in
Fold out
A Tonke camper Sprinter in the workshop.

Maarten wanted a reliable, comfortable and modern vehicle as the basis for his Tonke camper. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the perfect match for his company’s high standards of quality.

Photos: Tonke Terheijden | Netherlands

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