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The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as a baby ambulance

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter of the Baby Ambulance Zurich

The Zurich Children's Hospital relies on a high-tech vehicle for a safe transport including intensive medical care for early and newborn babies.

Fast help for the little ones

Flashing blue lights and a siren cause a shiver to run down many people spines. Somewhere someone is in need of medical care when the ambulance and the emergency doctor rush through the streets. While emergency medical care for children and adults is good or even excellent in many countries, transporting and providing intensive medical aid for early and newborn babies requires even greater care. Due to the congenital illnesses or sicknesses the baby patients are especially sensitive and can only be transported to special clinics with extreme care. In addition, the doctors and paramedics have to be prepared for every emergency.

Baby Ambulance-Sprinter with special equipment.

Intensive station on wheels

That is why special vehicles more and more frequently support doctors and medical personnel. The Zurich Children’s Hospital numbers among the institutions lucky enough to have a baby ambulance in their fleet. Since going into service in summer 2014 the baby ambulance has transported more than 110 early new born babies. However, the “Chance für das kritisch kranke Kind” foundation financed the state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 BT together with the necessary special equipment with the help of donations. The six cylinder diesel with its 140 hp is also equipped with a transport incubator for early and newborn babies along with a special reanimation table which enables the necessary measures if the worst comes to the worst during the journey.

  1. Base vehicle: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 BT
  2. Conversion/body manufacturer: Wietmarscher Ambulanz WAS, ACT Gretzenbach CH
  3. In use since: August 2014
  4. Current mileage: approx. 23,000 kilometers per year

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter of the Baby Ambulance Zurich.

The Baby Ambulance, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, serves as a mobile intensive care unit for early and newborn babies.

Baby ambulance of the Zurich Children's Hospital.

Strikingly designed with the logo of the foundation " Chance für das kritisch kranke Kind" in the colors purple and light green.

The doctor from Baby Ambulance in action.

The doctors and paramedics have to be prepared for every emergency.


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