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TRIO Sprinter save roofs

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When roofs have to be renewed or repaired then the team from TRIO Roofing Systems Inc. is right there. Always with their white and blue TRIO Sprinter vans, easily recognizable even at a distance.

24-hour immediate assistance

When a roof starts to leak somewhere in the Greater Toronto area or a storm has done serious damage, then it is time for the team from TRIO Roofing Systems Inc. to go to work. The two managing directors, Doug Maikawa and Joel Vieira, are available around the clock when private households need help or roofing work needs to be done on public buildings.

Their fleet of Sprinter vans ensures that the roofing teams from TRIO arrive on-site rapidly and can immediately begin with their repair work.

Every day brings new challenges for the two managing directors and the service manager, Carlos. He makes sure that all of the jobs go smoothly: he coordinates the appointments and procedures and makes sure that the roofing teams are available.

The Sprinter space wonder

When the weather conditions change, he has to react quickly in order to ensure that the work goes smoothly and the customers are satisfied.

The working days are busy; however the division of work at TRIO Roofing Systems Inc. functions. Also because the company’s Sprinter vehicles ensure that the team has reliable and flexible work companions. They offer plenty of space for a diverse range of materials. From putty knives to tarpaulins: the workers have everything they need on board and can quickly start work once they reach the site, regardless of the damage and work which awaits them.


Regardless of what job you have to tackle – the Sprinter will make your day-to-day tasks easier. And even if those tasks are weighty ones, together, you’ll move mountains. Thanks to a host of different variants and over 600 optional features, the Sprinter can meet a wide variety of requirements.

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