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Well Packed Load is Faster Delivered!

Loading security in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Whoever loads its vehicle efficiently also creates more safety for all traffic participants and saves a lot of time during the delivery process.

A relevant meeting

These days more and more goods are transported by road. Therefore loading security is a central issue. The IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012 in Hanover was the right setting to take up this subject. Consequently, the Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Disposal (BGL) and the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) organized a series of lectures together. Six representatives of the logistics industry presented recent facts concerning loading security.

Shared responsibility

The driver has to attach the load carefully so that the addressee receives it undamaged. Besides the loading security also the safety of the traffic passengers is important. Loading a vehicle carefully and lashing the cargo properly avoids accidents and saves costs. All authorities being involved in the transportation process, that means drivers, carriers and hauliers, are responsible for the loading security. The legislator defines the legal norm and integrates it into the road traffic regulations. The realization of these norms is established by several institutions like the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and the Association of German Engineers (VDI). The BGL advises to respect especially the VDI norm 2700-4 while securing the load.

Man securing a package inside a Sprinter.

Man securing a package inside a Sprinter.

Practical rules

As long as a carrier adheres to the regulations and works with modern equipment he can be sure that he cannot be prosecuted when there’s an accident. The BGL and the German Association of Transport and Traffic have published “The Practice Handbook for Loading and Securing” together.  The book encompasses any details concerning the handling of different types of goods. Public authorities like the police force, German Federal Office for the Transport of Goods (BGA), labour inspectorates or agencies for safety at work also use it for prosecution. A logistic employee has to pay attention to the adherence of the axle load, so that the cargo is evenly spread across the axles. Thus the driver can handle the vehicle securely in the road traffic. Every load has specific requirements concerning the security. These requirements depend primarily on the material condition of the unit loads. Soft and insecurely packaged cargo is particular difficult to attach in a vehicle.

Computer assistance

Modern computer programs are helpful here. The software “LVP 4.0” supports procurement managers and drivers step by step to adhere the given axle load norms. The interactive load distribution plan can be applied to many different vehicles: commercial vehicles, centre-axle or semi-trailers and courier service vehicles. Specific loading goods can be created individually and administrated in the program library.

Well Packed tires inside the Mercedes-Benz Van

Well Packed tires inside the Mercedes-Benz Van

Everything automatic

Besides the support provided by computer programs many manufacturers develop interesting solutions for the automatized loading security. The company Allsafe Jungfalk exemplifies this on vehicles like the Sprinter. A movable electric net, attached on vertical beams, covers the load and secures it automatically by pushing a button. With this net the employee doesn’t need to handle arduously with hooks and eyes. With this technique the driver saves a lot of time when loading and unloading the vehicle. The annoying search of parcels is needless and every load is at its place.

A relevant topic

Our MYVAN result: “Load that is well packed is almost delivered”. The supplier saves time, money and nerves when dealing with the loading responsibly. At least the topic healthiness of other traffic passengers should be a convincing argument in order to get involved with modern techniques of loading security.

Well Packed Load Mercedes-Benz Van

Man securing a package inside a Sprinter.

Man securing a package inside a Sprinter.

Well Packed tires inside the Mercedes-Benz Van

Well Packed tires inside the Mercedes-Benz Van

well packed load inside a Mercedes-Benz van

Securely packed load on top of a Mercedes-Benz van

Materials to securely pack load

Well packed load Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


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