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Citan Summer Testing in Granada

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To the limit: Mercedes-Benz developers test the cooling system of the new Citan at very high temperatures over 35 degrees Centigrade or 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

The toughest test

The cooling system of the vehicle is constructed in a way that makes it possible to drive up gradients with the maximum load. Further, the cooling system works also at very high temperatures without any loss concerning the driving comfort or the air conditioning system. In Granada the developers find ideal conditions for the testing of the cooling system. The test drive up in the Sierra Nevada offers a long and steep gradient. There are although constantly high temperatures at least 35 degrees Centigrade or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The developer Markus Welser explains in the film, how the test program works.


The Citan is the perfect urban delivery vehicle for your individual sector requirements. What’s more, more than 90 % of all Citan drivers are so impressed with their vehicle that they would buy it again if they had the chance. The reasons are clear: the Citan is flexible, robust and particularly economical.

Mercedes-Benz Citan
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