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“Earning the star every day anew.”

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Fang Xin is a senior manager at Fujian Benz Automotive Cooperation Ltd. In an interview, the engineer explains how he carries the star in his name and his heart.

Fang Xin is also known as “Star”.

Almost all Chinese who work with “Westerners” also have a western name. For example, Fang Xin is known as “Star”. On this afternoon, the engineer also wears the star on his chest as he walks through the halls of Fujian Benz Automotive Cooperation Ltd. in the port city of Fuzhou. This production facility manufactures the V-Class, Vito and Sprinter. The Mercedes-Benz star shines on his black jacket. Star Fang is a senior manager at FBAC. He is convinced that one has to earn the star every day anew.

You can be certain that my work and my team’s work earn the Mercedes-Benz star every day!

Fang Xin, a senior manager at FBAC, in the plant in Fuzhou

Fang Xin is a senior manager at FBAC in Fuzhou. He gave himself the name “Star”, a perfect match for Mercedes-Benz.

“Star” has found a home at Mercedes-Benz in Fuzhou.

Star Fang: No, I gave myself the name while I was still at university. At the time, we were asked for our international names. The name Xin is linked with the word star in Chinese. That was the reason for my decision. The association with the Mercedes-Benz star came later. But naturally, I am happy to have found my professional home here at a Mercedes-Benz plant. You can be certain that my work and my team’s work earn the Mercedes-Benz star every day!

Two production employees in Fuzhou at work

Sprinter, Vito and V-Class roll off the assembly lines in the Chinese port city of Fuzhou.

The goal? To permanently optimize processes.

I studied at the universities of Nanjing and Xiamen and have worked in the automotive industry for 17 years, eight of them at FBAC in Fuzhou. Currently, I am a senior manager in final assembly where I am responsible for manpower, quality, processes and equipment. We permanently strive to achieve optimizations at every level.

The Chinese value Mercedes-Benz vans.

The Chinese place exceptional value in luxury, perhaps even more than Westerners. Another unique aspect is the fact that many people have drivers if they can afford to. That is why with the V-Class, Vito and Sprinter, we are the number one in the premium segment for multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) in China. But we are not limited to just this field: our vans are also utilized as ambulance vehicles or by the police.

The strong growth. In 2016, we sold around 13,000 vehicles. Our products are simply so popular in China that we have to further increase production. But we are up to this challenge and have already succeeded in starting production of the V-Class and the new Vito perfectly. The team working here is truly something to be proud of. Together we earn the star every day!

An employee from the FBAC plant in Fuzhou working on a vehicle

Every action is perfect. The vans with the star from Fuzhou are the number one in China in the premium segment for multi-purpose vehicles (MPV).

A Mercedes-Benz employee in Fuzhou fits a star onto a van

The star has to be earned. This is the motto at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Fuzhou in China.

Photos: Gareth Brown & PRH Kommunikation Hamburg


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