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MBAC in the Sprinter: the “Connected Home” revolutionizes travel.

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The MBAC interface module from Mercedes-Benz Vans makes it easy to relax in the Sprinter. One click is all it takes to check the water level or dim the light.

Networked home on four wheels: a van with style and brains.

The new Sprinter generation is already being delivered and the first models can be seen on the road. From 2019, the most modern Sprinter will be extended by an innovative body control system: the “Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control” (MBAC) interface module offers solutions based on the “Sprinter Connected Home” principle. Virtually all applications that would otherwise be difficult or laborious to operate with muscle power can be controlled conveniently with a single click. Status checks are carried out via the MBUX multimedia system, the freely placeable surface-mounted display or the smartphone or tablet app. The traveler of the future can therefore lean back and relax. From the awning, lighting and sound system to the refrigerator, the motorhome can be controlled via the interface.

A man and a woman support their awning, a Sprinter in the background

If the awning is extended by MBAC, it only needs to be supported.

Smart camping: control of all central functions.

The MBAC will remind science fiction fans in particular of an intelligent and foresighted spaceship control system. If you want to play captain, you do not need a crew, just need a tablet. A 3D model of the vehicle is displayed in the app or on the superstructure display. This makes it easy to check whether a window, a door or a flap is open. These can be remotely unlocked or locked. When it comes to sun protection, the MBAC no longer requires any tiresome cranking: the camper van’s awning can be extended and retracted using the touch display in the vehicle cockpit or a separate display in the living area. Just like the refrigerator, the heating can also be controlled with the control tool via the tablet or smartphone. The hot water heating communicates its operating status to the MBAC App. In this way, campers can set their preferred temperature or escape the cold via the boost function.

Everything under control. Everything at a glance.

Every cleanliness fanatic dreams of a future without dirty hands: with the MBAC, the modern camper takes a big step closer to this wish. Instead of crawling under the vehicle itself or opening flaps, the status check of the central filling levels can be called up via an app. The status of fresh water, grey water, gas or auxiliary battery is clearly displayed. The state of charge of the solar system can also be conveniently checked with a click. If a filling level reaches a critical level, the program displays the maintenance requirements in good time. This prevents breakdowns and greatly simplifies travel planning. The lighting can also be controlled via a mobile device. One click and the Sprinter provides a romantic atmosphere with dimmed light or starts the colorful party lighting. MBAC users can choose between predefined lighting scenarios and individual configurations.

A woman operates the MBAC control app on the sofa

Check the Sprinter's battery from the sofa – with the MBAC campers can lean back and relax.

A man driving his new Sprinter on a dirt track

The features can be controlled by voice using the app and the integrated body display as well as MBUX.

A man looks at the MBAC app on his smartphone

A look at the user interface of the MBAC App. The 3D model informs you about the status of the doors and flaps.

Two hands on a smartphone – the fill levels are displayed

The filling levels can be checked from the sofa. Is there enough gas in the tank? What about the waste water?

Photos: Phillip Köhler


Regardless of what job you have to tackle – the Sprinter will make your day-to-day tasks easier. And even if those tasks are weighty ones, together, you’ll move mountains. Thanks to a host of different variants and over 600 optional features, the Sprinter can meet a wide variety of requirements.

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