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Easy car loading with the pactris app.

A couple stands surrounded by parcels in front of the open tailgate of a V-Class

As a digital packing assistant, the pactris app helps to answer the questions if and how the selected products and packages would best fit in the trunk while shopping.

Say goodbye to package puzzles:
now also available for the V-Class.

In 2015, the pactris app emerged as the winning idea from Daimler’s “DigitalLife Day,” an employee ideas competition. One year later, it was available in the app stores – initially for the smart compact car. Following successful pilot runs, pactris is now available as a new service for Mercedes-Benz drivers. The innovative app is now also available for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. The idea was to use virtual loading to help pactris make optimal use of space in the trunk.

A couple pushes two shopping trolleys full of parcels through a furniture store

No more problems loading the V-Class thanks to the digital packing assistant.

Packing the trunk easy and smart.

This situation is probably familiar to everyone: After a successful shopping spree, you are standing in front of your car, frantically wondering how everything is going to fit into the trunk. That’s what Sebastian Thiemt, the creator of pactris, did. “There are countless apps – why not provide a service for simple everyday problems with a huge annoyance factor,” he thought. No sooner said than done: A sophisticated algorithm tells users as they shop if and how everything will fit into the trunk of their V-Class. Just scan the barcodes of the items – for example, in a furniture store. The app shows how the packages fit into the V-Class. More than five million barcodes are already stored in the system.

  • A woman scans barcodes from parcels on a shopping cart with her smartphone.
  • A red V-Class in a multi-story car park
  • A couple stands in front of a van loaded with parcels and looks at a smartphone
  • A woman looks at her smartphone, while a man in the background loads parcels into a van

Loading the V-Class with pactris: Here's how it works.

  1. While shopping, scan the barcode: pactris helps you to estimate the V-Class space even during your shopping trip. To do this, scan the barcodes of the parcels using the app.
  2. Have the optimal placement of the product calculated: Once the barcode of a parcel has been scanned, the app calculates if and how it best fits into the V-Class. Parcels that have already been scanned are taken into account. If a barcode is not saved, the object can be measured with the AR function of the app.
  3. Load the products quickly and easily: After the shopping trip, pactris indicates the order in which the packages and items are best packed in the V-Class.

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Use the AR feature to measure all objects.

“The V-Class’s versatility is a great challenge because the cargo area can be designed almost infinitely by moving or removing the bench seats,” explains Sebastian Thiemt. pactris solves all loading problems by using a specially developed artificial intelligence system. The developers are particularly satisfied with the AR feature of the app: “We are proud that we have been able to achieve excellent usability so quickly with this new technology. Some people even use it just to measure things.” The versions for other Mercedes-Benz models will follow in the future.

A couple is appraising a table in an antique shop

There is still some room for the table in the cargo area.

A couple checking a smartphone in an antique shop

Don't despair, ask pactris, the digital loading assistant.

A smartphone with the Pactris app that displays a loaded V-Class.

The app displays the current status of the load.

A couple carrying a small table to a V-Class parked on a city street

This turns the shopping tour into a success.

A couple loads a small wooden table into the almost fully loaded trunk of a V-Class

Packing meets Tetris: The concept is remarkably easy.

A smartphone with the Pactris App in front of a fully loaded V-Class

Thanks to clever loading, every inch can be used.

Photos: Maren Wiesner & Louis Cieplik

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