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Welcome to the future: Five examples of the Future of Transportation.

A person holding a smartphone with a white van in the background

The future of mobility goes far beyond autonomous vehicles. These five examples show what Mercedes-Benz means by “Future of Transportation”.

Intelligent user concepts for Mercedes-Benz Vans.

The intelligent user concepts from Mercedes-Benz transform vans like the Concept Marco Polo into a “connected home” on wheels. Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control, for example, supplies innovative operating concepts: All functions can be controlled from a single location using a smartphone or the infotainment system. The latest features also include the networked multimedia system MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). The weather can be checked or the alarm function activated via voice control. “Hey Mercedes!” – These two words are enough to control the seat settings, the on-board lights or the room temperature.

Via an app you can check the fill levels of water, gas and battery

The app makes it easy to check fill levels – without getting your hands dirty.

Order and transparency in the cargo area: CoROSkeeps an overview.

With CoROS (Cargo Recognition and Organization System), Mercedes-Benz Vans has developed a solution that can efficiently support courier drivers in their daily work. The innovative system accelerates loading, reduces sorting, and search times. If a driver carries a parcel into the van, the integrated camera system recognizes and registers the parcel in a fraction of a second. The barcodes or symbols on the outside of the parcels only need to be visible to the camera for a short time. The time-consuming scanning and sorting of each individual shipment is eliminated. In addition, CoROS determines the optimal storage location in the cargo area for delivery and displays it by means of illuminated LEDs.

A courier driver takes a look at the cargo area of a vehicle filled with parcels

CoROS makes everyday work easier for courier drivers.

In-Van Delivery & Return*: Material logistics for service technicians.

Efficiency of material logistics is an important factor for service technicians. When service is required, time is of the essence and the technician always tries to procure the required spare part for his customer as quickly and safely as possible. The new digital solution In-Van Delivery & Return (IDR) from Mercedes-Benz Vans optimizes material logistics in terms of efficiency and safety. IDR connects the service fleet with logistics service providers, enables overnight deliveries with a digital key directly into the vehicle, simplifies returns and offers service technicians and logistics specialists more transparency.

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Speed Delivery Doorfor more ergonomics, efficiency and safety.

The Speed Delivery Door relieves courier personnel in their daily work and offers a noticeable ergonomic advantage. During loading and unloading, the sensor-controlled double swing door opens and closes automatically. When leaving the vehicle, it is automatically locked after a few seconds. The big health benefit: movements that strain the back and joints, such as lifting and depositing parcels or manually opening and closing the door, are no longer necessary. A modular installation is possible for the Sprinter. The size of the Speed Delivery Door is 85 cm x 191 cm.

Someone exits the double swing door of a van

The Speed Delivery Door can be modularly installed in any conventional Sprinter.

On-Demand Service: Ridesharing with BerlKönig and ViaVan.

BerlKönig is an on-demand ridesharing solution for the city. It has been operating in the Berlin city area since autumn 2018. Together with Berlin’s public transport (BVG), ViaVan’s vehicle is an innovative addition to local public transport. The ridesharing service is easy to book. Simply download the BerlKönig app onto your smartphone, register and specify the method of payment. All you have to do to book a trip is enter your start and destination. A QR code scanner on the van makes it possible to enter the vehicle without activating the door handle. Up to six passengers can ride along – also barrier-free. The ridesharing service bundles the individual destinations and calculates the best route.

V-Class from ViaVan in front of a moving subway

BerlKönig's ridesharing is also part of the “Future of Transportation” powered by Mercedes-Benz Vans.

A courier driver takes a parcel out of a van

For Mercedes-Benz Vans, the “Future of Transportation” represents a general service plus.

A hand holding a smartphone, in the background the center console of a vehicle is visible

Connectivity is a central pillar of the future of mobility.

A white Marco Polo with pop-up roof

The Concept Marco Polo combines technology with comfort.

A white camera on the ceiling of a van

Artificial intelligence for the cargo area: camera-based package tracking from CoROS.

A black van from the side

ViaVan and BVG are jointly bringing on-demand ridesharing to Berlin.

A computer screen displays the In-Van Delivery & Return application

The In-Van Delivery & Return service can be conveniently controlled from the office.

A hand operating an app on a smartphone

In-Van Delivery & Return targets the service technician: It creates digital transparency.

* Please note: Some features are in the state of prototype. Series production may vary. For your reference only.

Photos: Kai Knörzer, Philipp Köhler, Daimler


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