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New Assistant Systems for Vans

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New safety technology - At the Tec Forum 2013, Mercedes-Benz presented new assistant systems.

At the TecForum 2013, Mercedes-Benz Vans presents a range of new assistance sytems, offering an initial glimpse of the safety technology of the near future. The Crosswind Assist system for vans celebrated its world premiere at the event. The Collision Prevention Assist, Blind Spot Assist, and Highbeam Assist will also be available in vans soon, where they will be supplemented by Lane Keeping Assist. All those electronic helpers will support the driver and prevent accidents. The Crosswind Assist almost completely offsets the effects of crosswind on vehicles concerning the physical possibilities. Thereby it reduces driver stress. The Crosswind Assist is based on the standard-fitted Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and is activated at speeds of 80 km/h and more.

Even greater safety

The Lane Keeping Assist gives warning of unintended lane changes. The system includes a mounted camera behind the windshield that films the lane up ahead and identifies the lane and the associated markings by analyzing the differences in contrast. If the van is about to cross the lane markings without the use of a turn indicator, the system will consider this to be unintended lane departure and sound an alarm to notify the driver. The new Blind Spot Assist system is activated at speeds of 30 km/h or more. The system uses four short-range radar sensors, which are located on the left and right-hand sides at the height of the lateral rub panels. The sensors are positioned in the area of the B-pillar, from where they scan the adjacent lanes. If the sensor detects a car or motorcycle in the driver’s blind spot while traveling, a red warning signal lights up in the exterior mirror on the side where the vehicle is located. When the indicator is activated the driver is also warned by a sound alarm.

Interactive warning systems

The Collision Prevention Assist helps drivers maintain a safe distance from vehicles up ahead. A radar sensor in the front bumper continuously measures the distance to any vehicle traveling ahead in the same lane as well as the relative speeds between the two vehicles. When the required distance is undercut the driver is warned optically by a warning signal. If the risk of impending collision rises, the warning signal flashes and there is also an additional alarming sound. The new Highbeam Assist system is a first for the van sector. The system switches on and off in accordance with the present situation to ensure that the road is optimally at all times.


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