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A cup of coffee in the Mercedes-Benz Unimog from Motofish Coffee.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog from Motofish Coffee is not only all terrain; now it's a mobile coffee shop

Serving coffee anywhere? Yes anywhere! The people behind Motofish Coffee really do live up to their promises when they start up their all-wheel-driven Coffee Shop in Seattle.

The dream of a mobile coffee shop.

There is that special Vienna Cafe fragrance in the air. But where is St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna’s Prater or Schönbrunn Palace? – They are nowhere to be seen. What you can see instead are crowds of people around a 1977 Unimog truck, warming their hands on mugs of steaming coffee and slurping and sipping this delicious hot drink before starting a long day at work. The Unimog from Motofish Coffee belongs to Seattle just as much as Nirvana or the Needle in the skyline of the biggest town in the north west of the US. The founders of Motofish would never have thought so. They had got to know each other during film projects, loved sports and loved tinkering at vehicles even more. But it was their shared love of coffee that was behind the dream of a mobile coffee shop.

First a special truck, then a camper and now a coffee machine.

They searched long and hard for a suitable truck and discovered the Unimog in Portland, about 200 miles from Seattle. Despite the fact that The truck had already been on the road for many years, it was originally designed for use in the railway sector and in the mid 1990s had been converted to a camper van. Now the plan was to turn it into an all-wheel driven all-terrain coffee shop. And everything following a unique design, which aimed at reflecting and uniting the history behind the Mercedes-Benz Unimog and the business idea behind Motofish Coffee.

A tasty coffee served out of the Unimog.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog and coffee specialties - a combination that Motofish Coffee has developed.

The hot drink from Motofish Coffee.

The delicious hot drink from Motofish Coffee: there is a special Vienna Cafe fragrance in the air.

The colorful Unimog from Motofish Coffee.

For Motofish Coffee, the 1977 Mercedes-Benz Unimog enabled a dream to come true.

Motofish Coffee at a festival.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog from Motofish Coffee is not only all terrain; now it's a mobile coffee shop.

Ice-cream Mocha or an Affogato?

The “MOG” as it is lovingly referred to frequently by Americans, was given a light camouflage look. And while the Motofish Coffee people were at it, they gave their favorite truck a new engine and new transmission. Another central part of the vehicle is the coffee machine. It was designed by a specialist in Seattle, who also installed it in the truck. Motofish Coffee has been selling coffee since spring 2014. Customers love it. Around 150 drinks go over the counter every day. When the mobile coffee shop is booked for events, this number increases rapidly, say the owners. Instrumental to business is the weather, of course. On cold, wet days, all kinds of latte drinks are popular. While on hot days the ice-cream mocha is popular; on warm summer evenings “affogato” is in demand – vanilla ice-cream “drowned” in hot espresso.

Specialty coffee anywhere. Yes anywhere.

If anyone fancies a coffee outside of town and book Motofish Coffee – say in the wilds of the North West – that is also no problem for the team. The Unimog is a daredevil explorer and fears no terrain. So Motofish Coffee are not promising too much when they write: Specialty coffee anywhere. Yes anywhere. The Unimog proves its original quality of design 40 years later. An all-rounder that can not only climb almost every hill, but also brews a pretty good coffee!

Photos: Motofish Coffee


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