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A cathedral of good taste – premium hot dogs from the Mercedes-Benz 100 D.

The Mercedes-Benz 100 D in the Hamburg city center

It was a crazy idea, now it is their job: the owners of "HOLY DOGS" have been doing their thing for three seasons treating Hamburg and the surrounding area with homemade organic hot dogs.

A passion for good food.

Mirco and Tillman share a long-standing friendship and a love of good food. Their dream: to have their own restaurant in Hamburg. This was, however, just out of their financial reach, so they weighed up the possible alternatives. When the idea of a mobile restaurant came up for the first time, it was clear to them: a food truck – what a crazy idea! Nevertheless, or maybe even because of this, the two young entrepreneurs took on the project and rebuilt an old van. The fact that food trucks were not so widespread at this time helped the two friends to establish themselves and their Mercedes-Benz 100 D right from the start. Today, they are successful with their concept and have managed to stand out from the crowd in spite of tough competition.

In painstaking work with friends and family we converted the truck to our cathedral of good taste.

"Holy Dogs" is the only food truck in Hamburg, which exclusively uses organic meat.

The staff of Holy Dogs working in their van

In the busy season, Mirco and Tilman get additional help with sales.

The black 100 D of

With over ten years of gastronomic experience, Mirco and Tilman found their way into the food truck business with ease.

Premium hot dogs from organic meat.

The secret of “HOLY DOGS” success lies not only in the long-standing catering experience of Mirco and Tilman, but also in the choice of ingredients. For premium hot dogs they only use organic meat, as well as homemade and regional products. Their own pickled gherkins give the “HOLY DOGS” their unique taste. The HOLY DOGS food truck can be seen mostly in and around Hamburg. “For festivals or similar events, however, we also go to Bonn, Dessau or Hanover,” says Mirco.

From a vending truck to a “cathedral of good taste”.

The vehicle, which helped turn ​​Mirco, Tilman and Til`s idea (who joined as the third founder of HOLY DOGS) into a reality, was a Mercedes-Benz 100 D, built in 1994. The two friends found the originally red and white vending truck online. “In painstaking work with friends and family we converted the truck to our cathedral of good taste,” recalls Tilman. The time-consuming restoration of the van and all the organizational effort have paid off: the customer response was even better than the three founders could have imagined. Meanwhile they have bought a second truck, which they are currently rebuilding. “We want to grow slowly and you never know it might still work with our own restaurant.”

A staff member of

"Holy Dogs" offer five different hotdog variations to their customers. Including very unusual creations.

Wherever the "Holy Dogs" van may be, the design of the 100 D and the exotic hot dogs make the food truck a real crowd puller.

The owners of "Holy Dogs" are planning another food truck, with which they want to establish their brand in the street food scene.

Photos: Michael Palatini, Robert Schlossnickel, Andrea Thode

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