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Grows with its job: A Mercedes-Benz 310 D at the nursery.

The Mercedes-Benz 310 D is parked next to a row of small trees

At Gärtnerei Häussermann a T1 310 D serves as the nursery's team vehicle.

The Mercedes-Benz 310 D and autumn´s true beauty.

When you squat down a little and look at the T1 from the right perspective, the view is slightly surreal. The van is parked among carefully arranged trees with different shapes and sizes. There is lush green and muddy earth as far as the eye can see. No radio masts or highways. The fresh air covers the landscape in an almost imperceptible mist, creating a cool light. On the opposite side are the trees that look like they have been painted by a child along with bushes covered in almost unnaturally red leaves. Autumn displays its true beauty only 10 minutes away from the city. Gärtnerei Häussermann’s 49 hectare premises are definitely worth a visit.

The key to the company’s success always lies in going new ways. Great vans like the T1 are designed to handle new developments exactly like these.

Close-up of a tire

Just in case: the off-road tires on the 310 D.

The T1 – durable and versatile.

The 20-year-old T1 310 D grows with its job. Literally. Once a delivery vehicle, today it serves as a team vehicle for the nursery’s four men. Its cargo area is covered in a layer of mud and holds the equipment for the day. Underneath all the signs of hard work, the van remains in the same condition as it was when Martin Häußermann bought it from the dealer. Only the off-road tires have been added – as a precaution to prevent the van from getting stuck on the muddy ground. The entrepreneur from southern Germany carries out minor maintenance work on the vehicle himself. The white panel van has never had to go into the workshop: “These things simply never break down”, jokes Häußermann with his arms crossed and nods toward the T1. The family owned company trusts in Mercedes-Benz. The fleet includes several Sprinter and an Unimog.

Side view of Mercedes-Benz 310 D

The linear design of the 310 D sets new standards for the subsequent van generations.

The Mercedes-Benz 310 D, the right van for any season.

The T1 is the essence of the van concept. The massive front window, the easily accessible entry and the striking yet efficient design are its trademarks. When the short-nose starts up, the powerful diesel engine shakes the passengers awake with its familiar sound. As of 1977, the rear axle drive system in the T1 series powered small and large companies into the future. Martin Häußermann’s van must be one of the last T1 to run off the assembly line in 1995. But there is no need for nostalgia. The ability to handle whatever tasks time may bring is what distinguishes a truly good van. And that is exactly what the T1 does today. “Häussermann Stauden+Gehölze” has been the address for garden centers, landscape gardeners, private and business customers since the 1920s. The key to the company’s success always lies in going new ways. Great vans like the T1 are designed to handle new developments exactly like these.

Mercedes-Benz 310 D: A short-hood vehicle between a van and a truck.

After almost 20 years, the new T2 large van replaces the classic “Düsseldorfer”.  The revision focused on powerful performance, higher speed and lower emissions. The look of the short-hood van with its inclined window sills and a clear angular design are reminiscent of its predecessor’s style. However, the main components in the driver’s cabin come from the truck segment. With a total weight from 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes, the new T2 bridges the gap between vans and trucks.

Profile Mercedes-Benz 310 D


310 D turbodiesel with 5 cyclinders in line

Engine dispacement

2,874 cm3

Power output

95 hp/70 kW


1.775 t


2.19 m


3.35 m

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Photos: MYVAN

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