Conversion of a Mercedes-Benz 407 D with Passport Diary.

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The two vanlife bloggers from Passport Diary are planning a trip to Siberia with their orange Mercedes-Benz 407 D. Beforehand they spend „Emma“ a makeover.

The two friends Paul and Fabian from Passport Diary are striving to fulfil their dream: a journey to Siberia in their Mercedes-Benz 407 D. Therefore the „Orange Van“ needs a little make-over. In this web series the two hobby mechanics show us their struggle with the roof hatch, cables and tell us about their passion van life. With a lot of wood, a little help from their friends and creativeness the two tinker a perfect travelling companion.

Conversion of a orange Mercedes-Benz 407 D

Paul and Fabian from Passport Diary show their struggle with the roof hatch.

The dream of the real “vanlife” in a converted Mercedes-Benz 407.

The 407 D, they lovingly call “Emma”, has been through a lot. It all started on a farm where she was in charge of animal transport, until she met Paul and all the dirt was removed from her chassis. Since then the Berliner travels all around Europe with his van. A few months ago he and his childhood friend Fabian started to set Emma up for the taiga and tundra.

How to master the makeover.

Living in a van means living on the bright side of life, but there has always been one drawback that bummed Paul out: stale air. That’s why installing a roof hatch was the most important thing. For Paul and Fabian this step was their nemesis – one inaccurate cut with the jigsaw and an ugly scar would forever mark Emma’s appearance, let alone the leak. If you want to know how the two pulled of the risky business and whether their DIY-approach was successful, watch the first video of our van conversion series below.

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Photos: Paul Nitzschke

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