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Two classic car lovers with a heart for DüDos.

White Mercedes Benz 408 DüDo in the green

With Oldtimerteile Köpenick, Christine and Alexis have turned their passion for the Mercedes-Benz 408, known among experts as "DüDo", into their profession.

Fire engine in action.

Slowly the bright red Mercedes-Benz 408 drives through the streets of Berlin. Some passers-by turn around with interest and gaze after this remarkable vehicle. It is a real eye-catcher, because it is a former fire engine with the inscription “Jugendfeuerwehr Rathmannsdorf”. The passengers on board are not firemen, but Christine and Alexis. The two took a day trip with their “little fire brigade”, as they lovingly call the vehicle. “Not only travelling is great fun – with a classic every ride is an experience,” Christine explains. For them the attraction lies in the fact that you can be free with a van and discover for yourself. And the couple uses it as often as possible.

  • A bright red Mercedes-Benz 408 is parked with its doors open
  • Interior view of the kitchen and the beds of the Mercedes-Benz 408
  • View of the kitchen in the Mercedes-Benz 408
  • Mercedes Benz 408 from the young fire fighters

Big, loud and beautiful.

For longer journeys, Christine and Alexis bought a Mercedes-Benz 408 with Mikafa body. You notice: Real “DüDo”-lovers, as the Mercedes-Benz 408 is also called due to their production in Düsseldorf. But travelling in an old-timer – raises the question of if this can be difficult? “With our DüDo we have always been on the road in Europe. Of course there are breakdowns, but until now fortunately only at the beginning of the journey or on arrival. And if you do get stuck with a classic car, help is usually not far away. Most of the time you get to know great new people,” Christine explains. “For us, our DüDo is simply perfect: big, loud and beautiful.”

Not only travelling is great fun – with a classic every ride is an experience.

Shared passion for old things and repairs.

Besides the Mercedes-Benz 408 with Mikafa body and the former fire engine, Christine and Alexis also own other vehicles. Among others, another Mercedes-Benz 408 called “Goldi”, also a former fire engine from Nohra near Weimar. “Goldi” needed a complete restoration – which made them both sweat a bit. However, independently of one another, the couple has always been interested in old things and their restoration: Alexis has been driving vintage cars ever since he was able to drive – from bicycles and scooters to cars. However, the two are not exactly from the trade, because Alexis used to work as a carpenter and outfitter for the film industry, Christine as a media designer.

Blue Mercedes-Benz 408 during the complete restoration

The complete restoration of “Goldi” was a challenge with a lot of fun for the couple.

Oldtimerteile Köpenick brings more DüDos onto the road.

This classic car passion has become more than just a hobby for the couple. Christine and Alexis also founded a small start-up: They called it Oldtimerteile Köpenick. There they offer the rare spare parts for DüDos. They came up with this idea more spontaneously than planned: Due to their own lack of spare parts, one thing led to another, and they founded their start-up. “It makes us happy to contribute to bringing more DüDos onto the streets,” smiles Alexis.

And that’s not all: The two have also set up their own business by hiring out their vehicles. “Goldi” und the former fire engine “Rathmannsdorfer-Feuerwehrauto” can be hired via their Holiday Rescuers page “Die Urlaubsretter”. A possibility to see the DüDos in action and to experience this very special driving feeling that Christine and Alexis are so enthusiastic about.

Factsheet Mercedes-Benz 408 (Goldi)



Production period




Previous model





LKW panel van


OM 616


6.20 meters


Approx. 2 meters

Wheel base

2,950 cm

Permissible gross weight

4,800 kg

Fold in
Fold out
The blue Mercedes-Benz 408 parked in front of a lake

Excursions with the DüDo "Goldi".

The blue Mercedes-Benz 408 with camping equipment is parked in front of a lake

Thanks to the complete restoration, "Goldi" is now available again for holiday rescuers.

Green and blue Mercedes-Benz classic car

Christine and Alexis also own a tow truck for their company Oldtimerteile Köpenick.

View through the windscreen of the DüDo

With their DüDo motorhome, the couple also takes longer journeys.

The shown conversions were carried out by independent third parties. The suppliers and conversions were not checked by Mercedes-Benz. In this respect, these illustrations do not represent an assessment of the supplier and/or conversions by Mercedes-Benz.

Photos: Christine Bösing

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