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Street food with imperial flair – Daily Deli from Vienna.

Another burger food truck? Far from it! The Daily Deli creations are inspired by the imperial era. The specialties stand out with their creative names and great taste.

A truck named Doug.

Doug is something very special. A custom-made design. The classic Mercedes-Benz 608 D from 1980 was originally a UPS vehicle. Today, it serves as a mobile sales stall for “Daily Deli”. The operators of the food truck were very creative with regard to both the naming of their truck and their food. Offerings such as “Pulled Beef alla Gulasch” or “Pulled Chicken Burger alla Paprikahendl” are no rarity. It is difficult to decide on a house specialty. Modern street food with influences from the imperial era, that’s probably how the owner, Adnan, would summarize the concept behind “Daily Deli”.

Customers queue up in front of the "Daily Deli's" Mercedes-Benz 608 D

The customers are happy to put up with a bit of a wait for the “Daily Deli” delights.

Fight for sought-after places.

Adnan has been successfully implementing his concept in Germany and Austria for one and a half years. “Daily Deli” is primarily aimed at lifestyle events, street food and music festivals, but major events and trade fairs are also on the project plan. Once the truck is loaded, it goes to the event venue where it is set up and decorated. “Then it’s simply a matter of waiting for the stampede”, explains Adnan. However, it wasn’t that easy at the beginning. “The events had to be carefully planned and at the beginning, there was always a fight for the coveted places”, says Adnan.

Future plans with the 608 D.

Adnan and his team have mastered the initial challenges well; they are now delighted by the very positive feedback and orders from large customers and live cooking shows. The aim now is to steadily create a brand and to make a name for themselves in the hard-fought food truck scene. The Mercedes-Benz 608 D is the ideal partner for this venture. However, even it has one small quirk: “The fuel indicator doesn’t work anymore, so our drivers always have to photograph the odometer so that they can estimate the distance”, laughs Adnan. But the classic “Doug” is forgiven for that.

The fuel indicator doesn’t work anymore, so our drivers always have to photograph the odometer so that they can estimate the distance


Adnan has now been operating the "Daily Deli" food truck for one and a half years. The feedback from customers is exceptional.

Adnan from

Adnan's food truck can also be hired for private or corporate events.

Recipe for the tasty “Daily Austria Burger” alla Gulyas.



  • 250 ml apple juice reduced to 70 ml
  • 10 ml cider vinegar
  • 150 ml beef stock
  • Small bunch of thyme
  • Salt, coarsely ground pepper

Pulled beef:

  • 4 kg beef shoulder
  • 30 g mustard
  • 2 handfuls of oak chips

Á la Gulyas:

  • 2 kg finely chopped onions
  • 3 kg red peppers, seeded and diced
  • Cornstarch
  • Salt, pepper
  • Pickled gherkins, finely chopped

"Pulled Beef alla Gulasch" from "Daily Deli".

“Daily Deli’s” regular customers queue up for “Pulled Beef alla Gulasch”. We managed to get hold of the recipe for this specialty!


Heat all ingredients and leave the herbs to infuse for a while. Strain and prepare for the meat.

Pulled beef:
Rub the piece of beef with mustard and marinate in the refrigerator for 48 hours.Preheat the cold-water smoker, filled with water and with the oak chips added, to 120°C. Smoke the shoulder for around 16 hours (brushing regularly with the marinade) until an internal temperature of 92°C is reached. Then pull.

Lightly fry the onions, add the peppers. Add a little water and simmer gently, season to taste. Mix to a fine paste and bind with cornstarch. Turn the pulled beef in this mixture and incorporate gherkins as required.
Cut sandwich breads in half, fry briefly in a little butter and fill.

Photos: Daily Deli

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