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A small piece of the past: travelling like 40 years ago with Toffe Camper.

A van parked on a field with mountains in the background

Cool campers – the Mercedes-Benz T2 transporters from Toffe Camper more than just live up to this ambition. They combine functionality with a unique aesthetic.

An experienced team.

When Marjolijn and Dave take to the roads with their Mercedes-Benz 613 D T2, they feel a sense of complete freedom. “You simply stay where you like it best”, says Dave enthusiastically when talking about travelling in a camper van. Where they once spent a lot of time on the road in their own mobile home, the two now run Toffe Camper. Dave is a qualified mechanic and one day he realised that although many people would love to have a “Düsseldorfer” camper of their own, they lacked the expertise they needed to convert one. By Düsseldorfer, Dave means the Mercedes-Benz T2 transporters that once rolled into the van world at the Düsseldorf plant. The couple from the Netherlands now owns and rents eight of these Mercedes-Benz vehicles. When it comes to converting the vans, they receive excellent assistance from joiners, welders, electricians, artists and other helping hands.

A van parked before a forest, cattle grazes next to a family

“You simply stay where you like it best”, says Dave, the founder of Toffe Camper.

A camper with heart and soul.

Unfortunately, the name “Tough Camper” was already taken. Instead, the couple ultimately agreed on Toffe Camper. Roughly translated, it means “cool camper” – The perfect name for these unique Düsseldorfers. “Our friend Anders Wolhar decorated all of our vans with graffiti”, explains Dave. That is why every camper van has a little bit of its soul painted on the outside, transforming the monotone T2 transporters into a fleet of flower-decorated companions. “We want to decorate our vans so that people see something beautiful and happy when they look at them”, explains Dave proudly. In addition, every camper van in the fleet has its own name – like the “Stoere Bikkel” (tough guy) or “Ferme Dame” (firm woman). This has made the vans beloved not just among customers but also by the two Toffe Camper founders, Dave and Marjolijn.

A man and two children standing in front of a van

Dave in front of the camper van “Stoere Bikkel”.

The flowers make the garden, not the fence.

Every blossom has its own scent – just like every camper van from Toffe Camper is unique. The imagery that decorates them differs, but they all originate from the world of flowers and other plants. The masterpieces range from small, inconspicuous flowers on a white background to sprawling vanilla-coloured flower arrangements against a deep blue background. This gives every individual camper a certain something. Toffe Camper’s service is not simply practical but also communicates emotional added value through the individualism of the vehicles.

We love nature, its colours and the happy emotion that flowers express.
  • A van seen from the side
  • A van parked in a parking area

Ol’ Reliable – indestructible beauty.

The Dutch couple rents out Mercedes-Benz vehicles exclusively. But not only because of the beauty of the T2 transporter. Dave waxes poetic about the powerful and reliable engines in their Düsseldorfer vans. “These vehicles are simply powerful and beautifully built”, explains Dave enthusiastically. Even travellers without any experience with camper vans can effortlessly enjoy a vacation with Toffe Camper. But Mercedes-Benz T2s are hardly a dime a dozen: “You have to search a lot and travel. And when you do, you eventually find vans like these everywhere”, reveals Dave.

Travelling in the T2: a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A journey with Toffe Camper should offer more than just a feeling of complete freedom but also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To guarantee this, the Dutch couple is always on the lookout for new ideas for their camper vans. In future, they also want to offer electric camper vans. They also intend to develop new furnishings and equipment for the vehicles. Awnings, hammocks and outdoor kitchens are only a few of the new ideas in the works at Toffe Camper. But apart from that, the Dutch couple does not have any specific plans: “We are going with the flow and will see where that takes us”, explains Dave serenely. But he is certain that the interest in older vehicles will continue to grow.

  • A cow stands behind a van
  • A van parked in front of a slope, a woman sits at a table
  • A van seen from the side
  • A van parked at a lake

The shown conversions were carried out by independent third parties. The suppliers and conversions were not checked by Mercedes-Benz. In this respect, these illustrations do not represent an assessment of the supplier and/or conversions by Mercedes-Benz.

Photos: Toffe Camper

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